Wednesday, November 29, 2006


So the new quarter (or trimester, however you want to call it) has started. I am a bit relieved because I was getting a little bored last week. It was nice to have an entire week off from school for Thanksgiving, but after I did some reading, caught up on some DVD's and masturbated until I was ejaculating powdered milk, I was fucking dying to do something else. Speaking of masturbation, one day I shot right into my face! It was so unexpected (I was sitting in a chair) I started laughing. I don't think I have ever given myself a facial like that before. Actually, I don't think anyone has given me a facial like that before....hmmm...or maybe just a few times. I tend to not give head unless I consider the guy to be "Mario Lopez" hot. oh, but I am getting off subject now....

So my classes this quarter look like they shall be relatively easy. Well, I have two really hard courses that will require alot of study time but the rest are what I call "blow off" courses because I know I will be able to get an A with minimal studying. I am especially happy this week because I found out that I won't have to take microbiology in the Spring quarter. As an undergrad in Milwaukee I took about two years of microbiology so the Dean has granted me advanced standing. This is fierce because I will have 4 credits less to worry about in the Spring.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dannii Does Cyndi

I was almost brought to tears after watching the following clip. Dannii Minogue reinterprets the classic Cyndi Lauper song, "True Colors" (remember her? from the 80's? she was Madonna's rival but her career nosedived after 1989)

Anyhoo, I think Cyndi and Dannii should re-record this as a duet! Watch it and tell me your heart doesn't instantly fill with immense joy and love!

Speaking of Dannii, it appears that the Platinum Collection I had blogged about has been delayed. I guess Dannii just wants to focus on her soon to be hit single "He's The Greatest Dancer", which you can see her perform here:

It's going to be a very Dannii holiday season this year! Woo hoo!

Greatest Shits

With the holiday season comes an influx of greatest hits compilations. I sometimes LOVE these. Other times I loathe them. There are some artists whose albums I would never buy but I do like a few songs. In this case a greatest hits compilation is perfect. Sometimes I already own every other album but I need to have the hits cd for new tracks, bonus material, etc. One trend that has always annoyed me though is how record companies very seldom put out a COMPLETE hits collection. They always forget about one or two essential songs. Ooh that pisses me off.

I bought Luis Fonsi's hits album the other day.

He looks sooooo cute on the cover and if you look closely you can see he is wearing Diesel jeans. He's hot and has good taste. Unfortunately this album is crap. There are two important singles missing, "Estoy Perdido" and "Me Iré". Both of which were rather big hits for him. To make things worse the two new songs are crap and the DVD with all of his videos must be bought separately. The only good thing was the liner notes.

Even my diva Vanessa Williams let me down years ago with this one:

Vanessa had MANY RnB/Pop hits in the 80's and 90's, yet most of them are missing! Instead we get a handful of her hits, some random album tracks and a new song. What the fuck.

I see Mary J. Blige has a greatest hits album coming out soon. I don't know the tracklisting yet but it will only be one disc. Well, when you have had as many hits as her over a span of 15 years and plan on including 4 new songs, well, you just know so many fan favorites will be missing.

oooh, but my biggest pet peeve are the artists who put out multiple greatest hits when they aren't necessary. Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Depeche Mode, Kylie Minogue, and Eurythmics are just a few to be guilty of this. Why why why????? First off all of these artists have had very long careers. One cd won't be enough for all of the songs. Secondly, even after the multiple cd's they still can't it right and there are essential tracks missing.

So far this season the only hits compilation that hasn't pissed me off was Missy Elliott's. However, would it have killed the fucking fat dyke to include a new song???? ugh!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Shit Faced

I got shit faced drunk last night. It was great. I went out on Monday with Jorgillo to Hydrate for $1 drinks but I only git a little tipsy. Last night I really let loose. Not only did I not have to worry about work or school but my students loans were disbersed this week so I had money! I think I had at least one drink at every major bar in Boystown. Sidetrash, Roscoes, Hydrate, Ciruit, Cocktail and even Charlies (I know I must have been wasted to go that shit hole) were all graced by my presence. I don't recall much except when I made my stop at the Taco & Burrito palace I kept insisting very loudly that they turn off the Banda Recodo shit and put on some Ana Barbara! I will have to talk to my friends though to know what really happened. I have a feeling I drunk dialed everyone and their mama too....sorry!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Confess One More Time

NBC will be airing Madonna's record breaking sell out Confessions Tour! I think it is so funny though that even at 48 she can still cause so much controversy that some NBC affiliates in the South will not be airing the special. Apparently even with the crucifixation scene removed they still deem it inapproriate for a 7-9 time slot. LOL. Perhaps they want to make sure the gays are busy being "converted" and this would impede the process?

Anyhoo, I am crabby today. I was on the phone with RCN for almost two hours this morning. You wouldn't think switching phone companies would be so difficult but just when I thought they had gotten things right my phone is suddenly disconnected and it takes them all morning to figure out why. This wouldn;t be such a problem but I have lousy reception on my cell phone in my apartment. I feel very isolated....which is probably for the better because I am not in a friendly mood right now!

Anyhoo, go confess children. It will do you some good!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Nobody loves me anymore!

So I am sitting here in my underwear this Monday morning wondering what the hell I am going to do with myself for the next few days. I don't work and I don't have classes. In the good ol' days I would just go shopping but that's something I need to avoid like the plague. I have been doing very well managing my budget but in the past two weeks I broke my "one CD a month" rule and took out my credit card and went crazy. Let's just say that I bought enough cd's to cover me for the next year. I can't let this happen again. I think the problem is I realize I cannot pay off my credit card bill until I am done with school so there is no incentive not to buy more. I tell myself, what's $100 more? To remedy this situation I plan on consolidating all of my credit cards with one of those uber low interest lonas. Granted, I will still have a debt to pay off but I will save in interest charges and perhaps the idea of keeping my credit cards with a $0 balance will be enough motivation to keep me away from the stores.

You know, now that I am super bored I am noticing the most insignificant things. For example, I recently changed my interent and phone service (it was a hassle but I am saving $60 a month!) and with that I got a new email address. My inbox feels so empty now without Jasmine's enticing messages for me to eat her bloody asian virgin cunt, or Brad's friendly reminders of how I can add 5" to my manhood, or John's daily bulletins about the latest oil company I should invest my all of my money in. I feel so lonely now :(

Oh, and let's now even mention how horrible it is not to have my phone ringing every two seconds. No one wants to sell me anything anymore. No one wants me to even take a fucking consuimer survey. This is bullshit. I never though I would experience telemarketer withdrawl.

Well, I think it is time to get dressed. I am going to do some reading, watch some TV/DVD's, clean the house, and go to the gym/swimming, Hopefully those activities can keep me busy for most of the day.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Can I have a car instead?


I must admit though, Madonna looked fierce in that interview.

Not much going on here. I made it through finals week! I have never attended a school that was on a quarter/trimester system but i must say I love it! Everthing goes so fast i don't have a chance to get bored. Not to mention the week off I have for Thanksgiving is alot better than the two days off I was used to at UWM/UIC. It felt weird coming home today and realizing i could masturbate or watch tv (or both) all night and not feel guilty about it!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dannii Does It Better

If one Dannii Minogue album this year wasn't enough for you then get ready for this. Dannii Minogue's old record company has decided to cash in this holiday season with this compilation. At first glance one might think this is just a cheaper version of the UK Top 20 greatest hits album she released earlier this year, but it is much more special than that! On this compilation there will be a handful of Top 10 singles, previously unreleased remixes and most importantly 6 songs from the Dannii's unfinished 2004 album!!!!!!!!! In 2004 Dannii switched record companies. She was in the middle of recording a new album but due to contractual technicalities she was not able to use those songs for an album with her new record company.

And to make it even better, Dannii will also be releasing a cover of the Sister Sledge hit "He's The Greatest Dancer" in December. It's sure to be another smash hit!

Fuck Kylie and her stupid homecoming tour. This holiday season belongs to Dannii! And that's how it should be everyday of the year if you ask me.

In other news.......

Friday night I went with my Milwaukee Sister to the Harris Theater in Millenium Park to see JQ perform (along with the rest of his dance company). it was fierce. I had no idea how strong JQ was until I saw him lifting people up and throwing them over his shoulder. I actually was turned on by the whole thing. Grrr...he needs to throw me around in the bedroom ,lol. He definitely looked hot on stage. The funniest part of the night though was when my Sista M and I were talking about one of the other hot muscular blonde dancers when he says "Girl, I though I was watching a Marky Mark video". I swear we need our own reality tv show. Between each intermission we were giggling like highschool girls. Someone sitting behind us even said "I think you boys are having too much fun". She was only joking though.

Other than that my weekend was quiet. I had no money to go out but that is fine. I have final exams this week so I have to study!


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rock The Vote.....uh, oops!

I always vote every election year. I always encourage others to vote too, assuming they aren't indifferent about political issues. This year was different though. Election day seemed to come without warning and before I knew it I was at school all day and then I had one hour to get to work. Although I was not in my district I knew I could get a provisional ballot (or something like that), but then it occured to me I never re-registered when I moved last year. Oops. So after finally realizing there was no way I would be able to vote I used the hour I had between school and work to go grocery shopping. I feel like such an idiot! Oh well, I can at least find consolation in the fact I joined the Human Rights Campaign this year. This group was fundamental in keeping one of those "ban gay marriage" bills from being on the Illinois ballot.

Well, I will be better prepared for the presidential elections in 2008.

So tomorrow I am saying goodbye to SBC/AT&T. The motherfuckers decided to raise the price on my DSL service by a ridiculous amount. I will now be getting my phone, cable and internet from RCN. This is going to save me $60 a month! Woo hoo! As I mentioned in my last post I have not been enjoying my new poor student status so this is just what I needed. I also realized that in Spring I will be done paying off my car. That's another extra $200 I won't have to worry about. You know, I am just so goddamn resourceful and smart that I shouldn't worry about not having money. I can practically grow it on a tree if I have too! lol

yay me!

I think this deserves and extra CD this month, don't you?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Dulce Dolphin

Normally when I go to a concert I can't wait to blog or talk about it. Unfortunately I have to say I didn't have a good time last night at the Belanova concert at Green Dolphin. It was a free concert so perhaps I shouldn't complain, but I did lose 3 hours of my life at this event so fuck it.

To make a long story short, the venue was horrible. The sound system sucked. The audience was just a bunch of obnoxious drunk straight people (once again, why must couples come to these concerts just to make out and dry hump??????). The worst was this scary naco that looked like a Banda Recodo reject who was hopping around the whole time. Yuck. I also got the impression the majority of the crowd were not even fans of Belanova. This made it even worse. So when you add all of that on top of the fact I was already tired and crabby I can honestly say I didn't have a good time. I love Belanova and their "Dulce beat" album is probably one of my favorite albums in the past 5 years but I wish they had come under different circumstances....or to a different venue!

As for my lousy mood, well the was due to the fact I am officially not adjusting well to my new "poor student" status. When all of the student loan money was deposited in my account in September I was very happy. Now the first quarter is almost over with and I have nothing in my bank account. Where has the money gone? oh trust me, nothing fun that's for sure. My work checks should cover me for the rest of the month so I can eat but until I get paid I am living on my credit card. The new quarter begins in December so I will get the second part of my student loans, but nevertheless all of the extra things I was hoping to do this year are not going to happen. There is no way I can take any portuguese classes. There will be no vacations. There won't be anything fun really. It's frustrating because there is so much pressue for students (especially at the post-graduate level) to be these well rounded individuals that involve themselves in activities that don't necessarily pertain to their studies, but unless you have some rich parents who can foot the bill for everything it is damn near impossible to do this.

On a lighter and more positive note, I am looking forward to this Friday. I will be seeing JQ perform with his dance company at the Harris theater. I have seen him perform at Ravinia but this is a much larger production.