Thursday, August 28, 2008

You're 29?!

Now, I am sure you might think the title of my post refers to my successful battle to cling to my youth and fight the signs of aging. I mean, I don't look a day over 12! However, I simply HAD to write about an embarrassing moment I had on the bus yesterday. For quite sometime I have been meaning to take a trip to the Godiva Chocolate Boutique at Water Tower Place. Now before you start to think I have abandonded my low-carb ways for a more sinful sugar filled existence, I must clarify that I was going to purchase the absolutely DELICIOUS and SUGAR FREE chocolate candy bars Godiva makes. They help me satisfy my sweet tooth without compromising my South Beach Living.

Anyhoo, where was I going with this, ah I am on the bus sporting my latest Diesel outfit and divalicious Prada sunglasses when I realized I was standing next to an acquaintance from the gym. So we started the usual small talk people do in these sorts of situations. The weather, weekend, daytime plans, anal beads, and Bukkake dominated the majority of our conversation. At some point though, my gym aquaintance asked my age. As tempted as I was to say "12", I decided that would look really tacky on my part. I mean, what 12 year old is so knowledgable about anal beads and bukkake? Um, ok, don't answer that. Anyhoo, I honestly told him my age, to which he replied, "Oh, I'm 29 too!". I immediately blurted in disbelief "You're 29?!" I realized how rude that just sounded so I tried to casually change the subject and pray to God I hadn't offended him. You see, up until that point I thought the guy was probably 39...not 29! Oops. Perhaps the one conversational piece we could have touched on was the importance of a daily moisturizer and sunblock.

So after all of these years priding myself in my Oscar worthy acting skills that I honed in my high school's drama club, I must admit that even I slip up and let my true reactions come through!


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