Monday, August 27, 2007

To Delete Or Not To Delete?

That is the question!

I remember back in the 90's, before cellular phones became so popular, when I used to own a phone book. In that phone book I scribbled the numbers of all of my friends and family. As the years went by and I began to use my cell phone more often I started to carry in my wallet a small piece of paper with a list of phone numbers. Well, in 2007 cell phones are so advanced you can practically have sex with them (I should know, I have tried on many occasions when I couldn't find my favorite dildo). Well, now everyone, including myself, programs all phone numbers in their cell phones. It's very convenient. A little too convenient though, I think. I used to keep the numbers stored in my phone to a minimum. Even when I met new people, they had to undergo a series of tests before I would deem them worthy of being stored in my phone.

Well, when I started on my path to becoming a gay socialite this year I could no longer keep up with all of the little pieces of paper. The bulge from my wallet was distracting people from the bulge from my crotch. That's not good when I am trying to attract cock hungry whores and not money hungry gold diggers. Not to mention, I realized it was officially VERY uncool when in a bar to ask a potential trick to write down his phone number instead of just saving it directly into my phone. It sends the message that I really have no intention of calling.

So now I am faced with a dilemma more important than life itself! Do I delete some of these numbers? I see other people's phones and they are loaded with numbers. I refuse to believe they have so many friends (especially when I consider how fucking bitchy they are! lol). So is this the accepted thing to do? Save a number and never erase it even if there is a minimal chance of speaking to the person again. I suppose that makes sense. I made the mistake of erasing the number of a really BAD hook up that had put a new meaning to the word "fudge packer" (don't people know how to douche? god!) and a few weeks later I unwittingly answered a his call because I didn't know it was him calling. On the other hand, I am starting to get multiple names in my phone. How the hell am I suppose to rememeber if Juan #2 is ok to answer but Juan #5 isn't?

Well, until God can answer these urgent questions racing through my head i will have to take one day at a time....and pray I don't meet anymore people by the name of "Juan"!


Blogger bomitoni said...

I store contacts on my ipod, and you can include a picture :)

10:02 PM  
Blogger musicbeing said...

What kind of person answers the phone without not knowing who he is? If you don't know the person, let it go to VM :)

Yeah, I say you should delete those cuz then if you're trying to text or something it's a bitch having to scroll pages and pages to find that person.

11:27 PM  
Blogger L'Innommable said...

Well, most cell phones have a way of adding a first and last name. So you can write something like, Juan Fudge (for the undouched one), or Juan Awesome (for the one with whom you had awesome sex), or Juan so so (for the mediocre bottom who gave pretty good head, or vice versa), or Juan √úberTan (for the very dark skinned one that you really liked), etc....

I don't have a cell phone, and I have the love of my life, so I really don't need to do that kind of thing, but there are ways to remember which Juan (or Joseph, or Benjamin (Jew names) or Xica) is which...


Like, for "Xica," you could have just had XICA instead of his name! You know, give them nicknames... There was one I once called, "Thumb Popper," but I won't tell you WHY I called him that!

1:28 AM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

LMAO! Luis you are fierce. I can't believe you don't have a cell phone though! It is so weird nowadays since I even see little kids with them (spoiled brats!)

1:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I simply give people numbers and tell them their numbers. Ok, so if they are Ricardo #4, then they are entered in as Ricardo #4. This lets everyone know that (1) you're a popular bitch, (2) they better not be an asshole because #5 is probably somewhere else in that bar, and (3) that you care enough to give them a number. Then, you will never get them mixed up again . . . unless you're a drunken mess. Do not ask me how I got a Ricardo #2.5 . . .

11:13 AM  

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