Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shut Up And Drive Part 2

Well, I still do not move for another month and a half but I am already begun the packing process. I remember the last time I moved I made a long list of everything I hated about my old apartment. I think I even blogged about it. Well, this time I must say I don't have anything to complain about. However, one thing I will not miss once I move back to Chicago's northside is all of the taxi rides. I blogged recently about my frustration with asshole cab drivers, well this past weekend one pissed me off so much I got out of the cab. You know, when I am super drunk at 5AM, I really just want to go home. So, I was absolutely furious when this dipshit cabbie picks me up only to say "Oh, I have to fill up my gas tank, I'll turn off the meter. You can wait in the cab." Um, excuse me? I wanted to go HOME! So I got the fuck out of the cab and found a different one.


As for my Market Day's weekend, everything turned out great. I finished Sunday night at Crobar! The place was so crowded I could hardly move. Thank god for the mezzanine level!

The rest of the week has been fairly low key. I worked a few days, officially signed the lease on my new apartment, and stayed at home for the most part. On Thursday I made my yearly pilgrimage to the mother land......Milwaukee! Ewwww! I honestly didn't think that city could get any worse but it has. Jesus Christ. If it wasn't for the two friends I was visiting I would have no reason to even waste my time going there. What a shit hole. I am afraid it's going to be another year (or two) before I drive there again.

I don't have any big plans for this weekend.....except to clean! I would have loved to go to the beach to show off my fierce Diesel swimsuit I bought in New York but unfortunately the weather is not cooperating.


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Way to show that taxi driver a lesson! Love it!

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