Thursday, September 11, 2008

Racial Profiling

Racial profiling is something we all do and if there is someone reading this who thinks they are just so fucking politically correct that they NEVER are guilty of this can go fuck themselves because they are lying. When I see an Asian driver in front of me on the express way I curse and realize I am going to be stuck driving 20 miles below the speed limit. When I am on the south side of Chicago and see a short brown person I assume they are Mexican and don't speak English. When I meet a White person from a small rural town I expect them to be a racist Republican.

Now, I expect all of these things but at the end of the day I treat everyone the same because I do realize stereotypes are just that, stereotypes. I will wait a few minutes before I decide to pass an Asian driver. When on the south side I still attempt to speak English first. When I am in a small town I don't immediately look for the burning crucifixes. However, sometimes racial profiling can be quite funny when I get the complete opposite of what I was anticipating. Today I was looking for a few CD's at Best Buy when a ghetto fabulous young black girl came into the same aisle as me with her equally ghetto fabulous boyfriend. She could barely see with her 5 foot long hair extensions and could barely flip through the CD's with her 3 inch long gold studded fake nails. Her boyfriend was barely standing straight as he was weighted down with about 25lbs of gold chains and pants that were sagging lower than most the Golden Girls' breasts. It was at this time I noticed I was standing in front of the new hip-hop/Rap releases. Surely they were looking for the new Ice Cube, Young Jeezy or Lil Wayne cd's so I politely moved of the way. It was at that point I heard the girl exclaim "Oh, damn Tyrone, I know dis shit jus' done come out. Where they be havin' it????!!!". She paused, turned around and with a flip of her hair extensions her artificial nails/claws found the cd she had been desperately looking for in the new releases behind her.........

Miley Cyrus is keeping it real! LOL


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Blogger musicbeing said...

It's even more hilarious when people try to racial profile me. I think this is an issue that we both discussed on our blogs, but I don't fit into one category. I'm not overtly Mexican, not overtly Americanized. I'm cute, nerdy. In the eyes of people I'm ghetto and in the eyes of others I'm acting "white". Mind you I never try to act any other way than myself. Shooz, give me booty jams, metal and rancheras any day! It's just fun trying to confuse people :)

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Blogger musicbeing said...

And that picture!!!!!! lol!!!

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Anonymous the tbones said...


For some reason, I could not stop laughing when I read, "Damn, Tyrone..."

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