Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy New Years Biatches!

Well, I will be shaking my ass with lots of class this Saturday at Hydrate with Jorgillo. World famous DJ Ralphi Rosario will be providing the entertainment. He's no Tony Moran but he should still be able to provide some fierce dancefloor stompers. I will be sure to post any slutty or drunken stories here cuz I have no shame!

2005 was a year filled with lots of ups and downs, but I suppose every year is like that. Here is a brief summary of what I consider to be the pivotal moments of the year for me.

1. My HIV Scare. An accident at work this past spring (I work in a hospital lab) may have potentially exposed me to HIV and any other bloodborne pathogen. Within hours of this exposure I was given by the ER nurse my first dose a very powerful HIV medication. Studies show that immmediate administration of HIV meds can possibly prevent transmission of the virus after a significant exposure. So, for an entire month I had to take these medications. The side effects were awful. Every single day I was sick to my stomach or I was so fatigued I could barely get out of bed. I stopped going to the gym and missed alot of school. I salute all of the HIV postitve indivuals in the world who are fortunate enought to have access to these drugs because I don't know how they can handle the harsh side effects on a daily basis. I didn't tell too many friends about what was going on because I didn't want anyone to worry. Also, post exposure therapy isn't a 100% guaranteed, so in the worst case scenario I wasn't sure if I would want people to know what had happened. Well, after 6 months my follow up testing showed that I was still HIV negative. This whole ordeal really opened up my eyes and showed me that even with the fancy medications available, they are not the solution to this horrible epidemic that many people believe them to be.

2. Puerto Rico!!!!!!!! I know some people who think this beautiful island is nothing more than a welfare refuge, but I can say from first hand experience this is so far from the truth. My trip to Puerto Rico is what actually what inspired this blog. I guess you could say this was my trip to the "mother land" hahaha, but I definitely look back at this vaction as a spiritual and emotional journey. I know it sounds so cliche but I did alot of soul searching while I was down there. Of course I checked out the hot guys, shopped and sunbathed in my pink speedo, but even during my the most frivolous activities, there were so many things going through my mind. Although I don't think I would ever travel alone again, I don't think my trip to Puerto Rico would have been the same with a companion. It was something I needed to do by myself.

3. Et tu, Brute? Betrayal. Deceit. Lies. Trust no one. It is very seldom that that I open myself up to someone allowing them to know all of my desires, demons weaknesses, strengths, fears, etc. I believe doing such a thing leaves one in a very vulnerable postion. Unfortunately my vulnerability turned into someone else's game, leaving me quite bitter and disgusted, but, not incapable of moving on.


Yes, how cliche.

1. Watch those "Queer As Folk" DVD's I bought two years ago. I am probably the only homo who is still wondering what happened after Justin got gay bashed at prom.

2. Stop being such an over achiever. Back in November I was freakign out because I thought I was going to get a C in one of my classes. Well, I got all A's and B's (3.5 GPA) and I also kicked ass on my PCAT exam ranking in the 95th percentile. My friend Reni scolded me for worrying so much so I think I shall take her advice this semester and not be so hard on myself.

3. When I have a problem with something someone does or says I need to address the issue immediately. I have watched this happen to others and I have experienced it myself. The failure to address a problem with someone often results in a snowball effect. Before you know it the tiny "problem" gets out of control and things get messy. There will be none of that in 2006 for me. I will not be afraid to speak my mind goddamnit!

Time goes by so slowly......

The radio stations here in Chicago are just horrendous. Normally this isn't a problem because I own an iPod, but at work it's a different story. I used to listen to the spanish pop station Viva until it was changed to an all "reg-gay-tone" format. Barf. Who wants to hear Daddy Stankee going on about his "Gasolina" for 8 hours???? Not me. So,recently my coworker discovered The Mix. It is far from being perfect, but it's nice being able to get through 8 hours at work without having to hear "Laffy Taffy" or Mariah Scarey's "Don't Forget About Us aka We Belong Together Part 2". This station really seems obsessed with Madonna's "Hung Up" though. I think they play it 5 times nightly! Yikes!

But speaking of work, things have been slow this week, hence the title of today's post (and here you thought I was just being an obsessed Mad-doo-doo Queen! As if!). Thus, I have nothing better to do than read blogs. I have discovered a whole bunch of bloggers from the Chicago area that I have been checking out. It's so much fun (yes, things are that bad at work right now!lol). I am still without a computer at home, but I just HAD to post this mini-Beefaroni picture of Ricky Martin and his "friend". Some people say it's his trainer, others say it's his half-brother. As Ricky would say, "I don't care!". I just want to be the meat in that sandwich! Ricky is looking uber hot and so is the other guy. These pictures have been all over the internet so if you have seen this already, please forgive me and let me enjoy my new masturbation material.

It's a shame Ricky's latest album has flopped. I think it's a million times better than his first english album. Sure, some of those songs were cute and catchy, but they were also just vomit inducing at times. Remember "She's All I Ever Had"????? Ewww. Even the dance remix couldn't save that one.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ebay is fierce.

It really is true when they say one man's garbage is another man's treasure. I am an ebay junkie, unfortunately I tend to buy more than I sell. Clothes, music, DVD's, magazines, books.........I have bought it all! Well, I am especially pleased with ebay today because I just sold a cd-single I had bought a few years ago for $5. Someone paid $147 for it! Holy shit! Ebay truly is fierce. I am going to have to put more items up for sale now :)

I don't have much to report right now. I haven't done much. I am looking forward to this New Years Eve as I have made plans with Jorgillo. I have an uber gay oyutfit already picked out. I would post a picture, but I am without a computer this week. My DVD drive broke so the Apple store is repairing it. I have computer access at work but I obviously I have to be careful as to what I post! I will hopefully have some Beefaroni and scandoulous stories to share next time.

Happy New Years!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

America's Next Top Model....Fierce!

Wow, where have I been? I rarely watch TV anymore (just like Madonna I don't want no social disease'! lol), but lately at the gym I have been catching bits and pieces of America's Next Top Model on VH1. It really is addicting. I find myself using all of the equipment by the TV now just so I can watch more. I don't really keep track of the girls' names, and I know VH1 is playing all old shit, but it is fun. I even catch alot of the real butch guys at the gym checking it out more than ESPN! The judges are so bitchy and mean to those girls. I love the fact Tyra Banks has brought the word "fierce" to the mainstream and most importantly I have the biggest crush on Jay Manuel!!!!!!!!! oh no!

I know he looks like a plastic Nsync doll but I don't care! He could sit on my face any day of the week! Yum!!!!!!!!

Also, speaking of the word "fierce", which by the way is one of my most favorite adjectives in the English language, it truly is breaking into the mainstream. Might I even dare predict that in the near future it could be considered butch to use the word "fierce"? Look at this:

Now, how fierce is that?

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Top 5 Albums of 2005

These are the Top 5 Albums of 2005 according to yours truly. Being the cold hearted Scrooge that I am, I wanted to hold off on any positive threads until after Christmas, but I have had enough negativity this week to last me through the next millenium. So I say let's rejoice with some fierce music!

Belanova - "Dulce Beat": Well, anyone who knows me knows that this album has been my most played album of the year. I have already dedicated posts to this masterpiece so I won't repeat myself, but I must say that I have not been this in love with an album since Dannii Minogue's "Neon Nights". The album is perfect in every possible way and I hope it gets the worldwide release it deserves.Favorite Track: Niño

Shakira - "Fijación Oral Vol. 1" This album simply broke all rules and boundaries, musically and commerically. It was the highest selling first week spanish language album ever in the US. It was number #1 even in non-spanish speaking countries like Germany. Shakira proved that good music has no language. The album is a musical journey in which the listner never tires or gets bored. This is definitely the best album of her career. Now what went wrong with Vol. 2 is beyond me......Favorite Track: En Tus Pupilas

Madonna - "Confessions On A Dancefloor" The few negative reivews of this album (from the media and my real life!) have criticized Madonna as a person more than anything else. Is Madonna an evil, coniving, fake, untalented, unoriginal, pop anti-christ? I don't know and personally I could fucking care less. I don't buy an album with the hopes the artist is going to be my best friend nor do I listen it on my iPod while worrying about what the particular artist does in his/her spare time. Having said that, this was a great return to form for Madonna. I honestly don't think even her 80's albums were quite this fun! Unapologetic pop music is what she intended to make and she suceeded. This has become a vital workout companion for me at the gym.Favorite Track: Get Together

Morbo - "Electroguitarpop" I haven't been very vocal about this album. I got it this past summer and at first I wasn't too crazy about it. Little by little though, I found myself listening to it in the car, while studying, or late at night before going to bed. The title of the album is deceiving. There is more "guitar" and alot less "electro", which along with the ominous lyrics/lead vocals, create a very bleak and morose atmosphere. It's definitely not a party album, but satisfying nonetheless, especially for those cold, lonely nights in your apartment.Favorite Track: Piérdete Otra Vez

Angel City - "Love Me Right": This UK dance act had one of the most anticipated dance/pop albums of the year after a string of successful singles in 2004/2005. This album is just so goddamn catchy and filled with bouncy hooks you can't help but shake your groove thing!Favorite Track: Do You Know?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


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Thanks And Have A Great Day

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bahumbug, Bitch!

I am sure there are bloggers all over the world that hate Christmas as much as I do, so here I am writing my obligatory "i hate shitmas" post to add to the rest. I can not tell you how nauseating it is to have to endure fucking Christmas music on the radio. Everyday I come into work and I hear 20 different versions of the same old Christmas standards. Barf. I am so happy when everyone leaves and I can change the radio to a nice death metal radio station (or something equally bitter!) The only good thing about Shitmas is the egg nog. Everything else can fucking fuck off. Fuck presents, fuck shitmas trees, fuck singing carols, fuck Santa Claus, fuck all of those motherfucking Shitmas shoppers that get in my fucking way at the stores and fuck all of that 'Jesus's birthday' shit. I think Jesus and the virgin Mary is just a bullshit fairytale. Let's clebrate Cinderella's birthday while we're at it.

Of course, as with most Scrooges, alot of my hate for the season stems from my childhood (surprise surpise!). Christmas as a child was always the one time of the year the majority of my mother's family acknowledged we existed. You see, my mother was from a middle class white/german family. She was the blacksheep of the family that left home at young age, moved to the ghetto and got knocked up by some Pretto-Rican hoodlum. Naturally, being the half-breed welfare bastard child, I was always treated "differently". My mother actually stopped participating in any family holidays when I was 6 and I found myself not only having to endure being treated like a dirty second class citizen but I had to explain why my psycho mother dropped me off at my grandma's house while she went back home by herself. As a child I guess I thought every little kid experienced this, but looking back I realize that having to sit at a different table, having my appearance constantly monitored (apparently bastard half breed children on welfare aren't capable of EVER being clean, no matter how many times they are forced to wash their hands) was not normal. It was fucking bullshit. It made me especially sick watching my cousin (whose parents were well to do) show up to these gatherings dressed like a complete slob and be treated like royalty.

I am so glad now almost all of my family is dead or I lost contact with them years ago. They made me sick. I have barely kept in touch either with my father's side of the family. This past year was contemplating going to New York City to meet a few long lost cousins but at the last minute I decided against it. I think family should be the people you surround yourself with in your daily life. They shouldn't have to be someone you barely simply because you have the same grandparents, parents, brother, etc.

So, to continue with the negativity and bitterness of this post, I bring to you the Top 5 WORST Albums of 2005.
Thalia - "El Sexto Sentido": Hmmmmmm...more like "El Sexto Fracaso". I used to adore Thalia. I even did a presentation on her in spanish class years ago, but she continues to disappoint me. As if that english album a few years ago wasn't a complete joke, she returns with this shit. Boring ballads that Celine Dion wouldn't even touch, crappy dance songs that sound older than Tommy, and generic pseudo-rock filler. Maybe she needs to stick to her K-Mart clothing line.

Robbie Williams - "Intensive Care": How approriately titled. Robbie should have put this album in the intensive care unit and left it there to die. The lead single was very good, but the rest of the album is just a bland rehashing of everything he has done before. Oh, and his continued "am i gay or straight" innuendo you often find in his lyrics is just old and tired now. Look, just fucking come out of the closet already or shut the fuck up. Next!

Tiffany - "Dust Off And Dance" Oh dear. Tiffany dusts off her baloney nipples and brings out her disco ball. The only problem is the songs and production are so dated, material from Ace of Base's debut album sounds more cutting edge than this shit.

Annie - "Anniemal" Annie's music is so cheesy, even Radio Disney had to pass. Annie can take her 'chewing gum' and shove it up her crab infested coochie, and then she can reimburse me the $22 I spent on the fucking import of this album.

Jennifer Lopez - "Rebirth": She should have called this "Stillbirth" because it flopped so badly! There isn't anything as vomit inducing as "Dear Ben" on this album, but using Usher's hand-me-downs from the year before and attempting to capitalize on a look Kylie minogue had done 100 times better already all the while "singing" over some boring hip-hop wannabe tracks made this album truly horrendous.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Shakin' My Ass in 2005

These are the Top 5 Dance Songs of 2005 according to yours truly. These are the dancefloor anthems that had me shaking my ass with lots of class all year long....
Mariah Carey - "It's Like That (David Morales Club Mix)": Mimi came back in a BIG way this year. The poor thing had a hard time finding clothes to contain all of that talent, lol, but seriously this was the first Mariah remix in years to really catch my attention. She was finally back with the legendary David Morales and even redid the vocals! Way to go Mariah!

Shapeshifters - "Back To Basics (Main Vocal Mix)": This was the follow up to last years UK #1 hit "Lola's Theme" and didn't stray too far from that winning formula. Updated disco/house beats with some soaring strings and smooth diva vocals made this song pure dancefloor bliss.

Suzanne Palmer - Home/Luv 2 Luv (Offer Nissim and David Morales remixes): Chicago's very own dancefloor diva paid tribute to her home town with this double A side single. It was nothing short of a miracle to see her follow up these two fierce tracks with her long awaited full length album. I cannot tell you how many Friday nights during the summer I grinded with hot, sweaty, half naked men at Hydrate to this song. I still get moist thinking about it.

Pussycat Dolls - "Don't Cha (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix)": Yes, this song was played to death and the most ironic part of them singing "don't cha wish your girl was hot like me" was the fact they are all butt ugly. Regardless, this was THE jam of the year. So much attitude and dancefloor drama will get even the most bitter queen dancing around with his hands in the air! I personally think this remix was even better than the original version.

Stonebridge f/Therese - "Put 'Em High": This song was originally released in 2004 in the UK, but finally got a North American release this past spring. If this song doesn't get you moving then I am afraid you should start looking into retirement homes. The lyrics especially make me giggle, "baby I don't care where you been before, just put 'em high". Ummm, is that a polite way to tell your partner "look, I know you are a big slut but that's ok, just throw them legs in the air!". Who said dance music can't have profound lyrics?

If you haven't heard these songs/remixes I highly suggest you check them out, especially if you are one of those people who know nothing about dance music.

Wow, all this talk about the fiercest dance tunes of 2005 has got me all hot and bothered..........some BEEFARONI should take care of that! I mentioned Hydrate before for a reason. This past summer during one of my slutty moments, I was in the bathroom and next to me was this motherfucker that looked just like LL Cool J and he had a 9 inch penis to match (and that was when it was just soft! good lord!). Anyhoo, I was too drunk to be articulate enough to invite him to spend the night but I suppose these photos can help ease the pain.

Grrrrrrr! I remember in the 80's when LL was just kinda cute, but then in the 90's he got all those muscles. Does anyone remember the "I'm Bad" video in which he is wearing those gym pants and you can see his big ol' dick flopping back and forth? Grrr...I do. Yummy! Apparently there is a rumor LL is into trannies. Hell, if this is true I will throw on a wig and makeup so he can pound my mangina!
And to show that I can still apreciate his music too, here is my LL Cool J Top 5 favorite songs.

1. Pink Cookies
2. Big Ole Butt (such a campy video, a BOX classic!)
3. 6 Minutes Of Pleasure
4. Doin' It
5. Around The Way Girl

Friday, December 16, 2005

I thought I Would Cher This With You

Oooh, I was on a pop music forum and someone started this game. Pick an artist and then answer the following questions using only song titles by this artist. It's cheesy, I know......

1. Choose a band/artist:

2. Are you male or female:
Dark Man (ok, i cheated a little here....)

3. Describe yourself:
Half Breed

4. How do some people feel about you:
Gypsys Tramps and Thieves

5. How do you feel about yourself:
Strong Enough

6. Describe your ex boyfriend / girlfriend:
I Wouldn't Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me)

7. Describe current boyfriend / girlfriend:
We All Sleep Alone :(

8. Describe where you want to be:
Take Me Home

9. Describe how you live:
Hell On Wheels

10. Describe how you love:
Body To Body, Heart To Heart

11. What would you ask for if you had just one wish:
All Or Nothing

12. Share a few words of Wisdom:
It's A Man's Man's Man's World

13. Now say goodbye:
um, I'll get back to on this one, it takes Cher a couple years to say goodbye.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tips For Online Dating and Sex

1. Have a picture. If you don't have a picture or you are very ugly, don't worry. Use an older picture from 10 years ago, or better yet, use someone else's picture. Just don't pick a celebrity's photo since that might get you a lawsuit.

2. Know your sexual preferences. You can say you are a top or bottom, but never ever ever say you are versatile! Although it may be true, it simply makes you look like an indesicive retard. Remember, you can always change your mind later to accomodate a hot top/bottom guy you may chat with.

3. Measure your cock. Take a ruler and start from your asshole and then measure to the tip of your penis. Take that number and add another 1.5 inches. That will be your official Online Penis Size. Remember, false penis sizes are all the latest rage, you know, kinda like iPods. Size Queens beware though, that guy who said he is 9 inches is really 5 :)

4. Everyone is 500 times uglier in person. So be a picky bitch! Find that guy that looks like Brad Pitt and don't settle for anything else! Because when you meet him in real life he will probably look more like Elton John.

5. Keep these online terms and their real life equivalents in mind at all times
- online they say "average build" but in real life it means, "I'm a fucking fat ass that makes Mariah Caery look anorexic".
- online they say "cute jock", but in real life it means, "I used to be a cute jock 20 years ago in high school."
- online they say "I give great massages", but in real life it means, "I'm a prostitute that is too lazy to walk the streets like all the other hard working whores so I take the easy route and solicit sex online"

5. Don't worry what PNP stands for. The people who put that in there profile are too drugged up and riddled with STD's to probably tell you what it means either.

6. BB = bareback = a nice way for a person to say they are HIV positive already and thus could care less about using condoms.

7. "I can only host." This is a nice way for someone to tell you they either can't afford a car or are too lazy to take public transportation. Be very weary if these types also claim to be "muscular/athletic". How athletic can they possibly be sitting at home like a fat ass all the time surfing the internet?

8. When you finally are at their house....... and they tell you to not get cum on the covers since the police will be able to detect the DNA, in case something would happen to you, well that generally means you are in danger and they plan on eating more than just your ass. Get the hell out of there!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Them chickens is ash and I'm lotion.

I hate how dried out my skin gets during winter. My arms are all falky and scaly and my legs are uber ashy. I am constantly applying lotion or baby oil but nothing is helping! :(

Anyhoo, I probably didn't help my hydration issues by getting drunk three nights in a row! Friday night I went with Michael and Fernando to Roscoes. It was fun, but the best part of the night was getting pizza at Pie Hole, Boystown's best pizza place! Their prices are a little outrageous but the thin crust pepperoni pizza is fierce. (Yes, pizza can be 'fierce').

Saturday I hung out with M and F again. We went to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg. We ate at Red Robin and checked out all of the stores. I had to educate Michael and Fernando though that going to Sears and/or JC Penny were out of the question since those are "welfare stores" and classy homos like us should not be caught dead in there. It took us two hours to get home because of a snowstorm. Later on that night we went out again to Roscoes but with Milwaukee Sister and Rob. Needless to say we got trashed. At the beginning of the night I was being a big snob and refused to drink from the pitcher Joe had bought, but by the end of the night I had stolen the entire pitcher and was refusing to share! Now that is the sign of a true alcoholic. Thank god there was no rubbing alcohol or windhshield wiper fluid around. I was getting desperate! We ended the night ata trashy 24-hr mexican restaurant. I don't recall what I ate but I had the Hershey Squirts the next day.

Sunday night I went to Cabaret and Wet (two bars downtown that have a gay night on Sundays) with Jorgillo. Omigod! I think I found my new favorite hot spot! Tons of hot guys and the music was uber fierce. Too bad the place was also uber expensive. Two drinks were like $20! Whatever, next time I am getting trashed ahead of time. There was a cute bartender too that gave me his number but nothing really came about with that and he was quickly downgraded to "weirdo" status.

In other looks like Argentinian actress/model/singer Gizelle D'Cole is going to make an attempt at a solo music career again! I fell in love with this woman's 1999 debut album. It was fucking fierce! Unfortunately it flopped. Last year she teamed up with that skanky Pilar Montenegro and made a Reg-GAY-ton album. It was actually quite decent. my Milwaukee Sister told me he heard she has some new material coming out. I checked her website and it hasn't been updated recently but there is a video of Gizelle singing "Rapture" (the Blondie song) with Paris Hilton! What the fuck?????? When did this come out? If anyone knows about this let me know!

peace in yo' middle crease!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Hi Midge!

I will post about my first weekend out in months later, but for now I just wanted to share this with everyone. It's hilarious!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Emasculation of Pipi

Why has it been Mariah's "comeback" year? I don;t get it. This new album is really no different from all of the ghetto crap she's been shitting out the past few years anyways. (well, I still think "Glitter" was deliciously campy at least).

Lord knows she's still a crazy bitch!I will NEVER forget her infamous appearance on TRL passing out ice cream and having a nervous breakdown on national televison. Now that's entertainment. Perhaps she's loved so dearly since she is such a nut case?

Oh well,as for Mariah Scarey's current success, I guess some things are best left unknown.........

Thursday, December 08, 2005

So now what?

I have taken my final exams and I have the next 4 weeks to do whatever I want. The question is, what do I want to do? Winter/Summer breaks from school usually mean it's 'slut time'. I finally get to relieve all of the built up stress and go on a fucking spree. My name isn't Chicago Sexbox fo nothing. Unfortunately for the first time in my gay adult life I feel that I have run out of man resources. I am too lazy to go to bars, going online has proven to be a waste of time, and I just have no desire anymore to go to a gay sauna. So I have some very wholesome activities planned for the next few weeks.

1. Getting drunk. Ok, so maybe this can't be considered a "wholesome" activity, but it sure is fun :) I am craving a few shots of Goldschlager. Not too many though. Everytime I have more than three I wake up in a puddle of my own vomit the next day.......or even worse......have sex with a troll, ewwwwwwwwww.....

2. Read! Believe it or not, I actually enjoy reading. However, with school and work I find it impossible to sit down and enjoy a nice book. Last year I read The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (a very evil and almost disturbing novel!) and Los Cien Golpes by Melissa P (the diary of this uber slutty teenage girl, I felt virginal after reading that one!). I have already begun reading Como Agua Para Chocolate.....

I have never seen the movie so I think I might enjoy this. Any suggestions for a second book???????

3. DVD's!!!!!!!. I buy too many DVD's. Most of the time I have no idea when I will be able to watch them. These are the ones I want to finish watching before January......

I think "Tales From The Crypt" was the best horro anthology series to ever be broadcast on TV!

"Rosalinda" wasn't my favorite Thalia telenovela (that would be "Maria La Del Barrio"), but this is the only one available on DVD. I have all of the episodes on VHS somewhere but I suppose it's easier to watch a condensed DVD version that 100 VHS tapes. Did anyone else have a crush on the guy who played her brother? yum. I will have to post some screen caps one day....

4. Drink lots of Egg Nog. I hate everything about the Shitmas season except for Egg Nog!!!!!! it's is possibly the fiercest dairy beverage ever invented!

I wonder how Goldschlager and Egg Nog would go together???????

Sunday, December 04, 2005

"Eddie" is such a sexy name.

Don't you agree? Guys named Eddie are always so hot :)
Now I am not being a narcissistic bitch, but I am referring to my Beefaroni pick of the Eddie Cibrian!!!!! Grrrrrr!

I remember seeing him on the CBS daytime soap opera "The Young And The Restless" in the early 90's. He played this frat boy named "Matt" that ending up becoming a rapist (he can rape me any day of the week!) I always fondly recall one episode in which he was at a pool party wearing a hot little speedo. Yum. I think with Eddie, it is definitely his dimples that make me melt. I love dimples!

Eddie even was part of a boy band in Canada, "3 Deep". The other two guys were also soap actors. I think I need to track this down and add it to my "cute boy" cd collection!

Well, I must return to my studying. I have three final exams to take tomorrow.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Random Childhood Memories.

Do you ever have those dreams that it's the first day of highschool again and you realize you missed the bus or forgot your books, or showed up to school wearing nothing but a cock ring?

Well, I had one of those dreams last night. In fact I had several dreams related to events in my childhood, which got me thinking about some of the odd and funny things I did or said as a kid.

- When I was 6 i was obsessed with Madonna and Cyndi Lauper (or as I called since I was missing a couple teeth, "Thyndi Lobster"). I distinctly recall drawing a picture of the two holding hands. it was complete with Cyndi's bright orange hair and Madonna's crucifix and "boy toy" belt. The most strinking thing though was the fact i drew both singers with transparent tops and drew their boobs and nipples!!!!! lol I wish i could remember the look on my mom's face when i showed her that picture. perhpas that's why she never suspected i was gay.

-I used to lock myself in my grandma's bathroom and paint my face with her Cranberry colored lipstick. Never once did I put it on my lips, but I thought I looked absolutely fabulous with a Rudolph Raindeer nose and a matching red forehead!

-Also in my grandmother's bathroom, was when I discovered what a fart looked like. I had always wondered if they looked like big brown bubbles coming out of your ass so one day I stood on the counter, turned around and watched myself fart in the mirror. To my dismay it turned out farts were invisible :(

-When my first pet hamster, Julie, died i pulled her body from the garbage and wandered around the block with crying and screaming that my baby had died. Trust me, the neighbors didn't know what to think about that one!

-I lived in an apartment building that didn't allow pets, but when i was in 2nd grade my mom got a cat anyways. Our nosey bitchy neighbor, Audrey tattled on us though and my mom had to get rid of the cat. Well, even at 7 years i was a master of revenge. A few weeks later after having my pussy taken away from me, I turned on the crocodile tears and told my mom Audrey had yelled at me and said i couldn't play outside in front of her window, my mom took me over to her apartment and bitched her out. I continued to cry even harder as Audrey swore up and down she hadn't told me that. I thne accused her of being the one who took away my pussy.

I guess being mean to old people has always been a hobby of mine :)