Thursday, September 14, 2006

No Way José!

I have a hispanic last name. I don't consider it to be as common as a name like "Rodriguez" (those families practially have their own white pages!) so I am a little annoyed when people can't read and mistake it for something else. I am specifically referring to the mail carrier. For the past 2 weeks I have been getting mail for some guy named "Rafael". We do not share the same last name. Our last names do start with the same letter though. I am sure my mail carrier thinks all spic names look alike but this is getting ridiculous. I repeatedly take Rafael's mail out of my box and leave it in the lobby only to find it in my mail box again the next day. Hmmm....I am equally annoyed with Rafael though for not being smart enough to give Verizon his APARTMENT NUMBER!!!!!


Blogger YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

Wow. So this means that not only are they racist..but that there must not be alot of other hispanics in your building so the mail carrier thinks he MUST live with you! That's how they think, I've seen this happen. One time when I worked at the phone company, they received a check from some random guy named Rodriguez but with no account number. One of the management suggested we call some of the hispanic customers with that name and ask if they know him, can u believe that?! Not only is that ludicrious because we're assuming all people with that last name must be related..but that is such a common last name! It was such an ignorant comment but alot of people generalize like that.

And another time when I worked at UIC, a doctor suggested that people who chose Spanish-speaking doctors are poor and don't have any insurance. So apparently only poor people have the autonomy to be monolingual and cross over. I corrected this woman immediately and said "Ok, yes they DO have insurance if they're here. Not everyone here is an illegal immigrant with a job with no health insurance. It's ridiculous to assume so. And the one who don't have insurance wouldn't be here, they'd be at the local clinic where its cheap and dirty. And u know, when they chose a Spanish speaking doctor, it's not necessarily because they don't speak English but they feel more comfortable speaking their native language. There's lots of people who are here from foreign countries because of WORK and the positions they hold. That's a very generalizational comment with no logic".

Gurlfren...don't even get me started or i'll get all Farrakhan on this thread! lol!

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