Thursday, January 29, 2009

House Guest

Sal made his long awaited return to Chicago last weekend. I must say he turned out to be the best house guest I have ever had! I almost felt like I had a ghost staying with me for three days. I still had to worry about school so I couldn't entertain him that much but we did have time to hit up a new trashy bar in Chicago's West Loop and finish the weekend off with several musical throw downs at my house followed by mayhem and havoc on Halsted.

As soon as Sal left and I recovered from my multiple hang overs I realized how far behind I am with everything school related. It makes sense I guess. First NYE, then my Sista M's b-day, then New York, then Sal. I never meant for January to be so busy. If anything I try to refrain from too many social events all at once while I have class. It becomes to hard to juggle everything. The next few weeks my ass is staying at home while I play catch up! I am also broke so I guess I have no other choice.

I have a few other things to blog about but seeing I am short on time today I will save that for another day!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

So Yesterday

Laugh it off let it go and
When you wake up it will seem
So yesterday, so yesterday

Wow, Hilary Duff is such a wise girl! A few years back I had a bad experience with a guy. The details aren't all that important but the gist of the story is he claimed he liked me, I liked him, he had a million lame reasons why we couldn't date even though he never hesitated to try to have sex with me or make out in clubs.....and then finally I discovered he had a boyfriend the entire time. I was very angry but as time passed the anger subsided and it turned into indifference. I chalked it up as one of life's valuable lessons and as Hilary Duff said, the issue became "so yesterday".

This past Friday I ran into this individual for the first time in over 3 years. I could care less what happened so many years ago so I thought I would just say hi. Well, not only did he avoid eye contact with me but he jumped from his bar stool and ran to the bathroom. I thought perhaps he hadn't recognized me so I followed him to the bathroom. He then brushed past me again. I made one final attempt to say hi and he bolted once again. I guess he isn't familiar with Hilary Duff's words of wisdom.

I thought the entire incident was quite funny. I NEVER would have expected a reaction like that. It's quite amazing that after all these years I can provoke such a strong response in someone who to me is just one of many odd balls I have met in this world.

The rest of the weekend was fun. Chava came to visit from California. He stayed with me and I don't think he could have been a more perfect house guest if he tried. I will post more on that later when I have some pictures to share....and hopefully a video too!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I live here, bitch.

This past weekend I made a semi-last minute trip to NYC. My Homegirl Wanda moved there last summer and I have been meaning to visit him for awhile. Two things have been stopping me: time and money. Airfares to New York have been ridiculously expensive and with no more time off from school apart from 2 weeks in May until I graduate it's not been possible to get away. However, thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King's dream I didn't have classes this past Monday.....and the Friday preceding it I only had an exam review session that wasn't mandatory. So with my sudden 4-day weekend and the shear LUCK of getting a plane ticket for only $160 on Price Line I made a trip to the Big Apple. This impromptu trip wouldn't have been possible either if it wasn't for New York's fierce trains and public transportation. I didn't have to wonder how I would get from the airport to the city or fuck around getting a rental car.

Wanda and I spent the days taking advantage of the failing economy. Just about everything I bought was marked down to ridiculously cheap prices. Our evenings were spent in Wanda's apartment so I could catch up on my studying (I have TWO midterms this week!) and our late nights were spent at G Lounge. My recollection of Saturday night in particular is quite patchy but let's just say I am glad I found Wanda and didn't get raped by the scary Pretto-Rican outside the porn shop!

Coming back was a bit of a pain. My flight was delayed several hours. However, I used my time wisely to do more studying! I am such an amazing multi-tasker!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I sometimes get frustrated when I tell people (strangers or even friends) that I am in my last year of pharmacy school. I get frustrated not because I can't articulate a satisfactory description of what pharmacy school involves or exactly what pharmacists do in real life. I get frustrated because people who don't work in healthcare simply don't "get it". I suspect many people think I am getting some sort of two year associate's degree at a night school or they seem bewildered that pharmacists even have to go to school. They just count pills, right?


I don't think I am going to let myself get frustrated over this anymore because I understand why people think this way. I rarely watch TV but the other day I happened to see an episode of "House". While I was amused by the characters and the plot, I was absolutely horrified by the poor representation of pharmacists and hospitals in general. It's no wonder people don't realize pharmacy is a doctorate/professional degree similar to what a lawyer or physician must complete.

The episode was about a teenage boy who presents with a mysterious a sudden onset of life threatening symptoms that none of the medical staff can diagnose. I had several gripes with the story that I am sure can be applied to any of these stupid medical shows on TV.

1. It is true that the medical residents will sit in a conference room discussing patients. However, they don't have all day to talk about just one patient's problems. Even in a small community hospital there are probably more than just one or two sick people needing a diagnosis and/or treatment.

2. Physicians do not do laboratory testing. The majority of them probably never step inside the hospital laboratory. I thought it was a complete joke watching these "House" actors sit behind a microscope, use hematologic and blood chemistry analyzers and run electrophoresis gels in an attempt to diagnose their patient. That doesn't ever happen in real life. Period. There are specially trained professionals performing laboratory testing. They are called Medical Technologists and that is what my undergrad degree was in so I should know! ANd one other thing, hospital labs are running hundreds of tests every hour....not just a few tests for one special patient. Give me a break.

3. The hospital pharmacist doesn't stand behind a counter passing out medications and looking like an idiot. Pharmacists generally are rounding side by side with the physicians and medical residents making pharmacological recommendations, monitoring appropriateness of drug therapy and screens for adverse drug reactions or changes in lab values that may have been altered by drug therapy. The pharmacists who are actually in the central pharmacy are verifying orders and overseeing all of the sterile preparation of IV drugs.

4. A Vicodin addicted physician just can't help himself to the hospital pharmacy's controlled substance vault. Well, unless he wants the DEA to throw him in federal prison.

5. A pharmacist even working in a Walgreens doesn't fill a prescription for "Cold Medicine" with "Gout Medicine". I'm sorry, but the writers of "House" must be fucking idiots to think even the most retarded physician would write a prescription that simply says "Cold Medicine", much less assume that a pharmacist wouldn't question this or mistake it for something equally retarded like "Gout Medicine". Drugs are prescribed by their name, does, and frequency. Not by the illness they treat.

Anyhoo, while I am sick of people thinking I am getting some sort of basket weaving degree or that the extent of my career will be counting pretty blue pills or shiny purple tablets, I guess I can't blame them for not knowing any better!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Alice Deejay is LOVE!

Whenever I hear "Better Off Alone" I can't help but think of hanging out with my homegirl Reni in Milwaukee. When I met her in high school she was head banger and loved her death metal bands. Yet after 6 years of hanging out with me she could just as easily embrace the techno tunes of my music collection as she could enjoy the hellish sounds of Obituary (I believe that was the lovely name of the group she liked). Anyhoo, Alice Deejay will now have a new meaning in my life.

This past Saturday was my Milwaukee Sister's birthday. We celebrated it at a trashy straight bar on Chicago's northside. Well, to make a long story short, while I was actually sober for once in my life, everyone else was trashed. At some point there was a conflict with another group of drunk people. Things started to get ugly. I was about to leave before a fight broke out....but shortly after my Milwaukee Sister told his cousin Libby to go kick some bitch's ass, the electronic blips and bleeps of Alice Deejay began to infiltrate the air. I immediately recognized the song and just as the robotic female voice began to sing the infamous chorus "do you think you're better off alone?" I was astounded to see that Libby was having a throwdown on the dancefloor with the bitch whose ass she was suppose to kick. It was if they had been friends for years! The joyous sounds of Alice Deejay brought peace and joy to everyone present! I am willing to bet any amount of money that a free Alice Deejay concert could even solve that nasty Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the middle east. I mean, who needs war anyways?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Is Hallmark Hiring?

It always brings tears to my eyes reading the Craig's List Missed Connection ads. This is the best I've seen in ages. Seriously, this guy should write greeting card for Hallmark.

my ass dropping prince on AA Airlines from STL to Chicago 12/30 - m4m - 26 (you farted. ALOT.)

"you sat next to me on the plane, row 19 maybe? you had the window seat i had the aisle seat. i couldn't help but to inhale your intoxicating farts you dropped before take-off. i knew, that you knew what you were doing and it really got me horny. are you into eating farts? i'd love to exchange anal blasts with you sometime. respond with how many skid marks you left in your pants so i know it's you."

Thursday, January 01, 2009

My Chicago Bucket List

Well my New Year's Eve celebration was a blast with Fernicahel at Sidetrack. Sidetrack seemed like an unlikely place to celebrate New Year's but I knew I would be in good company not only because of my friends but the fact that I am practically an honorary employee there! Not to mention, the staff always strips down to their underwear for these events! Hot! Below are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

So normally I start the new year out with resolutions. This year I want to do something different. 2009 is a big year for me. I will FINALLY be graduating (god, I've been a student for all but two years of my adult life!) and I will be celebrating my Triple X birthday in March. More importantly, this year could very well be my last year living in Chicago. Nothing is set in stone just yet because I realize so much can happen from now until I graduate and find a job, but nevertheless I have decided to make a "Chicago Bucket List". These are the things that I want to do before I leave Chicago!

1. Attend a Cubs game at Wrigley Field: Contrary to popular belief, Wrigleyville isn't just for the straights. I am pretty sure every year there is a gay outing to the famous Wrigley Field. Seriously, who goes to watch the baseball game anyways? It's all about getting drunk!

2. Eat at the Soup Box: There is this cute, tiny restaurant I have passed a zillion times on Broadway between Belmont and Diversy. They specialize in soups and the aroma coming from that place is always heavenly. I finally need to stop one day and see if the soup tastes as good as it smells.

3. Watch an adult film at Bijou: I remember I once went into Bijou with a friend when I was 23. It was more like a dare if anything so I really don't count it. I think it is so fascinating that a gay adult movie theater exists in today's world of internet porn. I want to get some popcorn and watch a good dick flick!

4. Midsommarfest: This a street festival that takes place every year in Andersonville. The only time I attended was as a volunteer. This year I want to be the one getting drunk and harrassing the volunteers passing out condoms.

5. Chinatown: I've only driven past this cultural enclave. What's wrong with me? Well, this summer I am learning how to use chop sticks and spending a day there.

6. Navy Pier: I've only been to Navy Pier to see a concert and a movie. Ironically, I always tell visitors to go check it out. I want to finally see why this is the biggest tourist trap in Chicago!