Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sleep, H20, Exercise

America is addicted to drugs. Everyone wants a quick fix for their ailments and they look for that quick fix generally in the form of a pill. Just can't give up McDonald's everyday? Don't worry, have some Lipitor. Did you have a bad day at work and are feeling a little stressed? Pop a Xanax. Can't be bothered with watching your diet and exercise but still need to lose a few pounds? Don't worry, there is always Meridia. Do you refuse to reduce sodium in your diet? No problem, that pesky hypertension can always be controlled with a little Diovan. Too lazy to use a condom? Hey, they got a once a day HIV therapy now, Atripla. Go fuck bareback until the cows come home.

All of this may sound weird coming from a pharmacy student but I think sometimes we overlook the simpler, non-pharmacological things we can do for our bodies that can keep us feeling healthy (well, perhaps HIV is bad example since that is an infectious disease not necessarily contracted through poor lifestyle habits). Last week I was a fucking nervous wreck after finals and my car accident. However, once I got back to my regular schedule this week I was reminded just how wonderful it feels to sleep 10 consecutive hours. I also got back to my regular workout regimen and all that physical activity had me forgetting about the shitty week before. I'm feeling great!

With all of the excitement about going to Miami for New Years I completely forgot to mention my trip to Las Vegas coming up......this weekend! I went to Las Vegas almost 4 years ago with a bunch of friends. I had a good time but I wasn't too impressed with the city, nor did I ever anticipate returning there again. It was quite ironic when I found out that the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists would be holding their 42nd annual convention in the city of sin! It is not unsual for students to attend these conventions but generally it is only the 4th year students who go since it is a great networking opportunity. However, I am a big nerd so I am flying to Las Vegas along with my even nerdier Lesbian Friend so we can get a headstart on the networking! I am not to keen on the night life so I doubt I will be doing any clubbing, but let me tell you, that Neiman Marcus outlet store won't know what hit it after I get through!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weird Week my Thanksgiving break has not been that great. Might I even dare say I am happy to go back to school tomorrow? Class will help me take my mind off many things.

This past week I had some bad Thai food and got sick for a few days. Then to add to that I was in a car accident. Luckily no one was hurt and my car suffered minimal damage, but I was still VERY shooken up by the thing. The following day I had a panic attack while I was hanging out with a friend. I never experienced one of those before and let me tell you they aren't fun. Fortunately my friend has had them before and knew exactly what was wrong so he was able to calm me down. It's funny how our bodies can react under stress even when we think we have everything under control.

So I did have the chance to see a few friends during all of this mess but not as many as I would have liked to see. I hope my Christmas break is better...especially since I am going to Miami!!!!!!

Private Dancer, one of his friends and I have finalized a New Year's Eve getaway to Miami! I barely was able to afford it but we found a super cheap hotel!

Bad Thai food may have been part of the reason why this past week sucked, but I must say I am not worried because I have discovered a new FIERCE Thai restaurant just two blocks from my house.....

Sura Thai Bistro

The restaurant itself is very large. There is nice loungy music playing and it has a very trendy interior! As for the food.....holy shit. Unbelievably good. Once this restaurant catches on I am afraid Boystown's other pretentious and trendy Thai hot spot, Ping Pong, is going to be history. No one will miss them or their food that taste like canned dog food.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Arabian Knight

So much has happened since my last post (not counting yesterday's Uk editorial). Thanks to my Finals Fairy Godmother, who blessed me with a most wonderful gift, I survived my final exams last week and I have completed yet another quarter at school on the Dean's List. Woo hoo!

To partially celebrate that, my new apartment, and all of the new music Dannii Minogue has given her fans this holiday season, I hosted the first of two Sexbox Throwdowns at my new (maxi) pad. I am doing my parties in installments because I learned a long time ago that sometimes it's best NOT to mix different groups of friends. The clash of personalities ends up being more of a headache than it's worth. Besides, having more than one party gives me a reason to get really fucked up twice in one month! LOL! I must thank my Milwaukee Sister for the fierce photos.

I don't have any classes this week because of the holiday, but I did have to go into work both today and Sunday.......which brings me to the title of today's post. As hard as it may seem, at work I maintain a strictly professional attitude. I do not discuss my personal life (including my sexuality) or anything else for that matter that I feel has nothing to do with my actual job duties. Subsequently, I tend to keep my hormones in check when it comes to hot guys at my job. Fortunately 99% of the employees at the hospital where I work are either old or ugly. Occasionally there is an the hot built blonde guy who works in a different department. I always make time for small talk with him even though I am sure he is straight. That doesn't stop me from imagining him naked and licking him from head to toe every time he is near! My most recent hottie encounter though has been a cute and VERY charming arabic/italian security guard. I met him for the first time the other week when I was working alone in the lab. He was doing his routine security rounds and stopped in the lab. The first thing I noticed were his beautiful hazel eyes. Well, since then we have run into each other a few more times and he always takes time to chit chat with me. Ironically I found out today he lives only a few blocks away from me! Did I mention he also works part time as a Chicago cop?

*insert instant boner here*

Well, I am getting gay vibes from him but I could very well be confusing his genuine friendly personality with something that isn't really there. Only time will tell but you know what they a horse and ride a camel!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm not the only one!

Ok, so I swear I am not going to have anymore Dannii posts......for awghile at least, lol, but I just had to share this.......


Dannii's just Kyles better
Polly Hudson 15/11/2007

Have you ever had a sudden moment of complete clarity? I had one last weekend.

Everything I thought I knew fell by the wayside - for the first time I saw things as they truly are. Dannii is totally the better Minogue sister.

(Did you hear that thud? That was the sound of every gay Mirror reader in the country throwing their paper down in disgust.)

Dannii has made The X Factor a better show. She's a great mentor and proved last week just how well she knows her stuff - who would have thought Rhydian was capable of that performance?
Click here to find out more!

But much more importantly, Dannii's added a fashion element to the programme.

I always want to know where she got her dress and shoes from, something I have also wondered about Sharon Osbourne once or twice, but in a very different way.

Plus Dannii must be applauded for the fact that she's never had the same hairstyle twice or worn the same colour nail varnish two weeks running - including the auditions.

The simple fact is that Dannii's had to work much harder for everything - jobs, record deals, public approval - than her sister has.

Obviously it's fantastic that Kylie's healthy again but since her illness she's been put on a ridiculous pedestal. She's Brave Kylie - and she can do no wrong.

If Kylie kicked a kitten in the head we'd probably say it was the kitten's fault for getting in the way and what was the selfish beast doing hanging around, trying to deflect attention from Kylie in the first place?

Then we'd have it put down and dance (possibly The Locomotion) on its grave.

Yes, Kylie's fought through some dark times but many women have faced breast cancer and remain uncelebrated. And I'm not just talking about Joan Public, even other celebrities aren't afforded the over-the-top plaudits Kylie is. Brave Anastasia, anyone?

Kylie's not a saint, she's just a singer. She makes great pop music - her new album is properly amazing - but she's bland.

Dannii's feisty, minxy, fun. She's determined, thick-skinned (that's not a Botox gag) and has had to use her actual brain to get to the top. So that's it, I've picked a side.

From now on, I'm Strictly Team Dannii. I might even get a T-shirt with that on the front - STD... Oh

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dannii kicks Kylie's arse.

Im my ongoing attempt to convert the world to "Dannii-ism" I bring to you an exclusive behind the scenes look at how the the Minogue sisters act behind closed doors! Once again, Dannii does it better!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Spice Up Your Life

My last post had me reminiscing about 1997, the year I graduated from high school (ugh, and to think I am STILL in school!). That was also the year the Spice Girls took North America by storm and brought a bit of campy Brit pop culture to the American mainstream. So now the Spice Girls have reunited. I ALMOST bought tickets for the tour but I changed my mind since I was never really a big fan. Not to mention Private Dancer and I have decided to do something rather extravagant for New Years Eve so I wanted to save my money for that (more details on that later). Anyhoo, I came across this commercial the reunited girls did for a popular store in the UK. It's a simple ad but so funny that i couldn;t stop watching it on youtube.

The Spice Girls also got me reminiscing about my first job working in a hospital laboratory when I was 19. Unlike the job I have today, I actually had a bunch of fun coworkers I could relate to (Tracy M, if you are out there girlfriend you need to get in touch with me ASAP!) Well, my "clique" often made fun of, or perhaps I should say were annoyed, by another clique of coworkers that were basically a bunch of slacker bitches. Well, since making fun of people is never fun when you do it alone, my clique and I decided to give all of the slacker bitches "Spice Girl" names! I know, how childish.

So we had:

Slacker Spice She was the leader of the group....and also the first one to run to our supervisor crying if anyone even suggested she was not doing her fair share of work.

Baby Spice She cried like a fucking baby over everything and anything. It was hard to believe though when we found out that she actually PHYSICALLY abused her husband! lol

Cocaine Spice She was a coke head. Need I say more? We always wondered though if she took a break from her habit once she got pregnant. We also wondered if she even knew who the father of the child was.

Shoe Spice This bitch got beat upside the head with a shoe one day by another angry co-worker. This was the most appropriate nickname for her.

Necrophilia Spice She was the epitomy of a dumb blonde. She earned her nickname one day when she was telling us how tired she was and that she must be a "necrophiliac". I think the poor girl meant to say "narcoleptic". At least I hope that's what she meant to say......

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Self Conscious?

I believe everyone is self conscious to a certain degree about SOMETHING. I refuse to believe there exists someone who is confident about everything, whether it be appearance, personal accomplishments or talents. I know I am self conscious about certain things like my wooden leg, my glass eye or my two inch penis. I am always paranoid someone might accidentally start my wooden leg on fire (that's the REAL reason smokers bother me!) or my glass eye might fall out and shatter in the middle of Halsted on a busy Saturday night while I am flirting with a hot guy or even glass eye will pop out once I get the hot guy home after he starts laughing hysterically at my two inches of manly love. However, there are times when people catch me off guard and comment on a physical attribute I wouldn't have thought twice about, like this comment left on my blog a few months back:

I've read your blog a few times and I never noticed you have a receding hairline! I'm glad you're not self conscious about it, as most people with that grow their hair out to cover it up like Enrique Iglesias.

Props to ya!

I thought this was funny because here someone was giving me props for something I never had really thought about. It felt so wrong for me to accept props for doing nothing. Why haven't I thought about my "receding hairline"? Well, I don't have a receding hairline.......well, not exactly. You see, this is just how my hairline is. It's always been like this. I guess one could say it's "naturally receded"? lol

Well and here is the proof: a picture from exactly 10 years ago taken my senior year in highschool! The only difference since then is that I no longer buy ugly clothes at Merry-Go-Round. (I buy my ugly clothes at fine retailers now thank you very much!)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

A missed connection?

With everything going on the past month it has been very difficult for me to keep up with my socialite duties. There have been several private parties and events I have been invited to that I could not attend. I thought I was even going to miss Sidetrack's Night of 101 Drag Queens but luckily I didn't have any classes last Wednesday. So last Tuesday I met one of my Secret Friends at Sidetrack and enjoyed a weeknight of alcohol, fun and more importantly, trashy drag queens! I went last year for the first time and had a blast. It is a charity event so not only did I get wasted but I did it for a good cause!

The funniest thing about the night was running into three people that were so happy to see me........unfortunately I couldn't remember for the life of me who the hell they were or where we might have met before. I amazed myself though by my ability to hold conversations with these people for almost 15 minutes before finally figuring out how I knew them. It's so hard being a socialite I tell you!

It saddens me to report that another Halloween passed me by. I had no costume and all of my plans for the weekend were VERY last minute. With everything going on I simply did not have time to even THINK about Halloween. I still had a fun weekend though AND I made it to the annual Halloween Parade in my neighborhood. WOW, has that grown! It felt like the fall version of pride!

And to wrap up this fairly dull and boring post (sorry, did I also mention I have had a cold this week?) I was FINALLY a victim of the "Missed Connections" section on Craig's List. Apparently someone spotted me at the gym and liked what they saw under the towel too! LOL. Well, I have an idea as to who posted the ad so I didn't dare respond. Let's just say he wouldn't be my type!