Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Girl Crush

I remember many years ago reading an interview in Vibe magazine (RIP) with some random gangster rapper. When questioned about the violence depicted in some of his songs he replied "You know, sometimes you write a song when you are having a bad day. They screw up your order at McDonald's. Then you find out your car got towed. Then you step in dog shit. At the end of the day you release all that tension by writing a very violent song. It's therapy "

I was in a very shitty mood last night when I wrote my last post but 24 hours later I can say I was simply caught in the moment and blogging about how shitty I felt seemed like the best therapy for me.....although the post probably sounds a bit dramatic! LOL. I will try to keep things light-hearted because what was bothering me yesterday is well, so yesterday!

Today went well at my internship site. I finished working on a big project that turned out so well that the clinical director asked me to come back next month after I graduate to give a formal presentation to the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. I was very flattered! I also have a confesssion......this clinical director is a really hot woman. You would never imagine a pharmacist could be so pretty....and I think I have developed a bit of a "girl crush". I am absolutely smitten! I am sure I won't be turning straight anytime soon but I know most gay guys have a "girl crush" at least once. It's nothing sexual (obviously) but if this woman released a CD I would totally buy it! LOL

I also have another "girl crush" right now but this is a celebrity one.......Nadia Ali! Nadia was the lead singer of the electronic duo iio. They released the worldwide hit "Rapture" back in 2001/2002 and their debut album was delayed for about 4 years. Once the album was finally released it was announced that Nadia was going solo. Since 2006 she has been working on her solo album and has been featured on a few other singles. I am totally infatuated with Nadia. She has such an exotic beauty and singing style you normally don't hear in dance music. I have posted the video of "Rapture" above and the video for "Love Story" from her upcoming solo album (September 15th is the release date according to Wikipedia) down below. The latest single "Fine Print" has just been released this month on iTunes. I love the lyrics! Nadia is writes most of her own music and avoids the usual dance music lyrical cliches that seem to plague most other female singers.

"Fine Print"

Ive been holding back

Youre like a moving star
I cant get close enough to you
Been months I got your call
Our falling out we slipped right into

You were an ace for me
My crazy heart got hold of you
Your hand called every bluff
I had to fold and let it go

Since I saw you last
Ive been holding back
I figured I should do just that
I thought Id crack but I smiled instead
Ill let you read the fine print

I walk a line between
The thoughts of now
And where Ive been
Today the grass is green
Ive got it all, so why reminisce

Im just a mermaid
Who is not content with waveless oceans
Sometimes a gusty wind
Is what I need to feel again

Since I saw you last
Ive been holding back
I figured I should do just that
I thought Id crack but I smiled instead
Ill let you read the fine print

Read between the lines
For what got left behind
But I cant say, I hold it down
The weight of seeing you now

Ive been holding back

Ive been holding back
I thought Id crack I thought
Ive been hold
I thought Id crack but I smile instead
Ill let you read the fine print


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