Saturday, April 21, 2007

Things That You Never Knew That You Never Knew

Well, if last week was busy due to the profusion of social obligations I had, this week was super busy because of my academic commitments. Last weekend I drove 40 miles north of Chicago to visit Abbott Laboratories, possibly one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

The trip was arranged by my school and was meant to provide some insight into the variety of career paths pharmacists can choose from in industry (marketing/sales, quality assurance, research, clinical trials of new drugs, etc). As informative as the visit was, I was a bit disappointed because we basically sat in a conference room riddled with audio-visual technical problems the entire morning. Nevertheless it was exciting to see what is out there........especially when I heard for the billionth time the other day "don't pharmacists just count pills". I no longer correct people who say this. I figure ignorance is bliss and I just don't have the time to fight all of the ignorance in the world when there are more important things I could be doing like getting drunk or having sex.

Speaking of such important things, anyone who has even briefly glanced at my blog has probably realized music is a big part of my life. The funny thing about music is there is just so much out there and sometimes I find myself liking a band without realizing it. This can be good or bad. Trust me I was damn near suicidal when I finally was able to admit I liked and Ashlee Simpson song. Fortunately through much prayer and recreational drug use to distract me I resisted the temptation to buy her stinky album.

I listen to the radio a lot at work and I often find myself knowing all of the lyrics to so many songs that I really hate or I don't know who sings them. I was humming that "I chimed in haven't you people ever heard of closing the (goddamn?) door...." song for months before I realized I had been singing along to Panic At The Disco. (Ewwwww....just for the record I hate that song with a passion!) However a good recent revelation was that about 5 songs that I have become a casual fan of due to the repetitious radio play over the past two years are all by the same group......The Killers. What the fuck. I swear this is George Bush's plan to convert all of the homosexuals of the country from Cher loving queens to Commercial "indie" rock queens. But I will admit, I have fallen victim to his devious plan and actually purchased the Killers' albums. Let's just hope next week I am not blogging about my born again Christianity and that my only hope for salvation is changing my evil sodomistic ways and becoming straight.

So that was something that I never knew that I never knew. I am a Killers fan. What's even more shocking is I don't know if the lead singer is cute or not. I will be mortified if I get the cd and he is one of the greasy, pimply, over tattoed, and scary manorexic types that tend to dominate this genre. I only allow cute boys to be in my cd collection damn it!

And one last thing......Congratulations to Ultra Nate's NUMBER ONE single on Billboard's Dance/Club charts!!!!!!!! I am telling you, I know a hit song when I hear it! Pick up her new album next month bitches! (May 22). See my previous post for the video of "Automatic".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I met Ultra a few years back. Her live performances are to die for!

8:56 PM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

I saw Ultra Nate live in 2000. She was fierce! She even threw down with some acapella versions of her really really old hits because the crowd was screaming for more. I didn't get a chance to actually meet her. I hope she comes back to Chicago soon!

9:57 PM  

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