Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sloth is no longer a sin people!

I scoff at the whoever said "sloth" was one of the 7 deadly sins. Fuck that shit. Sloth does a body good! Normally I push myself everyday to get my work done (whether it be for school or for my activities on the local street corner). Today I had the morning off to finish work on a project that I am presenting later on this afternoon at one of the hospitals I am interning at. Well, I finished the project last night so I thought I would go to the gym instead. I woke up this morning feeling groggy and not very convinced that walking to the gym in the rain would be a good idea. So I slept a little more, ate some breakfast, and then watched some porn.

JUST when I was about to start downloading some new, really good phone rang! It was a hospital where I had applied at just last night wanting to set up an interview. Either they are desperate or the human resource department is VERY efficient because it is very rare to hear back so quickly from a potential employer (trust me, after applying for 30+ positions I know how this shit works). Ironically this was a hospital that I completely forgot about and while it isn't in the immediate Chicagoland area it is definitely MUCH closer than the other places where I will be having interviews (oops, I guess I never mentioned the other two job interviews becuase they are crummy jobs in shitty areaa....well technically any area other than Chicago or Miami is shitty in my book but the dynamics of my work situation and long term career goals is a bit complicated and I will blog about that later)

So the moral of the story? Had I ventured out in the rain to exercise I would have missed this very important phone call. The next time someone calls you lazy tell that person to go fuck off because Satan and his 7 deadly sins are helping the unemployed of America one person at a time!


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