Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Well, after much searching this past weekend, I have found a new home.

I found a beautiful one bedroom apartment on the 29th floor of Tower 1 at the Presidential Towers. These four high rise buildings are located in the west "Loop" (downtown Chicago), right in between the Sears Tower and Greek Town. I am sooo excited!

I LOVE Chicago's downtown, and after I graduated I planned on maybe buying or renting a condo downtown, but I never really thought I would move there before then. I will miss my old neighborhood, but the location of my new place is perfect. I will be closer to school and closer to the expressway. Going to work will no longer be such a big headache. I will be just a few blocks away from all of the fierce stores on State Street, all of the major train lines, and all of the other attractions located downtown. Not to mention, inside the building there is a mini-shopping mall with various shops, restaurants AND a state of the art fitness center with an indoor pool and an outside running track. The reduction of stress in my life alone will be worth the pricey rent. I would have preferred to have found an apartment in Streeterville (the area of downtown closer to Navy Pier) but I would not have been in such a convenient area. I will especially enjoy the fact I won't have to worry about being late for school in the mornings anymore!

So now I just need to figure out how I will find time to pack. Ugh......

While I was looking for pictures to post, I found out some interesting history about the Presidential Towers. They were built 20 years ago in an effort to gentrify Chicago's Madison Street skid row. It was a private developing firm that built the four towers BUT they recieved some government subsidies. The controversy came about though when it was revealed that none of the apartments would be available for low income families. There was much protesting and when the owners of the buildings fell behind paying the mortgage in the late 80's, the city of Chicago intervened once again, but this time with the condition that a minimum of 165 units be reserved for low income individuals. Well, needless to say no more than 60 of those units were ever filled and low-income activists marched and protested outside the towers. By the mid-90's though the West Loop had become a thriving area of Chicago and the value of the towers sky rocketed. The low income tenants moved out and were not replaced, since the prior agreement with the city housing officials had ended. Interesting!

Anyhoo, I am afraid I could no longer stand my organic chemistry TA from India (the one that can't speak english). Not only was he intelligible, but he was a fucking asshole! This was the second week of class, and when our lab finished early he would not let us leave! I asked the bastard if I could have my data sheet that had just printed and he would not let me have it! Fucking bastard! So I stormed out of the class, walked over to the next building and dropped the class online. Well, actually I switched to another section with a different instructor. I spoke with the new instructor. He is from China, but at least he speaks english! He also seems pretty cool, so hopefully I won't have anymore problems. All I can say is I spend way too much money on tuition and books to put up with shit like that!

So this Friday is the Moenia concert.....I can't wait!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Voy a dejar mi lipstick........

....por todo tu culo

In addition to my apartment hunting, this weekend was my ode to the incredible, sexy, crazy, and fierce Alejandra Guzmán. I was supposed to have gone to FINALLY see her live in concert this past Friday. She was coming to perform at Fiesta Mexicana in Milwaukee (aka "Moo-Town"), but with my sudden need to find an apartment, I was unable to go. It was for the best though, since my Milwaukee Sister would not have been able to come with me because of his job training in Troy,MI. So I listened to my "Alejandra" Playlist on my iPod all this week. My Top 5 favorite songs being:

1. Diablo
2. Lipstick
3. Ven
4. Mala Hierba
5. Bye Mamá

The last two times she came to Chicago I couldn't go either, so I am praying that with her next album she tours again. I swear I will wet myself if I ever get too see her perform "lipstick" live!

So, I am getting very close to making a decision about the apartments I looked at yesterday and today. Goin all over downtown Chicago yesterday was EXHAUSTING! I did get to see alot of places though, which is good. I am a little disappointed about the place I went to see today. I really was hoping I would like it since it was the cheapest place I was looking at, unfortunately, it was a shithole. Well, actually I am exagerating. It was nice, but it wasn't what I was looking for. It was a garden apartement (in other words, a basement apt). The kitchen and bathroom were fabulous, but the living and bedroom were fucking scary. I am wating to hear from Janet again tomorrow to see if she found anything else interesting. If not, tomorrow afternoon I am putting a security deposit down. Stay tuned for more info on Chicago_sexbox's future whore house......

And finallly, I think it's time for some Beefaroni. I really wanted to pick a more average looking guy this week, since even I get tired of looking at the "perfect" model type, but I am too fucking tired to look for pictures. So I have chosen another one of my favorite Undergear models.........grrrrr....he's a chocolate fantasy just waiting to be licked head to toe!

Doesn't that pink swimsuit look familiar? lol


Friday, August 26, 2005

Apartment Hunting: The Saga Continues!

So today I went with Janet to view a couple places (she's the real estate friend I mentioned earlier, and quite the fierce lesbian too!). Anyhoo, I looked at places in the Lincoln Park and Gold Coast neighborhoods of Chicago. There was only one place that was promising. The other places I hated. The one I did like was HUGE. It was more like a loft than an apartment and it was only $999 (that's cheap for the areas I'm looking in). Unfortunately there was no parking available so I would have to rent a parking spot around the corner. This wouldn't be a problem but the owner said someone had already submitted and application, which means by the time I make my decision it will probably be too late.

So, tomorrow I am headed downtown to look at a few high-rise apartment buildings. I have always wanted to live in downtown Chicago. I love the big city life. So I figure why not look at apartments down there. I suppose if Iam going to spend alot in rent it might as well be something luxurious! I do have one more place to look at this weekend that is still in the Lincoln Park area. It is REALLY cheap because it is located next to the "El" (the elevated train). I will see exactly how nice the place is and how noisy it is. I can't imagine the sound of the train bothering me, since I am used to living in loud, congested areas, but I want to be sure.

oooh, and there is an update on the guy that is hotter than Mario Lopez that i met a few weekes ago online, Jay. We still have not met in person, but I was talking to him today. He lives downtown and was giving me a little advice about looking for places. he told me also to give him a call tomorrow while I am downtown so we could "hang out", which I am surely means "we can fuck", but hey, i am not one to jump to conclusions :)

Well, I will be sure to post my weekly Beefaroni befoe the weekend is over. I know for a fact there are a few of you reading this that definitely enjoy the pictures of my half naked men. Toodles!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Back To School......

So it was back to UIC today. Fortunately I only had an organic chemistry lab today, and since it is the first day we didn't really do much. I am dissapointed though, because once again I have a TA that barely speaks english. He's some guy from India who just gave the class a blank look every time we had a question. But I suppose that makes us even, since the class gave him a blank look everytime he attempted to say something. I wasn't sure if he was speaking in his native tongue or just had some sort of speech impediment, because I refuse to believe those mumbles and garbles were english!

And in other news, I official began my apartment search. I have enlisted the help of a friend that works in real estate, so hopefully she can find me some fierce places. I looked at two places on my own today. They were rather nice but the amount of money they wanted for the parking spot was a joke, fucking $200!!!!!! Whatever. The average parking rates in the neighborhood I am looking in are more like $100-150. For $200 they better be changing my oil and washing my car every week!

Saturday, August 20, 2005


So it is Saturday evening and my only plans are to go to the gym. I guess I can't complain because last night I did go out with La Niña Fresa to a bar in a suburb of Chicago, Hunter's Nightclub. I had a good time. The music was actually VERY good. None of the old crap that they tend to play. Oooh, and not to mention La Niña Fresa was looking especially hot in a black tank top. I told him he's not allowed to wear stuff like that around me because I might molest him, lol.

Well, today I worked and afterwards I began my apartment hunt. I need to move next month because my lease is expiring. I would renew my lease but I hate my apartment so much. Last year I got the bright idea that I should save money by living in a studio instead of a one bedroom. Well, needless to say I have been unable to adjust to living in such a small place. So now my priority is to find a fierce, modern apartment I like and not worry so much about how much the rent costs. I would rather livin in a nice place and pay an extra few hundred dollars a month than to suffer living the shit hole apartment I have now.

Now, I just ate dinner though so I thought I should wait for a little bit and kill time posting some Beefaroni for the weekend. This weekend I have picked a male model, Rusty Joiner. He is featured in the most recent issue of my favorite fag mag, Instinct. You can also find lots of pictures of him at Undergear.com, where he poses in tight shorts, underwear, or shirtless. I love that website :)
So here he is in his full 'bootyliciousness'........

A man's booty is generally not the first thing to call my attention, I generally look at chest/arms before I notice a nice behind, but even I am mesmerized by Mr. Joiners bubble butt! Grrrr! My only complaint though is he needs to shave and get a new haircut, but I guess no one is perfect.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Do I Look Like A Slut?

"you know I don't understand why everyone keeps calling us sluts..."
"me neither, I'm a good girl"
"yea, me too"
Here's a story 'bout the boys at the altar, some of them got between me and my halter, but I don't think the good lord would mind, I was callin' his name the whole time
Sometimes I get a little drunk and I go home with some crazy punks, but don't judge me by what I do, cuz baby you know you wanna hit it, too
"yea, you know they all wanna hit it"
"they're just talking shit cuz they want it"
do I look like a slut? uh-huh? shut up! (x4)

I love those Avenue D girls. They tell it like it is! If you guys haven't heard their single yet, I recommend you download it from the iTunes music store or order it from Amazon

I am no stranger to the word slut. Many people have called me a slut in the past, but I have always wondered.....what makes one a 'slut'? I was celibate for two years in college, yet when I would talk about the cute guys from TV or movies, my uber uptight friend would call me a 'slut'. So, I decided perhaps not talking about sex but actually having sex would make me less slutty. So I moved to Chicago after college, got a membership at the local gay sauna and had lots of sex. That plan backfired and I was called a 'slut' even more than before. So I went back to the drawing board and thought, perhaps I should not have sex AND not talk about it. Oops, that didn't work either. Apparently there are people who assume that going to a bar makes you a slut also. So then I decided maybe if I just talk about liking a guy and just wanting a kiss but still remain celibate, then I would no longer be a slut. Well, that didn't work either. I found out even kissing can make you a slut. In fact, meeting a guy online and going on a date that ends in a handshake will also make you a slut. In fact, any display of affection or attraction for another human being can potentially make you a SLUT! Wow, who would have thought life could be so hard?

So now I give up. Am I slut? I don't know. It seems to me everyone is a slut, no matter what you do. Or perhaps it's the people who are quick to judge others that are the true sluts. My friend in college who called me a slut during my two years of celibacy sure didn't think twice about going out with my ex-boyfriend behind my back. Perhaps the people that label others as 'sluts' are just hoping to detract the attention away from their own shameful lives. Who knows.
I still haven't figured out what a 'slut' is. I suppose only I can make that decision for myself, which is exactly what I have done.

So according to yours truly, the one and only Chicago Sex Box, this shall be the official definition of slut from now on:

slut - 1. a person whose uncontrollable sex drive causes him/her to engage in sexual intercourse several times a week with partners that may or may not meet that person's regular standards for finding a suitable mate
2. a person who gets so fucking drunk and sleeps with whatever takes their wasted ass home since everyone looks hot after 5 shots of tequila.

I will admit to having been guilty of the second definition in the past. However, I make sure not to drink alone anymore to avoid these situations!

And having said that, if I EVER get to meet the guy that is hotter than Mario Lopez (i've discussed him before on here i believe), I will not hesitate to let him fill my sex box. Men that hot are a blessing from God and should not be ignored :)


Monday, August 15, 2005

It's Raining Men!

Hmmm....what could be gayer than walking through Chicago's Boystown, listening to my iPod, when suddenly the Almighty remix of Geri Halliwell's "It's Raining Men" begins to play? Hmmm, if only I had been wearing my pink stilletos (or pink speedo!), but I don't think those would have gone well with my gym pants. But fashion no-no's are not what I want to discuss today......

Yes boys (and girls) sometimes it's good to take Ms. Halliwell's advice (or The Weather Girl's advice for the older queens) and just rip off the roof and stay in bed.

My love/dating life pretty much plays out like the Sahara desert. Months and months and months (and months) of dryness, and then BOOM! It's suddenly raining men! last time I posted I think I had mentioned the uber hot guy I had met. Well, he actually called on Sunday! The ironic part is that since I didn't expect him to call I had my cell phone on vibrate so I didn't answer! Damn! BUT, he did call back later. Unfortunately he was then busy with his sister and couldn't hang out, but he seemed very enthusiastic about rescheduling. I suggested next weekend so we will see what happens.

As upset as I was that I missed out on a date with my 'hotter than Mario Lopez' guy, I must confess that I met ANOTHER guy the day before! Don't ask me why this must all happen the week before I go to school but I suppose I shouldn't complain. This guy is a little younger than me, 21 to be exact. I normally don't even consider talking to younger guys but this one seemed very mature for his age. So, I will give him a call during the week and see what happens.

Now, I must admit I am not one to get all excited over meeting a guy right away. I have one friend who consistently does this and it annoys me. He "falls in love" every other week with a different guy. I would never get that bad, but I must confess that it is nice after months of nothing to finally get some attention. Even if this goes nowhere (and even if I don't get any sex lol) at least I can say I lived like a normal 26 year old single male and had a DATE! It's nice to date once in awhile, don't you think?

Anyhoo, getting off topic, well kinda, I must get back to Geri Halliwell. What happened to her???? I bought her latest album Passion, and quite liked it.

Apparently though it has sold only 10 copies and poor Ginger Spice lost her recording contract. Poor Geri. What went wrong? Were there not enough gay boys to buy the album in England? It's a wonderful pop album and I highly recommend it. There are a few boring ballads that I usually skip but "Ride It", "Desire", "Love Never Loved Me", "So I Give Up On Love", and "Passion" are all quite fierce! Geri was always my favorite Spice Girl. I couldn't stand the lesbian one with the gap teeth, or the black one with the nappy hair. I did like the album Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) released last year, but that's about it. Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) had potential if she had only stuck to singing trashy dance songs. But I digress.

So to wrap things up, my weekend was good. The PCAT Review Course was very tedious but the university was near a mall that had a Cinnabon!.

mmmmmm, I worked at a Cinnabon when I was a teenager but since then I rarely have a chance to have one of these since there aren't many in the city. They are almost better than sex!


Friday, August 12, 2005

Me pregunto por qué.......

...te pudiste marchar

It's offical. I am obsessed with Belanova's album "Dulce Beat". I listen to it at the gym, in my car, at home and at work. The entire album has become the most played album on my iPod in less than a month (mind you that i have close to 11,000 other songs on my iPod!). My favorite song from the album has to be "Niño". Such simple lyrics yet such a touching song. Denisse's voice is angelic! I loved their first album "Cocktail" but I am amazed with the direction they took with "Dulce Beat". I even like the slow songs, which is odd for me. I can only hope this album is released in the US so Belanova will have a reason to come to Chicago!

So today is Friday, I am at work and very tired. I don't have anything exciting planned for the weekend. I MIGHT, and I do stress MIGHT, have a date on Sunday. I was chatting with this guy online that was probably even hotter than Mario Lopez (and if you know me, Mario Lopez is my #1 crush)on Tuesday. However, we exchanged emails/telephone numbers and I haven't heard from him all week so I am not going to get my hopes up. *sigh* I am pretty much used to this though. Nothing ever happens with any of the guys that I meet that I am truly interested in. Either they have too many personal issues or things just don't work out for whatever reason. Well, then again, I barely date so perhaps that is my problem! Or maybe I just like the wrong kind of men.....hmmm....we'll save that for another post someother day!

But what was I talking about, ah yes, my weekend. I will be at Midwestern University all this weekend taking a mini-PCAT prep course. I am applying to Pharmacy School this year so I must take the PCAT (similar to what pre-med students take before entering medical school) in October. The exam covers alot of chemistry and biology, which for the most part I haven't studied in about 5 years, so this is going to be hard. I definitely hope this weekend is helpful.

ok, now that you have probably skimmed through most of today's boring post, I leave you with my Beefaroni of the week.......drum roll please........

Chris Evans!!!!!! He's Beefaroni with a capital "B"! The Banana Split scene from "Not Another Teen Movie" always gets me wet! grrrrrr.......

Monday, August 08, 2005

Did I Do That?????

This past weekend while getting drunk with my Milwaukee Sister and Rob, I revealed a deep dark secret from my dorky childhood that made me remember about all of the extremely nerdy and dorky things I did as a child growing up. Wow, it's no wonder the kids called me "Steve Urkel" when I was in middle school!

Gym class was the worst. I was the stereotypical sissy boy who coudn't throw a ball. In 7th grade I was so embarrassed to take showers that I told my gym teacher I was Muslim and couldn't do it for religious reasons. Finally in 8th grade I got the nerve to do it and discovered how fun it actually was to be surrounded by naked, wet boys, lol. i am sure my gym teachers laughed behind my back. Especially the one time I had to play football and I was practically in tears telling Mr. Soto "but, but , I don't know HOW to play football!" God I was pathetic!
My most traumatic moment in gym class though was probably when we had to do wrestling. I refused to wrestle so for three weeks I would hide inside my locker during gym period! Luckily the lockers were rather large. I did get caught however when I came out of the locker to use the bathroom! Damn!

Probably the other thing that made me such a target for bullying was my horrible sense of fashion. I blame my mother though for most of that.

-Bright blue tennis shoes (they practically glowed in the dark)
-Striped Cross Color pants that were 5 sizes too big (they looked like clown pants!!!!)
-tacky silk shirts
-anything made by ProSpirit or ProWings
-Kmart brand jeans! lol

oooh, and let's not even mention the time my mom bought me these metal studded black boots. I told her they were girl shoes but she didn't believe me and she made me wear them. needless to say I was beat up at school for a whole week straight until she finaly bought me regular tennis shoes (well, if you call K-mart Slider's "normal"). yeah, the rest of the year I was called "fairy boy". how ironic? lol

I definitely earned those "Steve Urkel" comments!

Ok, moving on to other things.....

Woo hoo! I bought my ticket to go see Moenia at the House Of Blues Sept. 2!!!! I am so excited. This is going to be my 4th time seeing them! They are definitely my favorite group ever (as you can see on the left I have their most recent album proudly displayed). The only bad part is they are coming with Aleks Syntek. I am not a fan of his at all. I am praying to god Moenia goes on first so then i can just leave.....or wonder over to the bar and get drunk! lol.

Not much else to report here. As I mentioned earlier I went out this past weekend and got drunk (how original). It was Market Days on Halsted Street so all of the clubs and bars were extremely packed. I was so annoyed that I had to wait 30 minutes in line BEFORE midnight. Next year I guess I am going to arrive a 10pm!

Well, two more weeks are left of my summer vacation before I head back to school. I am trying to use the rest of my free time wisely by study for the PCAT. trying to get into pharmacy school is a bitch!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Road Rage (and some beefaroni!)

Grrrrrr! I need to take a moment to vent...
Thank god it is illegal in Chicago to own a gun, because I am afraid I would kill 10 wothless pieces of shit on the road every single day! Since I moved to Chicago from Milwaukee I have learned to accept the fact that people in Illinois drive like maniacs. It is something I have gotten used to. However, I have no patience for slow people who seem to forget that they are not the only people in the road. You know, those people that hold up traffic because they are so fucking stupid they can't pick a lane so they hog both lanes. Or the people that just make an abrupt stop without any notice so they can look at something in the street. Or people who slow down becaue they can't figure out where they are going or what street they are looking for. You know, when I am lost I just fucking pull over and ask for goddamn directions. There's no reason why I have to hold up everyone else's life because of my problems. oooh, and I ABSOLUTELY hate people that can't figure out how to park in a parking structure. I have to deal with the shit every day when I come to work. Hello people, it's not that fucking hard. If you don't see an empty spot you keep going! You are not suppose to stop and fucking contemplate your next move. Today I had some retarded whore in front of me that must have spent a half hour staring at a sign that said "Reserved Doctor's Parking". I wanted to scream "it ain't fucking hieroglyphics bitch, fucking go!" GGRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slow people should be shot, killed and then ground up and used for dog food.

Ok, that felt good, but to help me feel even better, here's my Beefaroni pick for the week. I have no idea what this guy's name is, but he is a model for the online men's clothing store Undergear. Look at those pecs! yum!
I have been collecting pictures of this guy for almost four years. One of these day when I have some free time I want to take all of the pictures and creat and Beefarnoi Scrapbook/Coffee table book. I'm such a dork! lol

Well, I think I forgot about my road rage now! lol