Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bienvenido a Miami

So I am back from my second mini-vacation to Miami. I call it a mini-vacation because it was the second of two quick trips I planned during the two weeks I had off between my summer internship and fall classes (which resumed this Monday and will be the LAST first day of school EVER for me! woo hoo!) Normally this would be the point I would post a bunch of pictures and go on and on about what a great time I had. Well, I did have a great time. I stayed with my Secret Miami Friends who are two of the sweetest people I have met in years. However there are no pictures because this wasn't necessarily a trip for leisure. This trip was purely for investigational purposes. I have been a travel whore these past few years and I have had the chance to see various cities. There was something about Miami that made me want to go back twice this year. There was something that honestly made me think I might even want to live there. Maybe it was the climate? Or maybe the completely different lifestyle and culture compared to the midwest? I'm not sure. While I haven't made any final decisions just yet I can definitely say the idea of moving to Miami is no longer and idea. It's now a serious consideration I am going to proceed to explore this last year of school.

Next time this year I will no longer be a frustrated grad student in my 20's. I will be 30 (well, technically 24 again but I can be honest about my age just this one time) and embarking on a brand new career. It will be also the first time in several years that leaving Chicago to explore my options elsewhere will be a possibility. So I will see how things go and hopefully before next summer I can make a decision. Chicago is great but I am starting to get the feeling it's time for a change. We'll see.


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i laugh how u havent considered the year round heat. And its effects on a certain shelaq product. Your head is going to look like the eye mascara of a beauty queen after being crowned. But maybe im just uneasy of another close friend leaving to alluring city. Oh man im going switch my credit cards to frequent flyers points. Oh did u see danni on cosmo she had to do a gand bang of the whole staff for that cover pobrecita. Said a kylie fan

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