Friday, June 26, 2009

His heart was.......Bad!

So I was never the biggest Michael Jackson fan but I was still shocked to hear of his death from an apparent heart attack. However, with every tragic event in life I think we can find a bit of humor to help us cope. I just about fell off my chair laughing at this. I'm sure Farrah Fawcet is bitter about how quickly her death was forgotten!

So here we have my Top 5 favorite MJ songs that will forever 'rock my world'.

1. In The Closet - For years we had the media questioning MJ's sexuality (not if he was gay or straight but whether he was sexual period!) and then he came out with this song. Was it meant to be funny? Was he serious? Was he trying to tell us something? We will never know but in the video he never looked so butch grinding with Naomi Campbell.

2. Don't Stop Til You Get Enough - As hard as Justin Timberlake tries with his scary white boy falsetto he will never come close to the greatness of the original white boy falsetto that MJ made his trademark. The opening "whoooooooooah" of this song always gets me to dance, even in the women's underwear department at Wal-Mart.

3. Smooth Criminal - I love this song. As a child I always wondered who Annie was. As a perverted adult I simply get images of a poor 18 year old young lady who was just a victim of a bukkake session gone bad.

4. Blood On The Dancefloor - This wasn't one of his biggest hits and therefore I don't have anything remarkable to say about it except that I tend to LOOK first before I head to a dancefloor. I don't want to step in Suzy's dirty tampon.

5. Remember The Time - Michael does "New Jack Swing" and I loved it!

Monday, June 22, 2009


So I don't watch much TV except for a little "Family Guy" if I am at the gym late at night......and if I am at the gym a little earlier in the evening I am checking out UBER hottie/beefaroni, William Levy on "Cuidado Con El Angel".


Anyhoo getting back on topic, so despite my lack of interest in TV I have been fully aware about this huge transition from analog to digital TV and that people who were't prepared with either cable, satellite or a convertor box were going to be left with a fuzzy screen come June 12th. And guess which one of those categories apply to me?

If you said "fuzzy screen" you are correct! Despite all of warnings and announcements I am left with a completely useless television.....and I am perfectly OK with that! I only hang onto my tv so I can watch my porn DVD's or occasional horror flick. Otherwise it is an expensive dust collector in my apartment. I have not interest in paying for cable either. What for? If I need entertainment I prefer to either leave my house or do it on my own terms (like play a DVD). If I need news, weather or want to see a new music video, I go online. TV became such an non-essential part of my life that not even being left without a signal has prompted me to take any action. Good riddance I say :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

The 90's takes us back to.....the 80's?

The 90's novelty group, Aqua (remember "Barbie Girl"?) are back wit ha Greatest Hits album apparently (WTF? Weren't they a one hit wonder?). Anyhoo, they have a new song and i am not ashamed to admit that I remember every single 80's pop culture reference they make as if it were yesterday! Yes, I'm fucking old but I don't look a day over 12 so it's all good.

Also, since it's been a awhile since I raved about my new favorite musical ditties, I simply HAVE to expressed my LOVE for probably one of the GAYEST and CAMPEST pop albums of the the year......."Disco Defenders" by Alcazar. Seriously, after listening to this album I can safely say a Cher's greatest hits album makes me feel more butch! They are huge in Sweden and other parts of Europe but have never really had much success here in the US. They have always been so deliciously tacky but their songs almost always have the catchiest hooks so it's hard to hate on them for their bad dance moves, Aqua Net hair and bad clothes. Just check out the latest single and you'll see what I mean!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ahi Viene Iris Chacón!

Last night was Sidetrack's anniversary party. It was a private affair but considering I am practically an honorary Sidetrack employee it wasn't hard to get invited. I went with Israel, my ex-gym Sister and his new Boy Toy. There was an open bar that I took advantage of with little shame. I had as many glasses of champagne my two hands could hold the entire night. I am not used to drinking like that during the week but the hangover today was worth the fun. I always get a kick the following day looking at the pictures I took while I was drunk. While I remember the night I don't remember taking all of these pictures. Nor do I know whose sunglasses those are. I hope I returned them to the owner in one piece! The title of my post refers to the VERY random video of Puerto Rican vedette Iris Chacón that was played at the beginning of the evening. Sidetrack rarely caters to their Latino crowd except for the occasional beefcake homemade gay video for David Bisbal's "Oye El Boom". Perhaps they played it in honor of the upcoming Puerto Rican parade in Chicago? Speaking of which, I always miss that every year! Well, pictures describe the night probably better than words........

Monday, June 15, 2009

Thanks alot you bitch! (LOL J/K)

There are very few things, or people for that matter, that can make me cry. The last time I even got a little teary eyed was at the end of that movie "The Orphanage". Shit, I was gripping the couch trying not to cry like a little school girl, LOL. I think before that the only time I cried was during the the horror of watching Celine Dion do air guitar on Divas Live 2002/2003.

Well, in the past few weeks I've been in a shitty mood to be quite honest. I keep chugging along because there is just too much shit to do for me to stop and mope. Nevertheless I feel like I have been trapped in my own little world that very few people understand, or even take the time to try to understand and I am sick of explaining. If after all these years I still need to explain my degree, career goals, and current situation pending graduation then I fucking give up, I'll just tell people I'm a prostitute. It requires less explanation I suppose.

Anyhoo, there is someone out there who no matter how far away she might be (and let me tell you that homegirl goes all over the fucking place) knows just when to drop in and brighten my day. I would try to do the same for her but I think the only place I am guaranteed to find her is ironically on my blog. Anyhoo, she sent me the above video and I confess I cried like a bitch. Thanks alot! LOL

Well, it was a good sort of crying. The video is a very touching. And I did a double check in the mirror and my MAC cover-up is still intact so as long as my makeup ain't streaked I'm all good.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Open (Me) Cuba!

Open Cuba

I highly encourage anyone who thinks the travel embargo on Cuba is ridiculous and outdated political garbage from 50 years ago to visit the above link and sign the petition to OPEN CUBA for American turistas!

My life (and bedroom) have been an empty shell without the presence a HOT and AUTHENTIC Cuban lover. These American born Cubans just can't get the job done. I need me some fresh island meat. So even is you don't oppose the embargo, do it for the sake of spicing up my sex life!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Change of Plans

My "summer vacation" is over and I started my second to last clinical rotation this week. I am not too happy that it is in the ghetto, but I must admit it is one of my most unique rotations thus far. I am spending the next 6 weeks in an anticoagulation clinic. Patients requiring long-term treatment with blood thinners come for weekly visits and see a clinical pharmacist (or pharmacy intern such as myself) and have their medication doses adjusted based on a quick interview and blood test. This ensures the people either don't die from a stroke from being under medicated or bleed to death from being over medicated. I can't say this is something I would want to do for a living but it is a very good learning experience.

Speaking of which, I have decided to hold off on my job hunt for a little bit. I have also completely re-thought my plan for moving. I think I have been thinking too short-term. I have been seeing myself in Miami this winter and that's it. No exceptions. Perhaps geographically limiting myself is not what's best for my future career plans. I already know that I want to do post-graduate training and finding an institution that will offer a two year program so I can specialize in a desired area is probably more important in the long-term. Regardless of what programs I apply to for 2010 I will need to find a job...ANYWHERE...for 9 months. However, I am opening up my search for post-grad programs to the ENTIRE country. New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, LA, San Diego, Houston, etc. I have invested too much time and money in my education to settle for anything less than what will be the best for my future career plans.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Twice as Nice

So apparently I have a twin in Chicago. About 6 completely random strangers in the past few weeks have either asked if I was "just at a coffee shop on Halsted" or "out at Sidetrack on Tuesday" or "dropping off my shirts at the cleaners". In all of the examples mentioned, none of those sightings could have been me. I don't drink coffee on Halsted, I don't go out during the week and I haven't had any dry cleaning in years. What's even stranger is the look people give me. It's like they are confused or stunned and can't figure out why I look just like this other person but....I'm not! Based on these sightings I am sure this twin of mine is gay, in which case I hope to meet him and have sex. I always wondered how I am in bed and this would be the perfect opportunity to find out!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

An Essay on Gay Equality by Jonathan Bannon Maher

An Essay on Gay Equality by Jonathan Bannon Maher

Time For A Change

I think Obama's campaign slogan continues to be true...and not just in political matters. I remember in the early 2000's when popular music was flooded with horrible hip-hop/rap. Every song sounded the same and you couldn't get away from Ja-Rule or Ashanti making cameos in everyone's song. About 2-3 years ago I started to notice some of the more important players of this genre begin to explore new sounds and take risks that would have been unheard of just a few years earlier.

In the world of Latin pop I was horrified as I watched the reggaeton genre choke the life out of the music industry. While I confess to liking a few songs, as a whole I think the genre was so fucking obnoxious. It was like the Latin version of the trashy gangster rap that was polluting the Top 40 radio stations for so many years. But the key reggaeton artists have finally realized too that you can't keep recycling the same generic reggaeton beat. People get sick of the same shit. So this week I picked up some of the latest "reggaeton" releases because I was actually impressed at the direction these artists have gone. The urban beats are still there, although layered on top of them is a lot of pulsating dance and electro influences. Unfortunately the same old tired video cliches exist. The excessive jewelry, flashy cars and half naked women is about as original as Paris Hilton flashing her snatch for the paparrazzi. Nevertheless I've been having a Fiesta Urbana at home this week!

Daddy Yankee - Pose

Wisin Y Yandel - Me Estas Tentando

Don Omar - Virtual Diva

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Drag Me To.......Employment

It's so rare for me to actually have time to see a new movie in the theaters that I had to blog about this! "Drag Me To Hell" isn't as scary as the title might make you believe but actually borders more on camp/comedy. It's like a modern day "Evil Dead"!

Apart from the movie I had the opportunity to finally go out with Fernichael and my Milwaukee Sister this past weekend, none of whom I had seen since my birthday! Our night out resulted in a near death experience when a drunk driver crashed into the parked car I was in but fortunately I was so trashed when it happened that I can't say I am too distraught by what happened. I referred to these 2 weeks I had off as my "pseudo summer vacation" but the truth is I have had very little time to do anything fun. Last week I spent cleaning out closets and throwing out tons of SHIT! There was so much crap that had been moving with me from apartment to apartment over the past 7 years that it was time to get rid of it! If I haven't used it by now I never will. As for the stuff with some sort of value, I placed all of that crap on Ebay. I even sold my old iMac to a friend of mine who needed a computer ASAP after his was destroyed by a virus.

This week I spent time sending out my CV in the hopes of finding a job. I am still concentrating on Miami. I heard back from two recruiters but it still might be too soon to look. They also told me that the job markets are extremely saturated in the big cities. If I don't find a job in Miami I won't be moving....however the job market isn't much different in Chicago either. I don't know where I will be come October 1st but I do know that I will not be renewing my lease. I like to prepare for the worse possible scenario. I may simply move ANYWHERE in the US if that's what it takes to find a job or I have an offer to live in someone's basement for free in Andersonville should I still have no job in October. LOL. I guess I am somewhat comforted knowing this.

So naturally I am still in a crummy mood. My vacation has probably been the least fun filled vacation I have ever had, but I suppose that is simply a consequence of having to prioritizing and unfortunately going out and getting drunk isn't a priority right now. That makes my liver very sad :(