Sunday, October 30, 2005

Same Shit Different Culo

Not much going on here. I didn't do anything for Halloween since I had to catch up on a bunch of physics homework. I WAS invited thought to a party at least, don't think I am that big of a loser, lol.

In honor of Halloween though I did watch the two Hellraiser movies I had purchased last week. They were actually quite good considering they are the 7th and 8th movies in the series and were released direct to video. I HIGHLY recommend the "Hellworld" one. It had a great surprise ending that even I didn;t expect, although it was a bit hard to believe. But I suppose a box that opes the gates to hell isn't exactly the most realistic plot anyways.....

So this post isn't a complete waste of time......i have found a HIGH QUALITY picture of one of the Chris Evans photos I had posted last week. Some of you complained that the pictures were too here you go! Now you can masturbate to Chris Evans like never before :) Grrr...he could sit on my face any day of the week!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My God, What Have We Done To You?

This past week has come and gone leaving me exhausted. I had off from work last week so I could prepare for the PCAT. Friday nght I was on the brink of tears because I felt as though I just couldn't do it. I was scoring horribly on the practice tests and I couldn't finish the questions during the specified time.

So I drove to my old university in Moo-Town on Saturday morning feeling a bit numb. I wasn't nervous. I never get nervous for any sort of test. I simply couldn't wait to get it over with. I must say, at every standardized test I have ever taken, there is always that one nerd who brings 500 sharpened pencils with him. I never understand that. I mean, is he really that careless with his writing instruments? Well, it did provide for some comic relief at least. The test last FIVE FUCKING hours. Ugh. Fortunately it wasn't as bad as those practice tests. I should get my results in about 5 weeks. I think I did "ok", but my PCAT score isn't the only thing that will be taken into consideration when I apply to schools next month. My GPA (which is a 3.6!), extra curricular activities, work experience, and what not will all be factored in, but a high PCAT school sure will help!
Now I just have to wrroy about writing my personal statement......

After I took the test, I visited my mother. Fun times. (that's sarcasm in case you didn't notice). Afterwards I hung out with my dear friend Michelle. She is definitely one of the fiercest girls I know. We went to Southridge (the premier mall in Moo-Town) and had some Cinnabons. I was shocked to see people I used to work with at Cinannbon 7 years ago still there! Yikes! I can't imagine still being in the same position for 7 years. Other than that I went on a mini-shopping spree while I was there and stocked up on horror DVD's. i shouldn't be spending anymore money because my one credit card is offcially out of control, but you know how it is. Once you reach a certain amount you think to yourself "well, what's a few more hundred dollars"? lol I am terrible. It's no wonder I have to get another degree, my lifestyle is expensive to maintain! lol

So I will let you guys know how these are:

Yes, they are still making Hellraiser movies! These two were released this year and are the 7th and 8th installments in the series. I must admit, I saw Hellraiser 6 and it was actually VERY good! It took a whole new twist on the Hellraiser story and was actually a well made movei and not the trashy sequel I was expecting.

In other news, I have a new favorite cd this week!

Omigod! i have not liked something by Depeche Mode since their 1990 "Violator" album. I have liked a song here and there over the years ("It's No Good" and "I Feel Loved" being my two favorite post-Violator tunes), but this album is definitely a return to the Depeche Mode I remember as a kid. I cannot stop playing the first single "Precious".

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Well, I will be taking a short hiatus from my blog and my life in general as I prepare for the PCAT this Saturday. For those who don't pay attention to me and are totally clueless to what's going on in my life (I understand, my Beefaroni posts can be distracting.....), after getting by BS in Clinical Laboratory Sciences in 2002, last year I decided I wanted to pursue a post-graduate degree in pharmacy (Doctor of Pharmacy degree). This weekend I must take the Pharmacy College Admissions Test in Moo-Town. I studied alot over the summer but since this semester started I haven't had much time to review the biology, chemistry, english, math, etc that will be covered on the test. So if I don't call anyone this week or answer my phone or respond to emails, you know why!

So I leave you with some mini-Beefaroni. Chris Evans was featured a few weeks ago, but I came across these new pictures and HAD to post them. If anyone knows where I can find larger versions of these let me know! Chris has been the cause of many wet dreams for me lately! lol

Monday, October 17, 2005

Arquitectura Efímera

Last night I not only had the opportunity to attend the Fangoria concert, but I actually was lucky enough to meet the legendary diva herself, Alaska. First off, the fact that Fangoria (pop-rock-electronic duo from Spain), was even here in Chicago was nothing short of a miracle. They have never released an album in the US and it was just this past year that they were able to finally return to Mexico to release their most recent album, "Arquitectura Efímera". I say return because Alaska and Nachu Canut, the two that make up Fangoria, came from the 80's group Alaska Y Dinarama (and before that "Alaksa Y Los Pegamoides"). I disocvered Fangoria's music back in 2001 when an ebay acquaintance from Spain had sent me a few singles. I immediately became hooked. So as you can imagine, yesterday was quite surreal, since I always thought I would have to travel to Madrid if I wanted to see them live.

Let me tell you though, this woman just exudes fiercenss. She did an autograph signing at Radio Arte in Pilsen (yes, my second trip to the ghetto in one month, i think hell has frozen over! lol) and even though there really was no time to make small talk I can say the woman just filled the room with energy. It was amazing. I must add she has quite the sense of humor too. i am sure if you check my Milwaukee Sister's blog, you will see the most interesting thing she signed on his DVD.

Here I am with Rob, Joe and Alaska.

As for the concert, the opening act was some singer, Sara Valenzuela. I was not to keen about seeing her, she seemed kind of like one of those boring lesbian types that strum a guitar for an hour whining about her vagina and the secret of life, but I was pleasantly surprised. She actually was quite fun and had some very Jamiraquai-esque songs. As for Fangoria though.....incredbile! The stage presence Alaska has is amazing. As usually, her partner in crime, Nacho, pretty much stayed in the background with the other musicians. There was a really cute guitar player I kept trying to take a picture of but my camera was acting up.

This was their last concert before heading back to Spain to begin work on their next album. "Arquitectura Efímera" was actually inspired by their 2002 visit to Chicago, and even Alaska said herself, the album started here and must end here. how cool :)

I hope they think of Chicago again for the next album!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Why is porn so expensive?

As I was looking at my schedule for the next month, I realized I have no idea when I will be able to go out, get drunk and have some casual sex again. So I decided to check out TLA Video to see if there were any new good porno DVDs. It has been awhile since I updated my porn collection, and like in all things in life I demand the best, so the porn I have downloaded from Limewire just won't do. I found two which feature some of my favorite stars.....

Would you believe these two alone cost $100????? Jesus christ. I wonder if there is some sort of government financial aid I can apply for to help subsidize my porn budget? Well, I must say at least TLA Video throws in a free movie with every purchase over $75. And they aren't crappy movies either! The last one I got was just as good as the movies I paid for. I will be sure to give you guys full reviews once I get a chance to watch these.

In other news, I have also spent a fortune this week on I finally decided to break down and order a bunch of freestyle cd's I have been wanting for years. But probably much to my Milwaukee Sister's dismay, the majority of the cd's I order were by boy singers, and not the trashy female singers with nasaly voices that have given freestlye its trademark sound. I must say though, I am pleasantly surprised with Coro's album from 1991. It's quite fierce. But I am eagerly awaiting the cd by Clear Touch . They were a no-hit wonder freestyle boy band from the mid-90's. Check out the cover of this album. it screams "homosexuals!"

Until just last month this album was extremely hard to find and would often go for at least $30 on ebay, but out of nowhere the record company decided to re-release it last month! Lucky me (and the other four fans of this group, lol)
I have come to a conclusion though, to be a fmeale freestlye singer you had to sing about "boys" and "love" ALOT, and you had to have big hair, a nasaly voice and maybe even some other facial flaw like a huge italian nose or a gapped teeth. But to be a guy freestlye singer, it seems it was necessary to look like a total flamer and have a awful falsettoy girly voice like Johnny-O! Ahhh...freestyle is just such a trashy genre, I love it!

Speakinf of which, don't you guys think this woman would make a good freestyle singer. her name is Alyson and she just reminds me of Knot's Landing/Donna Mills reject that has decided to resurrect her career with an independently released pop/dance album.

There is just something so wrong about that woman's

Well, this Sunday is the Fangoria concert! I can't wait! Toodles!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Fucking loser freaks!

I am all alone right now in the Pre-pharmacy Club office at school with no one to tell this

This freak just came to the office. He was probably in his mid-30's, short, ugly, and sweating profusely. He was a complete jack ass and rude too. He started asking me if joining the pre-pharmacy club is even worth the "bother" and if that will guarantee his admittance to Pharmacy school. I told him most schools look at the whole picture (grades, extracurricular activities, experience, etc), not just if you belonged to a club. Well, he didn't like that response. He then went on to interrogate me about what the Pr-Pharmacy Club is doing to change the fact that only 10% of students are accepted into the program. I said the only way to change that is to open a new school, which is obviously not within our means. The best the club can offer is an oportunity to meet professors and counselors from the college of pharmacy and steer you in the right path to better your chances of being accepted. Well, to make a long story short he continued his bitter ranting by saying how he keeps getting rejected and that he has two kids and can't come to the meetings and if pharmacists just count pills at Walgreens why do they need to go through all this crap to get accepted to a school and that he has a low GPA and blah blah blah blah blah.

Finally I just looked at him and said, "Well, if I was continually rejected from schools year after year, I think I would realize the problem lies with me and not the schools." He said he didn't like that response and I said "Well, it's the truth". He then stormed out of the office.

What a fucking freak. Why can't freak losers realize they are freak losers and just learn to deal with it?! Jesus fucking christ!

End of rant.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Halloween Ho Down

This past weekend my favorite Cunty Bitch threw a "Pre-Halloween" party at his home/abandoned convent (don't ask, lol). There were two floors of fierce Halloween decorations, music, homos, and alcohol. I unfortunately was not able to take advantage of the festivities to the fullest since i had to work the next morning, but I had fun nonetheless. I must say though I learned two valuable things that night.

1. Next time there is a part I will supply the music. The most current song played was probably by the Spice Girls until someone had the bright idea to put on "Gasolina" by Daddy Stankee. Barf.

2. My friend Juanita La Del Barrio is a lying whore. He used to always harrass me whenever I wanted to listen to a Blondie song or album. One time at my house he even had the nerve to hide my Blondie cd's! So it was to much my surprise when I checked his iPod at the party and found a slew of Blondie songs. I shall never let him live this one down, the lying bastard! He seems to like Blondie even more than I do. Hmmm.....he always says he hates Dannii Minogue (or as he spells it "Danni") so perhaps that means he is obsessed with her. Hmmmmm.....

Anyhoo, the rest of the weekend was spent working, doing homework and being lazy. I had a short day at school today so I spent sometime in the recreational center. I was very lucky to have a locker right next to a really hot guy. He wasn't real beefy, but he was very muscular and lean. He was covered in tattoo's and looked like an ex-con, which is normally a turn off, but it was kinda cute on him. He kinda reminded me of Justin Timberlake. I made some small talk with him so I could admire his yummy pecs and abs just a little bit longer.......

So this brings me to this week's Beefaroni, although I will even admit this guy isn't "beefy" enough to be Beefaroni, so perhaps I will just say he's "Tender Roni"? Or will Bobby Brown sue me for copyright infringement?lol

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!!! Grrrrrr! He makes crap music, is a complete wigger, and according to Briney has a small cock...but I don't care! I'd make him my sex slave any day of the week :)


That picture of him with all those fake tattoos is the best way to descirbe the hot guy at school today. Apparently Justin is going to be playing a "gangsta" in an upcoming movie. Um yeah, and I'm straight.....oh well, I guess that's the whole point of acting, lol.

As for this week, I am hoping I can get to Greektown with my Sista M and Rob to get the new album by the Greek Goddess, Anna Vissi. She is like the Greek Madonna and her new song, "Nylon" is fucking fierce. Check it out!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Pictures from the new place.

I was bored last night so I took two pictures of the north and east views of my apartment. I am not very good with cameras so the pictures aren't that great, but as you can see this sure beats having to look at a brick wall 24/7!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

"My mother is a fucking bitch!"

Isn't funny the things you come across when you move that you didn't even remember you had? While I was moving I found a journal/diary that I used to write in when I was 11. I was cracking up reading some of my entries. They were just so random and rather blunt! But I suppose that is what's so wonderful about being a kid. Kids say exactly what's on their mind without any concern of what others might think or say. I think most of us as adults lose this ability to be so completely blunt. For example:

"February 12th, 1991,
My mother is a fucking bitch. I hate her. Sadaam Huseein dumped oil in the ocean. Yesterday I got the new cassette by Pebbles, "Always".

Well, some of the entires were a bit longer with a little more detail, but they were funny nonetheless, although at times a bit disturbing. I often forget about the miserable childhood I had, which is probably a good thing since it means I have been able to move on. i can't stand adults who continually blame their bad decisions in life on what happened to them as a kid. I'm sorry, but once a person turns 18 they have the ability to take full control of their destiny. There are no excuses.

There were also some cool entries about my first year in highschool and about how I made friends with a really cool girl named Reni. Who would have thought 11 years later she would still be one of my closest friends.

I find it ironic though, that much what I wrote about my mother still holds true....kind of. I don't hate her or thinks she's a bitch, but I am quite indifferent to our relationship and I think I only stay in touch with her out of sympathy/pity. In fact, to say we have a relationship is a joke. We barely talk and when we do it's like two strangers making small talk on the train. The worst part I suppose is that I feel bad, not because of the realtionship, but simply because I don't care. I think the lack of emotion or complete indifference is probably worse than if I actually did say I hated her. At least hatred means you care. I feel nothing, to be quite honest.

Anyhoo, moving on to more important things......I am loving the new apartment and building! Hot damn my building is loaded with BEEFARONI! Grrr...I was jsut at the grocery store and just about came in my pants when this hot motherfucker that looked like a middle eastern Mario Lopez was checking out in front of me. I am afraid I am going to turn into a Presidential Towers whore! oooh, I just saw my neighbor today too. Muscular, tall, and blonde. Yummy.

I think I need to have a moment with one of my favorite Kristen Bjorn films now.........

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Startin' Over

Well, it's anyone's guess as to when her vocal majesty (aka Dance Diva Goddess, Pope of Pop, RnB Messiah, Fashion Icon High Priestess, etc) La Toya Jackson will unleash upon the world her long overdue epic musical project, "Startin' Over", but in the meantime I am startin' over with or with out the help of the most talented and dynamic member of the Jackson family.

I am officially moved into my new apartment and I am looking at this as the start of a new chapter in the life of Chicago's most notorious Sex_Box. I think everyone has to start over or reinvent themselves (as Madonna would phrase it) every now and then. I think I am long overdue for a reinvention. I think the last time I went through such a process was when I moved to Chicago a little over three years ago. Moving this weekend has enabled me to reevaluate my life. It has given me the opportunity also to leave behind some very negative forces in my life that were hindering my spiritual growth and development. Maybe it sounds strange that moving can have such a profound affect on a person's psyche, but it is the only way I can describe it.

So my new apartment not only serves as a place to reside and store my belongings, but it shall also be the fortress from which I plan on facing all of the demons, regrets and negativity that has been plaguing me for quite some time. I used to believe it wasn't healthy to regret unwise past decisions and actions, but I have learned that with regret comes the determintation to avoid making the same mistake again. I know I am babbling today but I haven't slept much the past few days....ugh....

As soon as I get my apartment completely unpacked I think I will post some pictures. I went on a shopping spree at IKEA with my Milwaukee Sister so my apartment looks like an IKEA advertisement! The IKEA exerience though was a blast (as is any experience with my Sista M!) As we crashed into stuff with the 3 carts between the two us, laughed like a bunch of big girls, and made even a bigger spectacle in the parking lot trying to tie a couch to the roof of the SUV, we got many strange looks from people passing by. But the best part of IKEA was the cute check out boy in the 15 items or less aisle. Grrrr......both of us agree he was a hottie! Naturally, I made sure i asked the cute IKEA boy for directions when I decided I still needed even more stuff at Best Buy.

Other than that, the move went well. The professional movers I hired broke a few of my cd-racks, but that just gave me an excuse to buy new ones at IKEA. I must admit though, they were FAST! They moved all of my shit in less than 3 hours. I think the next time I move (which hopefully won't be for awhile!) I will definitely get professional movers again.