Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Blog


Goodbye Chicago :(

I was hesitant to title my final blog entry today as "Goodbye" because I don't know if I believe in "Goodbyes". They sound so final.....so definite....so sad.......but I don't think there is anything final or sad about this post. In less than 24 hours from now I am leaving the city I have called home for the past 7 years. It's going to be a long journey driving across the country but definitely not as grueling as the journey of the past 3 months.

I leave Chicago feeling a sense of accomplishment. During these past 7 years I made some amazing friends. These friends are absolutely the most beatiful people in the world. They stood by me through the thick and thin. There were also some not so great friends who supported me during the good times but seemed to disappear when times got rough. Nevertheless I am grateful for all of the people I have met and the experiences I have had because they turned that naive 23-year-old boy from Milwaukee into the man that I am today. Thank you.

I originally moved to Chicago to escape the armpit of the Midwest...... Milwaukee. There was also an ulterior motive for moving: to pursue an advanced degree in pharmacy. Despite the many sleepless nights spent studying and stressing I managed to get accepted into an excellent school and complete my Doctor of Pharmacy degree. For that reason also I feel accomplished.

I am looking forward to my new life in Florida because I have embraced the fact that now is the time for me to test my talents and fortunes in fresh waters. I look forward to finally having a normal life....one that doesn't consist of chronic insomnia, exams, internships, etc. I can go out with friends or even date a nice young man (yes, i said DATE!) without worrying how I will juggle a love life, work and school. I look forward to getting back to some of my hobbies that I had to temporarily abandon.....like learning Portuguese!

I have made some mistakes during my time here in Chicago and I hope to use the wisdom that I have gathered from them to ensure that I don't make these mistakes again. I think I realize now what really matters in life.....and it usually isn't what glitters. I have learned that I can be my own worst enemy and my own best friend. I can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare.....um errr....damn you Beyonce stop influencing this note! lol

I've learned to have an opinion and the confidence to defend it. I've learned to be a better person.

So tomorrow when I am driving down I-94 and see the Chicago skyline slowly disappear in my rearview mirror I won't be sad because I know that all people and memories will remain with me for the next journey........the next chapter.

Remember, when one chapter ends another one begins!

Beach Kuchi Kaiai.....feeling the funk in Southern Florida!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Bon Voyage

I was in West Palm Beach for a few days this week taking care of the last of my paperwork for my new job and frantically looking for a place to live. Fortunately I got everything accomplished just in time to catch my Friday night flight. The picture above was taken from the plane right before it landed. The sky was so clear and the sight of downtown Chicago was breathtaking. After I took that picture I must confessed I started to feel a little sad. I am going to miss Chicago :( I don't have any regrets about my move however. I think without a doubt taking this job is probably going to be one of the best decisions of my life (I hope lol) but I have enjoyed my time in Chicago so it's only natural to be a little sad I guess. I caught up on my sleep because Saturday was a special day.......

I must leave it to My Milwaukee Sister (who I am going to miss soooo much!) to always being able to organzie the best throwdowns. My "Big Gay Bon Voyage" party was just that.....big and gay! VJ Bobby helped fuel the night with a collection of music videos that only the Moo Town Sisters could appreciate. La Toya Jackson, Danni Minogue, Michel'Le, Vanessa Williams, and even some RuPaul were the soundtrack of the evening. The night started out rather quiet with a nice dinner at Las Mañanitas but mayhem ensued once we got to Crew, Chicago's best gay sports bar. The night was so special despite the little time available to plan for everything. Olivia made a surprise visit and most importantly I got to see several people who I have not seen in awhile due to my horrifically busy schedule this past year.

The night was filled with laughter, dancing, spilled drinks and finally some tears too. Leave it to Jorgillo to get everyone balling! LOL. thank god my cover up was waterproof!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Sorry Michael Jackson....THIS is it!

The person who made this work of cinematic artistry deserves a motherfucking Oscar!

Sunday, November 01, 2009


Last night was Halloween....always a big celebration in Chicago's Boystown neighborhood.....and officially my favorite holiday of the year. After a certain Kylie Minogue Fan ruined my plans to be a slutty prisoner bitch I decided to switch costumes and be Swine Flu....but at the last minute I came across this costume and even though I never saw the movie I knew I was mean to be........Brüno!

Along with Octomom, Apu (from the Simpsons) and a Dead Kylie Fan the night was a blast. I think the pictures speak for themselves.