Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy VD

I'm a little early with this one but I don;t fucking care :)

It's funny how many people abreviate Valentine's Day as "VD" without realizing that also means "veneral disease". Or perhaps that's exactly why they refer to it that way, lol. I suppose the two could go hand in hand under the right (wrong) circumstances!

Anyhoo, I am wishing everyone a happy Velntine's Day tomorrow, whether you have a valentine or not. I haven't had a valentine on Valentine's Day since.......oh, since 1999? yeah it's been awhile but what can I say. Being single hasn't made me bitter! One of these days I'll find my media naranja.

To commemorate this day I want to list some of my favorite "love" songs. Ok, now I know I have never been in love but I have experienced that giddy, butterflies in stomach feeling before after meeting a cute boy. Whenever such a thing happens I always have a few certain songs going through my head. They say music is the soundtrack of our lives so I guess if my life was a movie these songs would be taken from the first "boy meets boy" scene. :)=

Veronica - "I'm In Love"

Yes, this is a cover of the 80's Evelyn Champagne King song but I like Veronica's version better. Veronica was the "Jennifer Lopez that could sing". She emerged in the mid/late 90's with two flop RnB albums. This song, from her secongd album, particularly struck a chord with me and everytime I have fun date I am humming this song all the way home afterwards.

OV7 - "Tus Besos"

Yes, this song is cheesy as fuck but I think it captures that cheesy feeling you get after that first kiss with someone you like...don't you think?

C+C Music Factory - "I Found Love"

This song dates back to my teen years before I even experienced a real real crush, but it has remained a favorite this whole time.

Hilary Duff - "Beat Of My Heart"

This is probably the most recent addition to my "love songs". What can i say, I have the heart of a teenage girl, lol. I think this song beats the cheese level of OV7's song but I think Hilary captures that feeling you get when your heart is racing a mile a minute when you finally meet that one cute boy.

Moenia - "Llegaste A Mi"

Moenia generally doesn't do love songs, but I guess this was an exception. Ironically this song came out right around the time I started dated this guy a few years back. I burned the cd for him and he really thought this song was somehow a "message" that I was meant to find him. Um yeah, we broke up 4 weeks later, lol. Either way I understood what he meant. it's a great song for when you met someone awesome after a particulary disasterous string of previous losers.

Belanova - "Tus Ojos"

Awww...this song just makes me feel all warm and gooshy inside. Belanova really captures that high you get when you are infatuated.

Janet Jackson - "Everytime"

Believe it or not but there was once a time when Janet could sing about something other than her pussy. This is probably my favorite ballad of hers. She captures that fear you can have sometime when you do fall head over heels for someone but aren't really sure if it's going to being another heartbreak. I can relate to that one especially.


Blogger YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

I have a "Valentine" yet I dont go out of my way to do nothing as I can't stand these Hallmark holidays.

Hey, did u know Moenia's new album is being released in the States on MArch 09? U know so u can re-buy it and support ur artistes.

4:18 AM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

I don't rebuy shit. They'll get my support when I pay for a concert ticket in March (which they probably make more profit from than a cd sale anyways.)

And there is nothing wrong with Hallmark Holidays as long as you don't go overboard.

11:04 AM  

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