Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fun, Crayons, Tarantulas and Hard Candy

The Christmas holiday season is always a great time for music. There are so many new releases trying to capitalize on the increased holiday sales. I always look forward to it. I also look forward to the other busy time for new music releases: Spring. Just as the weather starts getting warmer the market gets flooded with new music releases. There is always a few though that especially get me dripping with anticipation.

One of my childhood favorites, The B-52's, have already released their new album. I honestly had no idea they were getting back together until just recently. I still remember wearing out my cassette tape of "Cosmic Thing" back in the 5th grade because I played it so much, lol. I haven't had a chance to listen to the entire new album yet but I am already LOVING the first single and title track, "Funplex".

As for the UPCOMING releases one of my all time favorite DIVAS is making an official return with her first studio album in 17 years.....................DONNA SUMMER. She's turning 60 this year but you would never guess it by her voice that resonates like never before. I cannot stop listening to the first "teaser" single that has been released to clubs only, "I'm A Fire". Bitch is on fire indeed! I love how they photoshopped 30 years off of her! I hope she tours again this summer.

Mónica Naranjo is another long time favorite diva of mine (even if she doesn't have a thing on fellow Spanish singer Coral) that is FINALLY releasing a new album after a 6 year absence. The first single, "Europa" is a hot tranny mess BUT, I have faith in Ms. Naranjo and am VERY curious to hear the new album. Even if the album sucks, the promotional pictures for the new album, "Tarantula", are fucking fierce. Trannytastic!

And finally....the one release that millions of fans are eagerly awaiting across the world (not all of my favorites are obscure flops, lol)......MADONNA

When I heard she was teaming up with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake I just about died laughing.....but then I thought back to 1994 when she enlisted all of the hot and hip "urban" producers to create the rnb-esque "Bedtime Stories" and my faith in Madge was quickly restored. That album remains my 2nd favorite Madonna album ever! The first single, her duet with Justin, "4 Minutes" is already hitting radio hard and the video is set to debut in a couple days. The song itself is nothing spectacular but it quickly engraves itself in your brain until you can't help but singing along when it comes on the radio. As for this "Hard Candy" era I am LOVING the whole rough fighter look mixed with the sweetness of the candyland themed font on the album cover. Bitch looks fierce!

Anyhoo, I am going to be broke after I buy all of this shit, lol.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

24 Y.O.

Well my 24th birthday (Part 6) was a blast! While I wish more people could have stayed out longer, I was grateful nevertheless that most of my dearest friends were able to come to dinner at Olé Olé in Andersonville. Speaking of which, the food there is YUMMY but watch out for those $44 margarita pitchers. That is just too expensive if you ask me. The night was extra special since my Lesbian Friend's lipstick lesbian girlfriend was in town. She is quite the aggressive girl I tell you. Just check out those pictures below!

We finished the night off at Sidetrash. I hadn't been there in AGES! Private Dancer is now working there so he was able to join me for a few birthday shots. Sadly though, my birthday had a tragic ending. I drank too much and ended up puking up all of the pizza I devoured at Pie Hole after the bar closed. Ooops. Well, I guess I didn't need all of those extra carbs anyways, lol.

Reading Rainbow

I just pre-ordered this on Amazon. I simply cannot wait to read the articles. It's all about what Mario Lopez has to say!

Oh, and I am sure I will appreciate the full color glossy pictures too! :)=

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shock Value

Ok, so this post actually isn't about Timbaland's album (or even his upcoming collaboration with Justin Timberlake and Madonna), but when I was looking for a picture I kept coming across this. Oh well.

I am shocked by how little anything shocks me anymore. Does that make sense? On any given day in the past few months I've found myself having dinner or drinks with friends/acquaintances while one talks about the new porn he just filmed, or the other one talks about his crystal meth addicted boyfriend, or one discusses his need for Viagra, or one talks about his recent HIV diagnosis, or one talks about the nude stripping gigs he has lined up. I listen to all of this without blinking twice. I don't know how I've becomed so desensitized to such taboo topics but apparently my ability to listen without prejudice shows, as I imagine this is the only reason why I am so priviledged to be a part of these controversial conversations.

So I have to wonder, is it normal that not much causes me to raise an eyebrow anymore? Does this mean I have finally become so corrupt that my value system is so backwards I wouldn't know "normal" if it hit me in the face. Or maybe the world isn't as "normal" as we want to believe and choosing to accept this notion leaves us in a vulnerable state of "abnormalness".

Eh, whatever.

Anyhoo, I will be posting pics from my 24th Birthday Bash tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Design of A Decade

Janet Jackson continues to inspire me with her new album as my 29th birthday approaches tomorrow. I don't plan on having my official celebration until next Friday but I thought I would dedicate a post in order to reflect on the past 10 years. It's the end of my 20's and wow, what a journey it has been!


Ah yes, I was a teenage twink. I was still 19 in this picture taken in the apartment where I grew up in Milwaukee. I was about 50lbs lighter and had sharpie eyebrows. Those were the days!


Here I am with my fag hags.....and yes that is outside of Circuit! We often made trips from Milwaukee to party in Chicago. That night we had just seen Ultra Naté perform her most recent single "Desire". I have no idea who that guy is though. As you can see I was finally starting to gain some weight!


Once again, with my Milwaukee Fag Hags at some bar. We had just met and seen freestyle/salsa singer George Lamond perform. I will always remember that night because some drunk straight girl mistook me for a hetero and started grinding on me. I just about threw up when she started rubbing her coochie on my leg.


This was the day I had been waiting 5 years for. I had just graduated the day before and I was packing my shit up, leaving Milwaukee and moving to Chicago! Reni was the one taking that picture. Homegirl has helped me move so many times she deserves at least a shout out (or a kidney if she ever needs one). LOL


It was hard finding pictures from 2003. I am not sure why. Maybe because I was still establishing new friendships in Chicago? Either way, 2003 was when I was reunited with my Milwaukee Sister and also finally made the switch from PC to a Mac! How I loved my first iMac! It was so cute! Thanks Sista M for showing me the light!


I think 2004 was the probably one of the craziest years for me. I finally decided it was time to start thinking about going back to school. I also was partying way too much. I believe 2004 also marked my initial "slut phase". LOL Here I am with Fernando and Jorgillo at my 25th birthday bash. I do not recall exactly why Fernando was trying to molest me but Jorgillo looked a little upset. Maybe he wanted a part of the action too?


I wish I had pictures from the FIRST Halloween party that I wore that soldier outift. That party was the best. I mean, I woke up the next day in a puddle of my own vomit. It doesn't get better than that! Nevertheless, this Halloween party was a blast. It most definitely had the best decorations ever! I remember I had just moved down town at this point and was beginning the lengthy application process for pharmacy school.


My first time in New York City wouldn't have been complete without a good fingering by a bronze statue! Woo hoo! That was the best prostate massage I ever got! Besides sex with inanimate objects, 2006 was also when I FINALLY made it to pharmacy school. God, there sure were enough obstacles to that one!


My 28th birthday in 2007 is going to be hard to beat. Reni made a surprise trip just to be there and I don't think it would have been the same with her........or "Vag". LOL. Writing this also reminds me it was Reni's birthday on the 10th. Ooops. I do this every year. I forget her birthday until 7 days later when it is time for mine! I love you Reni!

2007 was a great year in general. No need to rehash all of the details as I am sure I blogged about all of them, but here is another pic from the ASHP Midyear Meeting I attended in Las Vegas with my Pretty Lesbian Friend. I was in total dork mode and extremely excited to be standing next to my PT Cruiser rental car! lol


And now here I am in Miami, about to turn 29, but if anyone asks, I am only 24! *winks*

Friday, March 14, 2008


So about 6 weeks ago I met this guy. He's really nice. We've gone on a couple dates. He's really nice. I am not sure why I have completely forgotten to blog about this or even mention him to anyone I know in real life because, well, he's really nice. Did I mention how nice he is?


So after 6 weeks it has occurred to me I have only gone on these dates with this guy because "he's really nice". He's not bad looking, but there really is no chemistry and he simply is not my type. Nevertheless I have not had the heart to brush him off like I normally do with all of the psycho trolls I usually meet because well....he's really nice. I am starting to feel a little guilty though because I can tell he is really into me, where I on the other hand, see him calling my cell phone and think to myself "Oh hey, look, it's What's His Face calling. Isn't that nice." Or even worse, when we are out on one of our nice dates and he is telling me how nice I look or nice things he likes to do, I find myself zoning out and thinking about how much laundry I have, the research paper I need to start writing, or the possible contrainidation of using a non-selective beta blocker in a heart failure patient with asthma.

So I am faced with a dilemma. Do I keep accepting all of the nice dinners, nice presents and overall niceness, or do I nicely tell this guy "Hey, you're a nice guy and I have a nice time with you but........I've got better and nicer things to do with my time than to spend it doing nice things with you?" Hmmmm......

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spring Break in South Beach

It has been extremely challenging for me to catch up with life since coming back from Miami last week Tuesday. The new quarter at school has begun and I have already fallen behind in ALL of my new classes. Ugh.

Enough of that though, I am still happy I had a chance to get away from this freezing weather. I spent 5 days in South Beach with my friend Leo and a surprise house guest.........Xica! I swear, Xica lives in New Jersey but I see him probably more than some of my friends that live in Chicago. Leo was an absolute sweetheart and an excellent host. He was my guide (and even got me VIP access one night) during the annual Winter Party festival.

For three days I was either bumping and grinding with thousands of half naked men during the day at beach and pool parties or during the night at some of the fiercest night clubs in Miami. I had a blast but I must say by the third day I could not handle the numerous party goers cracked out on every drug known to mankind. In a recent post I blogged about how I actually don't mind the "party bois" on E, but they take things too far in Miami. I met this one cute middle eastern guy but unfortunately he was so drugged up I thought he was about to go into cardiac arrest right there on the dancefloor. Ewww. How tacky! Fortunately not Leo, nor his friends, were like that. If anything I was thrilled to be hanging out with some of the hottest guys in South Beach!

I am sure I molested them once or twice when I was drunk, lol.

The last two days I was there I spent laying out on the beach and shopping. I fucking LOVE the Energie store on Lincoln Road! I found some fierce shit there! I hope they open a store here in Chicago soon.

One other thing I brought back from Miami was the final decision to get that tattoo I had blogged about awhile back. Leo convinced me to get one of those fake tattoos so I could see if I like it.....and well I did. I doubt I will get this same exact design but I think it looked hot! So, in the next month or so I am headed to the tattoo parlour. Stay tuned!

Oh, and that picture was taken right before Xica and I had sex, lol. I don't dare post the OTHER pictures we took! I saved those for that one "website" I belong to......

And before I leave, here is the NEW Janet Jackson video. OMIGOD, it is fucking perfection! I don't what I love more, the choreography or the fact they do everything in one take. Thank god she didn't wear the Lane Bryant outfit! lol

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'm Alive

There has been a very good reason for my lack of updates. First of all getting a new computer and iPod is a lot of work! I thought I had saved all of my music on my external hard drive to make the transfer easy but apparently I saved only half of it. Argh! That project was then interrupted when I left last week for South Beach (Miami). I just got back last night and I still am catching up on things. So, until I can dedicate a proper post regarding my trip and what not I leave you guys with a live performance of "Rock With U" by Janet Jackson from her new album, Discipline. I am loving the new album and loving this song. I am not feeling her wardrobe though. It's very Lane Bryant! LOL