Thursday, June 07, 2007

He's The Greatest Dancer

Well, as with most things, I am fashionably late finally getting around to blogging about my Memorial Day weekend. And what a weekend it was. It was definitely a first for many things for me and believe it or not it was for the most part alcohol and sex free (I said for the most part now, I wasn't a total nun!)

I started things off Friday at a friend's house. I think this picture sums up how I felt about the "drinks" someone had concocted (they were fucking gross!). I think toilet water would have been a tastier alternative (sorry Fernanda!)

Saturday during the day I went with a friend to check out the "Leather Mart" (it was International Mr. Leather weekend in Chicago). This was my first year to go all out for IML and let me say I think I will be eternally scarred from what I saw that day! Um, wow. it was like being at a flea market but instead of mexicans buying 2.99 jewelry and bootleg Banda Recodo cd's, the leather mart was packed with leather daddies and their fans everywhere. Leather jock straps, harnesses, nipple clamps, leashes, chaps and giant dildos were everywhere. I think the one patron that stuck in memory was the man with nipples bigger than my testicles. Wow, how did he do that????? The fiercest sex toy had to be this one though......

The Aneros Porgrasm is especially designed to give you that prostatic massage you have always dreams of (or so they say). Apparently the two little things on the side are made of metal and give the sensation of someone licking the perineum. Wow, how cum I didn't think of that?????? Saturday night was the Military Ball at Circuit. I went with my homegirl Wanda and we were entertained by fierce music, Goldshlager and scantily clad porno stars. Forget the big dicked porno stars though....the star of the night was Chi Chi Larue!

Chi Chi had come directly from the Grabby Awards (the gay porn Oscars) to be the guest DJ. Holy shit can this bitch throw down. I think I wet myself when at the end of her set she played Dannii Minogue's Australian Top 40 smash hit single "He's The Greatest Dancer"!!!!!!

I am pleased to announce also that Dannii's single is now going to get an exclusive release in Spain...further proof that she is an international pop icon that can't be stopped! Ok, now back to the weekend....Sunday night was when things got really crazy at the House Of Blues for the IML Victory Ball.

Being the up and coming Chicago socialite that I am, I was fortunate enough to be granted VIP access! Um, I had no idea how big HOB really is. It's like a maze in those upper levels and let me tell you people were taking advantage of that. I cannot tell you how many people I came across having sex...yikes! I was a good boy though and apart from my own barely there outfit, I didn't get caught up in the madness. Well, there was one point when I had to take off my leather pants because I was sweating up a storm...but I had a jock strap on underneath so it was all good. Thank god I had done laundry the day before. i would hate to have been there in a dirty jock! How embarrassing! So I blended in with all of the other half naked guys. Let me tell you though some of the HOB staff looked like they were experiencing the biggest culture shock of their life! Here I am strinking a pose with a good friend of mine.......

Monday night was the Black and Blue Ball (I always giggle when I say that, tee hee) at Excalibur. Too bad Excalibur isn't a gay club normally. It's huge and fierce! Once again there were orgies going on wherever there was a dark corner but that night I wasn't there to simply be a guest.......that night I worked. I made my official debut as a go-go boy! What can I say, at the young age of 12 years old Carmen Electra inspired me to grow up and become a go-go dancer!

Surprisingly I didn't have any apprehensions about dancing in next to nothing in front of a bunch of strangers. If anything it was nice to finally do something a little bit out of the ordinary (for me at least). I most definitely have to thank Circuit Mom for giving me this opportunity.....along with some other upcoming opportunities to assist with the revolution in me that I had blogged about back in March.


Blogger musicbeing said...

Maybe I missed it, but what was the theme for the body paint? I like how in the first picture it almost looks like your shirt was computer generated :)

I likes by the way :) And why not, if you have the body, might as well flaunt and use it while you can! Bravo 4 u :)

11:51 AM  
Blogger Tommy said...

Congrats on your go-go dancing debut! That pic of you and your friend is too cute/hot.. Man, forget culture shock, I would have been eternally scarred too amidst all the debauchery lol.. Anyway, big-ups to you for workin' it! :)

12:05 PM  
Blogger MatadorMexicano said...


is all i have to say! =)

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i applaud you on change.... this experience will probably be burned in your memory as my retinals were seein u.. I mean in that in a good way that no sugar intake sure paid off. Your body looked phat.(pretty hot and tempting) now i must look away. though if u let me joke about the outfit u look like one of the hurricane katrina victim tattered in an oil slick! that just the jealousy talking said a kylie fan.

5:53 PM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

LOL @ the hurricane Katrina comment.

9:41 PM  
Blogger Innommable said...

Love that harness you're wearing in that photo with your friend.


But that Aneros thing is turd shaped. ICK! I prefer a cucumber, wrapped in a condom, smothered in lube. (Did I just post that?)

6:26 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Nice cup...I would say more but I have to find a sharp instrument and poke out my eyes lol

8:42 AM  
Blogger Dee said...

Hey this pic looks so familiar. Is that Matt Cole in the front? I can't believe I never ran across yoru blog before in the past. It's amazing

3:32 PM  

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