Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cyber Courage

We have all heard of liquid courage, right? You know, when you need alcohol to do something so horribly shameful and disgusting you normally wouldn't consider it in a million billion years.....like Celine Dion karaoke. Well, "cyber courage" is basically the same thing except it involves hiding behind a computer screen to do those things one normally wouldn't have the guts to do. In particular, I am thinking of dating/hook-up websites.

I recently resurrected my online hook up profile on a popular men-4-men website. I figured online tricking was a good way to spend my free time this summer as opposed to spending money on Michigan Avenue (I also considered volunteer work but apparently the local GLBT clinic is too good for me!) I am not sure if my plan worked because I still managed to spend money buying shit online. LOL. Anyhoo, getting back to the point of my post, my brief stint tricking online had me dealing with many men who appear to have LOTS of cyber courage. My profile was VERY specific about what I was looking for. Needless to say I was bombarded by all sorts of guys that I WASN'T looking for because they were either illiterate or let their cyber courage soften the blow of a potential rejection. Now, I can understand cyber courage. Not because I necessarily used it myself, but it does make sense. What I didn't understand were the numerous acquaintances I know in real life that would proposition me when they bumped into me online.

Now seriously, if I have seen these guys out in the bars all this time and I have showed ZERO interest up until now, what makes them think me running into them online will make a difference? God what retards.

What's even worse were the ones who had profiles filled with "conflicting" information compared to what I know to be true in real life. What a bunch of fucking losers. If you are going to lie about something at least be smart enough to be consistent. Don't tell me the truth in real life and then hit me up with your falsified profile online.

So this week I am taking a last minute vacation to Miami before my classes resume. I have also retired my online hook-up profile for the time being. There isn't time for the extra stress in my life! LOL


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