Monday, September 18, 2006

Shady Shade!

This week has been a busy one for yours truly. The shit has hit the fan at school and I suddenly feel like I have a million things due all at once. Oh, and I can't forget that I already have my first exam this week. I still haven't even memorized my class schedule!

Last Tuesday JQ invited me to a performance he was appearing in at Ravinia. He reserved a ticket for me and after the show took me to the cast party. That was funny. He explained to me the purpose of these parties is for the director of his dance company (JQ is a ballet dancer) to rub elbows with all the rich old white people of Highland Park so they will donate money. I say it was funny because the entire night I had these old people coming up to me telling me "what a wonderful job I had done". I just laughed and went along with it. I was too lazy to explain I wasn't one of the dancers. I must say I did enjoy the actual show. It was my first time seeing a ballet performance so I enjoyed the novelty aspect and also the fact that I knew someone on stage made it entertaining.

On Thursday I was at school until 7pm. After classed finished there was a picnic hosted by the upper classmen. Us first year students had the chance to ask questions about the upcoming year. We also recieved cd-roms with old tests and quizzes to help us study. Oh, and there was free pizza and beer! Yum!

The weekend was fun too. I really wanted to go to Hydrate because super beefaroni DJ/producer Tony Moran was going to be there but my new poor student budget didn't allow it. I also saw some fierce clothes I wanted to buy this weekend but my budget didn't allow that either! All was not ruined though because I spent the night with JQ. We had dinner and then we went to two different birthday/housewarming parties......which brings me to the whole point of today's post.

Now, I have come to accept the fact that there is two degrees of separation (sometimes even less) in the Chicago gay community. That's not a big deal, but some guys need to learn to have some tact! At the first party JQ took me too there was this really hot guy who I had met before. This hot guy had been interested in a friend of mine. I already knew that nothing worked out between the two but I felt like putting him on the spot so I asked him about it. The hot guy responded by saying "You friend is really handsome but our personalities clashed. Oh, by the way, you are really hot too." Um, I appreciated the comment and I will not even lie and say this guy wouldn't have been my type but geez, how fucking shady to hit on me like that! I don't mind someone's sloppy seconds, but surely he could have been a bit more discreet? I just smiled and then I think he figured out I was with JQ so then he looked even dumber. What a loser!


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