Sunday, July 15, 2007

Potty Mouth

This past Friday morning I was a victim of a Potty Mouth. What is a Potty Mouth you ask? Well, it is one of those creepy and obnoxious individuals that feels the need to strike up a conversation while urinating or defecating in a public restroom.

I submitted my notice last week at work that I was quitting. I made two copies of this notice. One was for my immediate supervisor and the other was for my supervisor's supervisor, the laboratory medical director. Anyhoo, I rarely have any reason to talk to the medical director except for the occasional "hi, how are you". Well, since I announced my quitting I have run into him several times in the halls or in the main lab. Not once has he bothered to even acknowledge the fact I am quitting. I don't mind really. I just want to fucking quit and leave without any big fuss. I would prefer that people NOT make a big deal and ask me a million questions as to why I am quitting because that is fucking annoying. I am bitter enough as it is about the job, I really don't want to discuss it any further!

Anyhoo, on Friday morning as I was getting ready to pop a big pimple in the bathroom at work the medical director walked in and went to the urinal next to the sink where I was standing. At that point I was pissed because I so desperately wanted to pop the pimple and watch all of the pus squirt onto the mirror, but I didn't want to have an audience! So I washed my hands and was about to leave when all of the sudden I hear "So I hear you are leaving us".

Um, I wasn't sure how one responds in such a situation. I mean, here we have a morbidly obese man who is currently releasing the contents of his bladder into the urinal next to me attempting to ask me a serious question about my pending departure. I stuttered a "Um, yeah, um yeah something like that". I was hoping the obvious uncomfortable tone in my voice would have clearly tipped him off I wasn't eager to discuss this while he stood there with his pants unzipped and his wee-wee in his hand. Oh, but he continued to talk......and I continued to mumble random one worded responses as I slowly crept towards the exit.

Now tell me, WHY was that necessary? Why do Potty Mouths ignore the time when most normal people would initiate a conversation outside of a public restroom? I just don't understand it.


Blogger musicbeing said...

You're not very friendly at work, I love it!

But I understand about the urinal thing. At least he didn't do it while YOU were peeing. Now that just annoys me. At my last job only one person did that. It's so weird how people can feel its OK to have a conversation when he or you have a penis spewing out pee.

Odd. But still, you could understand the worker relationship of most jobs. No one really talks to one another but come birthdays, come gossip or quitting time, everyone all of a sudden talks to one another :)

10:50 PM  
Blogger bomitoni said...

my old boss used to carry on coversations w/ people while he was pissing. it was so annoying!

11:52 PM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

I am actually very friendly at work but what most people don't realize is that it is all an act LOL

1:22 AM  
Blogger Innommable said...

Doesn't quitting a job you hate feel so good? I did that in January, but I just stopped showing up.

7:15 AM  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

Oh god, it's the most wonderful feeling ever! It's right up there with sex!

10:51 AM  
Blogger Innommable said...

GOOD sex! Because the other kind does exist, you know!

1:11 AM  

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