Saturday, August 02, 2008

20/20 Twinkies

Today's post is somewhat related to my recent post about LGGQ's. Since last year I have noticed yet another trend when it comes to the sort of men I am attracting.....or should I say boys?

I feel almost kind of dirty and child molestor-ish to admit this but since turning 28 I have been pursued by so many 19 and 20 year olds! Fortunately they have all been cute, lol, but I simply can't figure this out. If I was a 50 year old rich white guy I could simply chalk this up to being a "Sugar Daddy". However, I am 100% sure I don't fall into the "Daddy" category. Maybe there needs to be a new category called "Big Brother" because that is exactly what it has felt like.

Honestly, I prefer guys around my age but it has been damn near impossible to ignore some of these little boys. Most of them have been extremely sexy and rather assertive for being so young. Keep in mind all of these boys have approached me and not the other way around! So do I feel guilty for dating or sleeping with a boy 10 years younger than hell no! The gay dating pool is already quite tainted by so many weirdos. Why should I further limit myself?

I say bring them on! Big Brother Sexbox has love for everyone old enough to vote!


Blogger L'Innommable said...


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Blogger musicbeing said...

Believe me these younguns think of you as "older". Alot of them go on about not liking guys their age. Doesn't mean you are old, just older than them. And as we experienced folks know, a few years DOES make a difference in terms of minds of men.

2:58 AM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

What I think is so cute is how they approach me and try so hard to show me how mature they are and aren't like other guys their age.

I don't know, I guess prior to this I always used to think it was the older guy who was the one who had to prove himself worthy of dating a young guy, not the other way around.

Eh, good dick is good dick so I am not complaining.

3:49 PM  

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