Friday, September 01, 2006


I spent two days at Midwestern University for orientation this week. I was worried it would be a bit tedious but the days went by quickly and were actually interesting and informative. As one might imagine, I met my professors, classmates, the Dean, filled out paper work, listened to a million speeches, took a campus tour and ate free food. Well, actually on Wednesday I didn't eat much because the lunch they had wasn't very vegetarian friendly. On Thursday though they had veggie burgers, salads, fresh fruits and cookies! Yummy!

Being there for orientation I think finally put things in perspective....I finally made it! I think that was the overall attitude of everyone else there too. No more worrying about PCAT's, or prerequisites, or applications get the picture. What was even more encouraging was when the Dean of the College of Pharmacy told us that they had recieved 2,160 applications, yet we were the priviliged 200 students that made it. Now I just need to make sure I maintain my grades so can be eligible for the accelerated program Midwestern offers. Instead of completing the Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 4 years I might be able to do it in 3 years. Lord knows I feel old as it is. I want to finish as soon as I can!

Since I was in Downers Grove already, I had dinner with my Secret Friend #5. This Secret Friend lives in the suburbs so we rarely hang out. It was good catching up and gossiping! I only wish I had picked a better menu item. Pizza with goat cheese is fucking nasty.

Later that night though JQ made dinner and it was yummy! He is very accomodating to my vegetarian needs. After dinner I insisted we watch the DVD portion of Dannii Minogue's "The Hits And Beyond". If he is going to be dating material he HAS to be educated on Dannii first! lol

Speaking of my "vegetarian needs", it has been almost 5 months since I eliminated all meat/fish from my diet. My friend Michelle was convinced I would turn into a malnourished PETA freak. As I type this wearing my leather watch, shoes, and cockring, I can guarantee there isn't one ounce of PETA support in me. My heart is far too cold to care about animals. I like wearing them, but I just don't want to eat them! As for the "malnourished" (anemic, anorexic, excessive bleeding, or whatever other million and one ailments I was suppose to have by now), that also has not come true. I did lose 5 pounds after going veggie, but it was lost all in my waist! Woo hoo! That's a good thing if you ask me. Who doesn't like the feeling of dropping one pants size? Other than that I am healthy as a horse. In fact, the other day I was bored at work and performed a hemogram on myself. My results were 100% normal!

So yeah, this week has been nice. I can't wait to start classes next Tuesday and more importantly, start working part time because I hate my job!


Blogger amandarama said...

I don't think I've ever met anyone who said they were bored at work and performed a medical procedure on themselves...
Well, maybe Scott.

8:59 AM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

Well, that proabably explains why I enjoy Scott's blog so much ,lol

6:09 PM  

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