Sunday, August 17, 2008

Frighteningly Flirtatious

It's interesting watching how other people flirt. There are so many techniques and approaches. Sometimes a wink or a quick glance is all you need to show interest. Other people think a little physical contact is more appropriate, like a pat on the back or shoulder. Depending on the time and place I can be as subtle as a smile or as obvious as a crotch grab. I think the style of flirting should somehow reflect the desired final result. Do you want to take this person to go see Wicked or are you just looking for a quick hook up. Seeing that flirting must be tailored accordingly I must say there is certain technique rampant in the city of Chicago that simply boggles my mind: Fright Flirts!

Fright Flirts are those guys that just don't give you a look but stare you down like a predator eyeing its prey. Their eyes bug out of their heads and their facial expressions resemble that of someone who has overdosed on an illegal substance. That type of flirting doesn't evoke and butterflies in my stomach instead I usually reach for my cell phone as I comtemplate dialing 911. I have become increasingly aware of the Fright Flirts at the gym. It's so hard to concentrate on my work out when I everytime I look up someone is giving me a face of death!

In other news.....

My posts have been a bit scarce this week. I haven't been unusually busy but last weekend I was busy with the Market Days festival. I had several friends visiting from out of town so there was much obligatory partying to do! Most of this partying involved alcohol and half naked men. This weekend was another three day stretch of boozing. I am officially broke and tired! I need to detoxify myself before I go to Toronto next weekend! I have to start making a list of all of the dorky tourist traps I want to explore while I am there!

And can I say that as much as I love Chicago for all of its summer festivals, street fairs and parades, there is one spectacle I am glad is over with........

The Chicago Air and Water show is definitely a big deal but I live along the lakefront and having to hear those planes fly over head is nerve racking especially when it sounds like they are going to crash into my building!


Blogger bomitoni said...

If I could hear them all they way by me, I can just imagine how friggin' annoying it must have been for you! poor thing. Gurrrrrrl let me tell ya I am in the same boat as you. My wallet and my liver are on hiatus this week. Ramen noodles here I come...

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