Tuesday, December 26, 2006

2007 Resolutions

So I have decided a week early to get started on my New Year's resolutions. I took a look back at my 2006 resolutions and I am proud to say I did 2 out of 3. I never got to those "Queer As Folk" DVD's (I still have no idea what happened after Season 2, lol) BUT I did learn not to be such an over achiever. In fact, I FAILED one of my exams last quarter and I didn't even care. Well, I cared, but I didn't lose sleep over it. I just made sure I did extra well on the last two exams. I also achieved my goal of addressing problems/issues with people immediately instead of waiting. Unfortunately I noticed a slightly related scenario develop this year that I will have to tackle in 2007.

So here are my 2007 resolutions.......

1. No more fast food/junk food. Last April I modified my diet by becoming a vegetarian. The fact I dropped a pants size was enough incentive not to revert to my old carnivorous ways. However, as the months passed by I noticed myself falling into a junk food/fast food trap that I had initally wanted to avoid. So no more. No more Taco Bell, no more McDonald's french fries or desserts, no more Cinnabon, and no more pumpkin pie for breakfast either! Will I allow myself a treat here and there? Definitely! I don't think I need to deprive myself of anything, but I don't need any of this crap on a regular basis. Chipotle though can stay in my diet. They use fresh ingredients and although it is "fast food" it isn't the processed crap you find at other places.

2. Hypocrites, look out! This bitch means business!: I suppose this is a "sequel" to my 2006 resolution. I will probably make some enemies in 2007 but I don't give a fuck. I am SICK of dealing with hypocrites at school, at work, in public and in my own personal group of friends. It is a pet peeve I shall no longer tolerate. I guess to better explain myself, why is it some people will mock or criticze how I live, how I dress, what I do for a living, what I eat, where I go to school, where I hang out, what I do or don't do BUT the second I give them a taste of their own medicine they get all offended and paint me out to be some horrible person? Fuck that shit. I'll show them just how horrible I can really be in 2007. You fuck with me I am fucking with you ten times worse right back.

3. Goodbye Mr. Credit Cards: I am consolidating my credit cards and ending this vicious cycle once and for all. When I first moved to Chicago I had just graduated and had no choice but to charge everythign I needed for the move. That initial balance just seemed to keep getting bigger and bigger over the years. Sure, I would pay off huge amounts at a time, but then I would just buy some more! Because of my good habit of consistently paying my debt I haven't ruined my credit rating like one would think. However, the time has come to put an end to the madness. I am taking out a low interest loan, getting rid of the unnecessary cards and only buying stuff that is absolutely necessary. I can do it! I know I can!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Legalize It

I know this post will confuse people, but I do not smoke pot. I have no intentions of smoking pot either, regradless of its legal status. However I do think it should be legalized. I mean, the poison that tobacco companies put into cigarettes is a hundred times worse than what you find in a joint.

Did anyone read that article in the Sun Times last week that marijuana is the United States's number one cash crop? It was estimated that more revenue was generated from pot sales than soybeans or wheat. That's crazy! I mean, just think if pot was legalized and was taxed much like tobacco and alcohol. That extra revenue could go towards creating a national health care system or rebuilding poverty and crime ridden neighborhoods. Maybe the extra money could go to helping the homeless too.

It makes sense to me.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Funky Feet

I am at work right now. I am in the middle of a 6 day stretch of lots of overtime and double shifts. I don't mind though because I am going to have a fucking fierce paycheck in two weeks.

Anyhoo, I have started to finalize my New Year's plans. I will probably be heading to Boystown this year with Jorgillo. I say "probably" becuase a "New Year's Eve Curse" has seemed to always follow me. Last year it missed me so lets hope it forgot about me this year too! So, it occurred to me that I haven't discussed my favorite DANCE TRACKS of 2006! I highly recommend that wherever you are this New Year's Eve that you 'turn it up' and shake what your mama gave ya with these songs:

iio - "Is It Love": Holy shit. This was probably my favorite song of the year. It topped Billboard's dance charts this past fall and rightly so! This single was taken from iio's 4 year delayed album which had already spawned 5 other singles before this one. The chorus is so unbelievably infectious yet so simple. However it is Nadia Ali's haunting vocal delivery that makes this song so memorable.

Ultra Naté - "Love's The Only Drug": I absolutely ADORE this woman! She is living proof that dance artists are capable of not only creating hit singles but cohesive and brilliant albums too. This song is currently #2 on Billboard's dance charts and marks the return of Ultra after a 4 year hiatus. She has done a few random tracks here and there but this song is officially kicking off her soon to be released new album "Grime Silk Thunder". The song, a cool smoothed out electro romp, is a departure from her usual soulful house sound. Ultra sounds sexy and after 17 years in the business she is looking better than ever! (I bought the 12" single JUST for the artwork!)

Offer Nissim featuring Maya - "First Time/On My own" Offer Nissim and Maya are a brilliant combination. "First Time" and its b-side, "On My Own", were probably the two songs I heard the most the entire year. Such longevity and heavy rotation says alot in the dance community where the hottest songs are quickly replaced by something new in the blink of an eye.

Madonna - "Sorry" Madonna continued to keep the disco ball turning with this exquisite dancefloor ditty earlier this year. This song was probably my favorite from her album and was the only "Confessions On A Dancefloor" single to get a GOOD remix. The Pet Shop Boys added some extra vocals making this a dancefloor essential.

Shapeshifters - "Incredible": The Shapshifters or Shape:UK, whatever you want to call them, followed up their mega hits from last year, "Back To Basics" and "Lola's Theme" with this slice of neo-disco vocal house. This is one of those happy feel good songs that can brighten up the gloomiest day.

Paris Hilton - "Turn It Up": This is the only song I have picked that isn't a dance song in its original form. That's because the original version is a dire piece of shit. Fortunately Paris was wise enough to let Peter Rauhofer work his magic. His two remixes turned this song into a slutty after hours dancefloor anthem.

yeah, that's hot!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Best Albums of 2006

These are the albums that rocked my world this year!

Dannii Minogue - "The Hits And Beyond": This is the definitive greatest hits collection that chronicles a 15 year recording career that most female pop singers could only dream of! With 15 Top 20 UK hit singles and 6 brand new tracks, Dannii Minogue made 2006 her year! This collection showcased Dannii's talents and reminded the public how far she has come since she was that frumpy teenage girl singing "Love And Kisses". The "beyond" tracks are a euphoric journey into the sensual realm where Dannii reigns supreme: the dancefloor! Catchy hooks, witty lyrics, and dazzling disco retro beats are what made this album my favorite album of the year!

Jamelia - "Walk With Me": This was possibly one of the best pop albums of 2006. Jamelia did her homework and took the best of international acts like Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, Pussycat Dolls and even a little Kelly Clarkson and created a stunning album. Songs like "Do Me Right", infuse middle eastern sounds with sassy lyrics that put the Pussycat Dolls's "Buttons" to shame! "Go" is one of those slow jams that mixes old school with the new school RnB. On "Beware of The Dog" Jamelia boldly samples Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus". To sample such an anthemic song was a bit risky but Jamelia pulled it off and made the song hers! Also included on the Japanese version is the bonus track "Trippin Over You". It's a frenetic guitar infused track that left me breathless. You go girl!

Pink - "I'm Not Dead": It has been interesting watching Pink's evolution over the years. She has become less and less mainstream and her decreased record sales have reflected this change. However, I think what made this album work and made it one of my favorites of the year was Pink's brazen attitude and blunt lyrics. She says what everyone else is thinking. She never tries to come off as being over produced or over polished or even worse, pretentious. When you listen to "I'm Not Dead Yet" you feel as if you you are hanging out with your best friend who is just as confused, angry and frustrated as you about everyday life. I think it's that element of realness that I appreciated the most.

Nelly Furtado - "Loose": When I first heard "Promiscuous" I was horrified. Nelly's previous album, "Folklore", was an ecclectic and beautiful album that sounded like no other. She experimented and pushed her artistic vision to the limit. I was worried she had abandoned all that made her unique to have a hit but fortunately I was wrong. With the exception of a few overproduced and generic pseudo hip hop tracks, the old Nelly Furtado is still there. From the funky "Do It" to the lush ballad "In God's Hands", Nelly creates an amazing album. I loved it!

Ricky Martin - "MTV Unplugged": Ricky definitely redeemed himself with this. After last years "Life" fiasco I wasn't sure Ricky would be able to reconnect with his fan base again. There are no flashy over produced novelty songs. With this album it is all about Ricky and his voice. Ricky sings a couple new songs and several of his older hits. What's even more interesting is his decision to include some non-single album tracks. Expect the unexpected. My favorite moment of the album is hearing him FINALLY perform the original version of "Maria" and not the crappy dance remix.

Sandy e Junior - "Sandy e Junior 2006": This was one of my favorite Brazilian pop discoveries of the year. This brother/sister duo had recorded in english and spanish a few years ago but they were too young to really grab my attention. This album shows them all grown up. At times the album is stright up rock/pop and other times a bit folky. The stand out track is definitely "Replay". One of the most infectious songs uploaded to my ipod this year!

Bonus Pick!

Offer Nissim featuring Maya - "Second Time": If my trip to New York had a soundtrack this would be it! This album is a total underground dance revolution. Offer Nissim and Maya make the perfect combination. Practically every song on this album has gotten heavy rotation in clubs across the country. I know I heard one song at almost every club I visited in NYC. Maya's amazing vocals never get lost amidst Offer's intense and stunning production. I hope they can offer us a third, fourth and fifth time!

Bonus BONUS Pick!

Coral - "Deshojando Madrugadas": Poor Coral. She is one of the most stunning vocalists to come from Spain in years, yet due to her husky and rather deep voice she is unjustly categorized as a "Monica Naranjo rip off". This is too bad because the general public misses out on an amazing performer and an amazing album.Fortunately the two people who bought this album, her grandmother and I, know better. Coral's majestic vocals easily rival such divas as Cher. Dance pop and beautiful power ballads make this album enjoyable from start to finish.

No Tengo Novio

I don't know if this is just a gay male phenomena or not, but why are guys so quick to say they have a "boyfriend" or are in a "relationship"? It's almost as if gay men immediately call the first person whose name they still remember the next morning a boyfriend. Call me old fashioned but I think a meaningful relationship takes time.....ALOT of time. It isn't just something you pick up one day at Target because it's on sale. And more importantly, a relationship is an active process, not a passive one. Just having known someone for a certain period of time really means nothing if you haven't been able to utilize that time to its fullest potential. I think some people are more infatuated with the idea of having a boyfriend/partner than anything else.

I write this today because the moment I mentioned I had met JQ back in August, people around me immediately began to refer to him as my "boyfriend" or my "husband". Suddenly when I was too busy to go out because of school I was getting such responses like "Oh, well of course. You're married now". I think my friends would actually be shocked at how slow things have progressed. In fact, JQ and I even discussed this very matter the other night. We are not "boyfriends" and I am perfectly content with that. I will not deny we have established a special kind of friendship, but that's it...for now. Now don't get me wrong, I am not one of these guys that are afraid of a committment, but just like Dannii Minogue's uglier and older sister said once:

"I've got to be
Got to be certain
I've got to be so sure
I've had my share of hearts broken
And I don't wanna take that any more"

(yes I know, how gay of me to quote one of Kylie Minogue's crappiest songs ever, lol)

JQ has not had exactly the best year either. I am not about to spread his personal business online, but let's just say I can't blame him for feeling the same way. His situation is a bit more extreme, so I can understand why dating has been difficult for him.

Having said that, JQ and I are still "seeing eachother". I have a better idea as to where this situation is or isn't heading. I think that's the most important thing for me right now. Nevertheless I was just sitting here laughing to myself about some the comments I have heard people say...... and to quote another trashy song,

"I see your lips moving but I don't hear nothing
Everybody's talking like they really know something about us
But they don't know nothing about us"

In other news.....I continue to be busy as fuck. I'm on a sabbatical from everyone now, lol. My visit to Evanston Northwestern Hospital last Friday turned out to be even more informative than I had anticipated. Not only did the VP of the pharmacy department show us around and answer all of our questions about the residency program, we also had the opportunity to speak with one of the Oncology Board Certified clinical pharmacists that works in the outpatient oncology clinic. I knew there was a need for pharmacists in such ambulatory environments but this was my first chance to see for myself what really goes on. In fact, I was unaware a pharmacist could become Board Certified in a specific area. I was impressed not only by the clinic but by the hospital overall. It is without a doubt a very technologically progressive and advanced institute.

I am so happy I have two weeks off for the holidays. I will be working extra hours but then I have a 6 day stretch to do nothing. Which reminds me, I need to start making plans for New Years!

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Worst Albums of 2006

I am feeling a little cranky today. There have been alot of random annoyances in my life this week. So instead of taking my frustration out on someone else, I shall channel my negative energy today on my blog and bitch about the 6 albums I wasted my money on or wasted my time downloading. In my opinion these albums were complete audio montrosities that should have been aborted before they ever left the recording studio.

Drum roll please...............

Diana Ross - "I Love You": I was ecstatic earlier this year when I read that Diana Ross would be returning to the recording studio after a 7 hiatus. Back in 1999 (before those pesky DUI's) when Diana released "Everyday Is A New Day" I still saw potential. Granted she was no longer the commercial success she was in the 70's and 80's, but I foolishly believed she was capable of a "Cher like" comeback. Oops. After hearing this album I think the bitch should have retired. It's simply painful to listen to this album of classic love standards. Diana sounds like she has one foot in the grave while "singing" most of these tunes. Her renditions of such classics as "Always & Forever" and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" are horrible and just downright embarrasing. Oh how it pains me to see how far my diva has fallen.

Patricia Manterola - "A Mis Reinas": Another covers album that sounds like a car crash from start to finish. Patricia has always been the poor man's Mexican diva, and this album just confirms her D-list status. Apparently no one told her the point of doing a covers album is to represent some sort of theme or era. Even Diana Ross got that part right. Poor Paty randomly picked some of her favorite songs sung by other female artists with no regard for even genre. She ends up delivering a complete and total mess. Trashy dated dance songs, crappy "salsa" and even some regional mexican shit pollute this album. I hope Paty's goal was to leave the listener writhing in agony, because it sure had that effect on me. Barf.

Paulina Rubio - "Ananda": A crappy album title, crappy cover art and a crappy singer can only lead to one thing.....a crappy album! I enjoyed the first single "Ni Una Sola Palabra", but wow, was I surprised when I heard the rest of the album. As my Milwaukee Sister said, she hasn't made an album this bad since "El Tiempo Es Oro". This tone deaf diva struggles to be "different" by recording some of the most awkward and horrifying songs of her career. "Hoy" sounds like a hip-hop ranchera song on crack. What the fuck. Oh, and if I hear that bitch say "Cookie" one more time I will puke. During Thalia's recent string of flops I thought I could count on Pau-Pau for some amusement but I am afraid "Ananda" makes any Thalia album look like Beethoven.

Kim English - "My Destiny": A better title would have been "My Colostomy" because they only thing coming out of this album is shit. Poor Kim. It took her 10 years to come up with a proper followup to her now underground house classic "Higher Things". Apparently all of those late night trips to Popeye's left her musical judgement impaired. Sure, there are some great songs on here, such as "Everyday" and "It Makes A Difference" (ONLY the Tony Moran bouns mix) but Kim can't seem to decide who her fans are. The songs jump back and forth from classic house/soul to hard and progressive. The lack of cohesiveness and memorable songs leave this album sounding like a collection of demos. Just stick to maxi singles Kim.

Prince - "3121": I am sure the only good reviews of this album were by psycho Prince fans who just can't face the fact that this man hasn't had an interesting album in over 10 years. Sure" Black Sweat" was good, but once again I was fooled into thinking Prince had finally made a good album. Everytime he returns to a major label I get my hopes up. This album is the same uninspired sludge he has been putting out ever since he and Warner parted ways. Just like Diana, I think it's time for Prince to retire.

Shakira - "Oral Fixation Vol 2 (2006 re-release)": Shakira actually unleashed this piece of shit in the fall of 2005. The album flopped big time though. So Shakira got the bright idea to record an old Wyclef Jean song and re-release the album in 2006 with this new track. That song was of course "Hips Don't Lie", one of the catchiest and funnest songs of the year! However that still didn't take away from the fact that the album still sucked rotten smelly ass. Just about every track on the album is either a pseudo-rock song that sounds like an Ashley Simpson reject or a sappy crappy lesbian ballad. All of this is included with Shakira's warbled, billy goat yelping and yodeling layered on top. How an album that took 4 years to make can turn out so horribly is beyond me. The most insulting part is she thought she could tack on one song that was actually good (Hips Don't Lie) and expect people not to notice. Well, considering this album sold only half of what her first english album did I guess people didn't believe her hips either way. Better luck next time Shaqueefa.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dannii's got the Christmas spirit!

Christmas is all about giving and that's what Dannii Minogue does when she makes an appearance to sing "Kids" with her OLDER sister Kylie (during Kylie's homecoming tour in Australia this week).

As usually Dannii looks stunning. I would say the same about Kylie but I am not sure how I feel about leopard prints. Perhaps it was a leftover outfit from the "Locomotion" video?

Anyhoo, enjoy :)

(just to warn you the audio and video a very out of sync.)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Where's The Beef?

You know, I am starting to come to the sad realization that no other man will ever be able to compare to Mario Lopez in my eyes. It is because of this I have not had a proper beefaroni post. I have come close to writing about a few actors recently but i felt as though they were really lacking something special. After seeing Mario Lopez on "Dancing With The Stars" there was no doubt in my mind why has always been my ultimate celebrity crush. The man is perfection.

So, I give up trying to find anymore beefaroni celebrities. They just aren't out there. Although, I do see the occasional male celebrity that has beefaroni potential. I believe I have discussed this before, so let me share with you my most recent discovery. I believe with a few more protein shakes and some time in the gym this young Australian actor could bulk up to be a total beefaroni hottie........

Firass Dirani!

Now I know many of you are scratching your head thinking "wtf?". Well, one Saturday morning at the gym someone was watching Power Rangers on one of the TV's. I began to watch it too. The show is horrible and I don't understand how kids can be entertained by this crap but that is besides the point. I was immediately attracted to on of the Rangers. His beautiful eyes and big sexy nose caught my attention! Yum.

I shall be keeping my eye on that boy. I can't bear to watch that horrible show though that he stars in. Hopefully he will do some gay porn soon or something.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


No I am not referring to my lack of posts this week. I've been a busy bitch.....although some people seem to think that all I do is sit around my house watching life pass me by (No Rob, I am not talking about you).

I have an odd mix of friends. Have I mentioned that before? Anyhoo, every now and then I need to take a friend sabbatical and avoid at least one or two of them for a little bit because they become a bit "overwhelming". Fortunately I am a busy bitch and I usually go extended periods of time without talking to friends either way. Therefore my "friend sabbaticals" go unnoticed.

And no Rob, I am not talking about you.

Other than that there is nothing going on here. I am going to Evanston Northwestern Hospital this Friday afterschool. I am going with a few other memebers of the Illinois Council of Health Systems Pharmacists to meet with the clinical pharmacy director. I believe we will get a tour and bit of insight as to what a clinical pharmacist does on a daily basis. I actually already know what they do but I think this will be a good networking opportunity for me! And who knows, maybe I will come back with some interesting stories to post on my MySpace page.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Done and Done!

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

That was easier than I thought it would be!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

You Must Not Know 'Bout Me (To the left, to the left)

I really have a great group of friends. However there are times when I just can't help but wonder if they are on crack or have lost complete touch with reality or simply just don't pay any attention to what I say. Now, I am not going to say I never ask for advice. This is not true, but there are plenty of times I DON'T ask for advice, yet someone is more than willing to give an unsolicited piece of their mind. I really can't complain. I am sure I do the same thing. What I am complaining about are friends who give me advice about a situation when they really are not ones to be talking. For example, let's say I hve a drug problem (although I suspect some of my friends already think this is the case, damn that crystal meth/gay male stereotype!) and my friend Whitney Houston comes to me one day and tries to tell me how I should quit. I mean, I appreciate the kind gesture, but come on, do I really need a crack whore telling my how to manage my own recreational drug use? I am equally annoyed by friends who seem to have this twisted idea of who I am and regardless of what I am telling them, their advice always seems to reflect that view. For example, let's say I was friends with Mariah Carey during her "crazy period" (2001-2003). Now, Mimi tends to think I am a scatterbrain, needy, and high maintenance individual who desperately needs outside guidance. She never tells me this outright but her advice and comments are highly suggestive of this. I can't help but shake my head in frustration because it is quite obvious I am the complete opposite of this. Nevertheless, I realize Mimi, as she strips on TRL with an ice cream truck, is only doing what she thinks is best.

The moral of this story: Unsolicited advice from some individuals should sometimes just be ignored. They might mean well but perhaps are not in the position to be even handing out advice to a cat.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Before my Milwaukee Sister had urged me to create a MySpace profile I had always thought the whole concept was a little ridiculous. Once I gave into the peer pressure though I began to enjoy the whole myspace experience....for a little while. Then one day during one of my dramatic moments I attempted to delete my entire profile. You see, in today's world and its love affair with the internet, one feels compelled to have and maintain an online persona. How we manifest this persona can vary. Some people use myspace, others use facebook or blogs (like this one), or online forums, etc. I belong to several online forums. Some are educational while others are for pure entertainment. The online persona I have created on those forums has been purely accidental. I never inteneded to become a member of an online community but my frequent usage made it inevitable. I was fortunate to meet some really great people online, so I am not really complaining. As for this blog, I originally started it as a way to anonymously post my random thoughts and everyday activities. It was a great way for some of my friends who do not live in Chicago to keep up with me. However I soon realized by telling all of my friends (including the ones in Chicago) about my blog that I was no longer posting "anonymously". There have been many things I really wanted to write about to get some unbiased opinions but could not do this simply because I didn't feel comfortable having EVERYONE know EVERYTHING about me. There are just some things Friend #2 or Friend #7 don't need to know. Or, sometimes I just have a random thought or idea that realyl has nothing to do with anything currently going on in my life, yet I would have to explain myself constantly afterwards to friends who inquired "what was that all about?". So what I thought would be a great format to express myself without any inhibitions actually turned out to be very censored. I have recently contemplated deleting my blog, however, as with the online forum I have had the opportunity to meet new people via my blog. I think I would miss that. So the blog stays...for now at least :)

Oh yeah, so where was I going with all of this rambling......ah yes, online personas. Anyhoo, so I became disgusted with my Myspace profile simply because I felt like it was the same shit just a different pile. My online persona had quickly evolved into a very uninteresting, one dimensional and, most importantly, a very poor representation of the persona that matters the most: my real life one. I think far too often I don't let people get a glimpse of me beyond the usual ramblings of Dannii Minogue, Taco Bell or Mario Lopez. I guess that has always been partially due to the fact I don't think anyone would be interested in hearing about any of the more serious things I concern myself with. However, I have decided instead of being a drama queen with a deleted Myspace profile, I am going to use this to my advantage.

I am currently revamping my MySpace profile to satisfy myself in a way I have never done before online. Perhaps it won't be cheesy, campy or even remotely funny like before, but that's ok!

Friday, December 01, 2006

My Funybone

I sometimes have a strange sense of humor and laugh at the most inappropriate things. Some people may think this makes me mean, but I am not. I just find humor in the oddest of things. For example, yesterday in class we were discussing the ulcers that can lead to gangrene of the foot in patients with diabetes. Our professor shared a story about a time when she was a still practicing medicine. She had a patient with such advanced gangrene that when she pulled the patient's sock off to examine the foot, the patient's toe fell off! My entire class gasped in horror, yet I had the mental image had me in stiches. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to shart.

This is another thing that I couldn't stop laughing at. I had almost fogotten about this video until someone posted it today on Togerland. Depsite the seriousness of the subject (Celine Dion is discussing her frustration over Hurricane Katrina in 2005), I was so amused I think it's a mixture of Celine's quirky accent and the fact that she will burst out into song like any over the top diva/drama queen would.