Monday, June 30, 2008

A Homegirl Called Wanda

Well, Pride weekend came and went. I had to laugh looking back at my last post. I guess I was in a really bitchy mood after being subjected to firecrackers and video games the night before. I can't stand either one but it was all part of a going away party for my Homegirl Wanda, so I felt compelled to be a good sport and not complain. However, the next time someone insists that I play some retarded video game on their Wii I will not be responsible for whatever violent reaction that may follow, LOL.

The actual day of the parade went well. I didn't watch the parade but as I walked down the street I did catch a glimpse of my friends who were on floats (My Gym Sister, Private Dancer, etc). Apparently some Queen fell off a float and got run over by the Red Bull people causing a 45 minute gap in the parade. I barely noticed because I was having a Sista M throw down at Sidetrash. One of my favorite bartenders kept treating me to free shots so I was getting nice and sloshy. There was also some major drama starting to brew so after Sidetrash I was smart enough to detach myself from the situation (cuz I heard later on things got ugly!) and spent the rest of the evening with other friends, including my Homegirl Wanda. The night ended at Roscoes which was rather appropriate since it was where I had met Wanda for the first time 6 years ago. I was new to Chicago and he quickly became my first real friend in my new city. I am sad to see him leave but at the same time very excited to see him start a new chapter in his life.

Here are just a few of the pics I took....and yes, most of them were taken under the influence of alcohol!

(we were trying to look hard core in that picture!)

I'll miss you Wanda!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

All Gayed Out

So "Gay Pride" weekend has taken over Chicago but I am just not feeling motivated to do any celebrating this year. That in itself is ironic since last year I was actually IN the parade and this year I am back living in Boystown. That's just it. I am all gayed out. It's Saturday night and I didn't even feel like dealing with all of the fucking lines and cover charges at the clubs tonight so I decided just to stay at home and blog. As for the parade tomorrow, the thought of having to fight my way through a crowd of 300,000 people just to get to a bar that is going to over charge crappy drinks and be filled to the capacity with drunk homos just doesn't seem like fun this year. Nevertheless I will go to the parade so I can see my friends and hopefully not be such a spoil sport once I get some alcohol flowing through my veins.

In other news, I recently met a very handsome and charming gentleman. I am sure he has some huge skeleton in the closet just waiting to burst out and come crashing down on me but for now I shall not speculate too much. He has gone to Europe for the next three weeks so hopefully we can resume where we left off when he returns. There is still much I would like to know about this mystery man.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Familiar Faces, Different Places

This past week has found me running into so many old faces. Years ago when I lived in Boystown for the first time, I belonged to a small neighborhood gym. I quit my membership when I left the neighborhood in 2004 and when I moved back to Boystown last fall I decided to join the new fancy gym that opened across the street. I knew it was only a matter of time before my tiny old gym could no longer compete and would be forced to close. Suddenlly there is an influx of new members at my fancy gym and surprisingly it's ALL of the same people I remembered seeing years ago! I don't mind it but I had several creepy stalkers back in the day so I am hoping they don't remember me!

I ran into another old face the other night from my home town, Milwaukee. It was my official first "gay friend" that helped me come out of the closet when I was 18. He was also one of the most self centered, dramatic, annoying and ghetto people I have ever met. Needless to say he was one of many friends that I have outgrown and eventually had to let go. There really are no bad feelings though after all of these years so I was actually happy to see him again. The funny part was that years ago he always prided himself on his "lean and toned" figured (aka he was super manorexic) but the years have left him with about 30 extra pounds in all the WRONG spots. I wonder what he brags about now?

And finally, as I was perusing the local porn shop I saw this.....

Besides being uber hot with a beautiful penis, I couldn't help but wonder where I have seen this guy before. It's very unlike me to forget about my favorite porno stars. It wasn't until after I watched the movie that I made the connection. About three years ago I downloaded a video featuring this guy.....

Believe it or not it's the same guy! He has a very signature voice and cum style and after carefully examining the cocks it became very clear this was the same guy. It's amazing what steroids, tattoos and a new haircut can do for a person.

Speaking of tattoos, I still have not gotten mine. I really wanted to plan this well and find a fierce design but I have not had any time and I know that a tattoo is not something you do without proper planning. So that project will be on hold for a bit.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pharmaceutical Hell

So as I recently posted, I have started my first pharmacy rotation at a neighborhood hospital. It is my third week now and the reality has finally set in. This is the rotation from hell. My preceptor basically says hi to me when he arrives and then pretty much leaves me to fend for myself the rest of the day. Seriously, I could wander the hospital going from unit to unit doing absolutely nothing and no one would notice or care. The other staff pharmacists have finally revealed to me that this happens with all of the pharmacy students. Gee, I wish I had known ahead of time. Don't ask me how the hell I am going to learn anything. After three weeks I still haven't the slightest idea what the pharmacists are doing. I think I have spent more time with the medical residents than anything else.

Well, I must make the best of the situation so I will look at the bright side.

1. If I am late no one will care or notice.
2. If I leave early no one will care or notice.
3. If I spend 5 hours surfing the web buying shit on ebay in the students' office no one will care or notice.
4. If I spend the whole day picking my nose and eating my boogers no one will care or notice.

I think I see a trend there, lol. Seriously though, I think I will take advantage of the unusual amount of "freedom" I have been given and roam the hospital looking for interesting things, like hot foreign medical residents to have sex with.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Eight it funny?

I recently saw this Absolut vodka that had me laughing to myself all day. Whoever though of this ad campaign must be a jaded size queen that has been a victim of "Internet Penis" one too many times. LMAO!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Big Fat Uncut Colombian Cock

Always brings a smile to my face, among other things.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sticky And Sweet

Sticky and sweet not only describes the current condition that my copy of Mario Lopez's new book is in (I have spent ALOT of quality time lusting over the photos) but it is also the name of Madonna's upcoming world tour!

When it comes to concert tickets, it is not uncommon for me to bypass traditional ticket retailers and use Ebay. I'm a princess and a princess needs good seats. Unfortunately the bulk of good seats for huge concerts held at the United Center are snatched up by ticket scalpers. Last year I got lucky and had a presale password for Jennifer Lopez. That was the first time I legitimately obtained amazing seats for a concert.

Earlier this week the unthinkable happpened. I logged into my Ticket Master account hoping to get good seats for Madonna. After refreshing the page a few times I was astonished to see Level 100 tickets fairly close to the stage available. I immediately purchased them, thankful that this time I would not have to sell my soul to Ebay to get good Madonna tickets. Now it will just be a matter of finding someone to go with!

In other news, I completed the first week at my hospital pharmacy internship. The schedule is intense. While I don't seem to have many assignments that need to be completed st home, the actual hours I spend at the hospital are long. Fortunately it is a 10 minute walk from my house. So after a long day I can quick come home and crash!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Chicago Sexbox And the City

Everyone I know is talking about that "Sex And The City" movie. I am clueless though. I have never watched a single episode and up until a few weeks ago I always thought the show was called "Sex In The City", LOL. I am sure it is a good show and I don't have to see an episode to see why it can appeal to gay men. Actually, I am surprised there hasn't been a gay spinoff yet to capitalize on this fact (Queer As Folk doesn't count). Anyhoo, I am not writing to point out how out of the loop I am when it comes to cable television or major theatrical releases. I am writing because my love life (or lack of one) always involves major train wrecks that would probably make great material for such films as "Sex And The City".

So there has been this very cute guy interested in me for several months now. I am a busy bitch though so I really didn't have much time to establish any sort of relationship. We went out a few times but mostly we have talked on the phone or met up for drinks in Boystown. Believe it or not, I never even had sex with the guy (GASP!). Despite his cute obesession with me and excessive charm, my male instinct was telling me there was something seriously wrong with this guy. Since he was the one doing all the work I figured there was no harm in enjoying all of the attention. This past weekend though I found out why I was getting such bad vibes from him.

He sent me a text message Saturday night asking me to meet him at a bar. He "really wanted to see me" and "give me a kiss". I was already at a different place down the street but I was in the mood to makeout with a hot guy so I left. Once I got there he was all over me like Oprah Winfrey at an Old Country Buffett. This was fine.....well, until he suddenly turned his back on me and began making out with his "friend". The two of them then wandered off to the dancefloor where they practically had sex.

The look on my face must have been priceless. I didn't care so much that he was with a boyfriend/fuck buddy/hook up. We weren't dating and besides, a girl's gotta eat! HOWEVER, I think it is unbelievably trashy, tacky and disrespectful to start making out with someone else when you are supposedly trying to impress another guy you potentially want to date and had invited to come out.

So I fucking left and stayed out until 6AM with friends. I deleted his number from my cell phone. He must have been extremely drunk when he did this (or he is extremely stupid) because he won't stop sending me text messages wanting to know why I won't return his phone calls.

I swear, if I ever meet a sane, responsible, drug free, handsome, employed, legal resident, educated and hygienic man I am calling "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" because I seriously think they don't exist!