Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Feed Me Bitch

I have blogged before about how Nazi-like my coworkers get when I turn down whatever crappy food is sitting in the breakroom. Well, last week one of my coworkers wanted to treat me to dinner. She's very nice but she couldn't believe how "particular" I am about what I eat. Eventually we decided on Chipotle so I was happy :)Afterwards she looked at me and said "Well, you aren't anorexic and look very healthy....what DO you eat then?". I blogged the other day about how I have succesfully banned junk food from my daily diet so perhaps I should do the opposite today and talk about what I do eat...


I usually mix and match 2 of the following 3: 2 scrambled eggs, 2 soy breakfast sausage patties, and a bowl of oatmeal (not the instant crap! and then I wash that down with some skim milk or V-8 juice.

I must say, that Monring Star's breakfast patties are fucking fierce!

Mid-Morning Snack

To keep me going at school I have a yogurt, string cheese or some mixed nuts.


If I am at home I usually prepare one of the following:Smart Dogs, soy Chik'n Tenders, vegetarian chili, or Boca Sausages. I eat the dogs/sausages without a bun simply because it is hard to find a good whole wheat bun.

To compliment one of the above items I have some spinach, aspargus, raw sugar snap peas or "Rainbow Salad"

For school I usually pack a peanut butter/jelly sandwhich (I only use the reduced sugar brands), celery, and my favorite....Soy Crisps (the perfect alternative to Doritos!).

If I eat out for lunch I can always count on a vegetarian burrito bowl at Chiptole or a Vegimax wrap at Subway.

Pre-Work Out Snack

It's not good to go to the gym on an empty stomach so I have one of these....(or something similar)

After the gym my muscles are starved and need to be fed something very quick and easy to digest....


I still haven't learned how to cook so at home I generally mix some Smart Strips, vegetables and olive oil in a skillet and make a stir fry.

At work I can go to Chiptole or I can bring one of these.....

These are the best frozen personal pizzas ever becasue the crust is whole wheat and has 10 grams of fiber!!!!!. My colon quivers with excitement just thinking about it!


This USED to be a big part of my diet. I just couldn't resist daily binges of Krispy Kreme, Cinnabon, chocolate, Mrs. Fields cookies, etc. Now I have learned that their are alternatives that still satisfy my sweet tooth without rotting my insides with so much sugar.

Carb Bars contain 7 grams of fiber!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!

Ooooh, all this talk of food has got me hungy, I have to go!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tiffany aka "New York"

Am I the only person keeping up with VH1's "I Love New York"??????????????? I have never been so obsessed with a reality TV show like this! I stayed on the treadmill extra long today at the gym just so I could finish watching it. So far I think she has eliminated all of the right losers. I mean Pootie was a nut case, T-Weed was ugly AND a liar, and as for Heat even I got sick and tired of hearing about his "Ya-Ya". Not to mention I think Heat was a little bi-curious. He was WAY too fascinated by 12 Pack's physique. oh and that Onix dude was another shady lady. How are you going to talk shit about someone's mom and then act like it's no big deal?

Poor Rico though. He really isn't geting anytime quality time with New York. I hope he doesn't get eliminated before Whiteboy, cuz that guy is just n-a-s-t-y!!!! Ewww!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

2007 Update

Well the first month of 2007 has almost come and gone which has me thinking about the rest of the year. There are so many academic, professional, and personal developments occuring right now that I am curious to see where things will take me in the next 11 months. Or perhaps it's better to say where I will allow take them to take me. This is the first time in a long time that I definitely feel like I am on top of every aspect of my life. I was discussing with JQ before he left about if someone had asked him 5 years ago where would he be in 2007 would this be it. I forgot exactly what he told because I was being a bad listener but that's beside the point. I can say with 100% certainty this is where I saw myself......sort of. When I arrived in Chicago I came with a plan. I had few minor distractions that set me back but if all goes well this year I just might be able to get back some of that time I lost.

But I digress.

The real point of my post today was to update everyone on my New Year's Resolutions! I know it is a common joke that we forget our resolutions by January 2nd so I thought I would actually take a moment to discuss how things are going.

Firstly, the credit cards are still a looming problem. I haven't been able to consolidate them yet. However I have worked some miracles and that problem along with my other recent financial crisis should be taken care of by next month.

Secondly, and possibly the most important, the junk-free diet has stayed put and looks like it shall become a permanent and integral part of my life. All I can say is WOW. After only four weeks of giving my diet yet another huge overhaul I am SHOCKED at the results. I gave up daily binges on cookies, cakes, doughnuts and processed grains (white bread, pasta) and lost 7 pounds just like that! I had no idea I was carrying around so much excess weight due to my sugar addiction. It's actually kind of scary! What's even better about all of this is I am discovering what's it like not to live with daily blood sugar highs and the subsequent blood sugar crashes. I am suddenly more alert at school. I no longer find myself getting so hungry that I have to raid the vending machines in the mornings. It's amazing really. If anyone out there has considered to start eating healthier I say go for it. It's not the results you see on the outside so much but it's what you will feel inside that will make it worth your effort!

Oh, and I haven't had Taco Bell in almost three months! Now that's what I call will power! lol

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Barrio

I don't know if I can really say I live in a "neighborhood". I live in downtown Chicago so being surrounded by skyscapers and high rise residential buildings doesn't seem to fit the traditional idea of what a neighborhood should be. There isn't much grass. There aren't any single family homes. There are no front yards or porches either. There is alot of concrete though! Anyhoo, I have been living here for about a year and a half and I am still discovering little things about the area. I suppose that happens wherever you live. Even after lving in Boystown for two years I gave someone a blank look one day when they mentioned a place called "XO". I must have walked past the place a million times and never noticed it. As for my current neighborhood, I am starting to realize that if I have to walk more than 3 blocks to get somewhere I must be doing something wrong. For the longest time I had no idea there was a post office, GNC, Jamba Juice, and a Radio Shack all within a few blocks. I know those may seem like trivial things but when I remember I have to mail a package while I have a craving for a smoothie while I am looking for a place to get iPod accessories and creatine tablets, knowing where all of these places are make my life so much easier, especially when it is so fucking cold outside like today. Actually on winter days like this I am so grateful I live where I live. I can go to the gym and go grocery shopping without having to step outside in the cold. I love it!

On a slightly related note, I must say I do miss living in a "real neighborhood". In fact, I will even go as far to say I miss Chicago's first "Gayborhood", Boystown. I will admit that I did get sick of being cruised by scary old men at Jewel, Walgreens, GNC, Borders, Universal Gear and even Unabridged Books (oh wait, I had a really GOOD experience in the travel section at that place, scratch that one off the list lol). However, there were so many things I did like about the area. I loved the fact I could walk into the same stores every week and be greeted by my first name. It's a friendly area. Some of the store owners were my neighbors. I recall one occasion when I left my keys at one shop and the manager knew I lived next door and let me pick them up at his apartment that night. I guess I just don't get that "neighborly" feel from people downtown. Although just the other day this really hot (straight?) guy started chatting with me in the elevator. He asked if I was a boxer (I was wearing a shirt that said "TKO") LOL!!!! If he only knew what a big queen I really am. Grrr...but I would have let him show me a few moves if he wanted!

Well, neighborly or not, I will be enjoying the conveniences of downtown for a few more years. Perhaps my last year of school I shall make a return to Chicago's northside.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Mommy And Daddy"

Oooh, I am feeling just like my favorite club diva Kristine W cuz I am glad to be back in the 'land of the living'!

So the start of the new year has been a hectic one. In fact, I didn't realize how quickly I was going to fall behind with all of my academic and personal obligations. I am still trying to catch up as we speak. Let me tell you, being an undergrad was a piece of cake compared to this. There is no room to fuck up or goof off. You WILL pay dearly if you do! I really need to stay focused the rest of this quarter. However, it wasn't just the intense workload that had me stressed. Two weeks ago I received a letter from school that contained some rather shocking and worrisome news. I am not going to go into the details but for the past two weeks it looked like I was not going to have enough funds to cover next year's tuition. Unlike most people, I have no family to turn to during such uncertain times. I have been living on my own and supporting myself for 10 years now. I am not complaining because I think I have done rather well for myself. Nevertheless it eventually becomes rather frustrating to constantly be reminded that there is no one to turn to for financial support. There never was and never will be (unless I find myself a sugar daddy) anyone to help me during such hard times. All hope is not lost though. Being the resourceful individual that I am I am 99% sure I have found a solution to this problem. I still wanted to bitch about this because the past two weeks I couldn't help but think of nasty comments said by people who obviously didn't know jack shit about me yet still felt the need to put their two cents in regarding my academic life. I can think of two separate occasions when two separate individuals commented that "mommy and daddy" must have paid my way. It wasn't so much the snooty comments but the tone they used. I was insulted because they almost seemed to suggest I wouldn't be competent enough to get myself through school, get good grades and find a decent job without "mommy and daddy" holding my hand the entire way. As far as I can recall I have never once in my life pretended to be some sort of Paris Hilton socialite for anyone to think this. So I guess the comments have come back to bug me because you know what? I WISH "mommy and daddy" had paid my way! Shit, I don't hate anyone who is fortunate enough to have been born to a wealthy family. I say good for them! I go to school with people whose parents are paying for everything. Does that give me the right to assume they are stupid and don't deserve any success in life? Hell no. They are busting their ass off in class just as much as I am. Perhaps the people who are so quick to assume "mommy and daddy" did everything for someone are angry because they themselves have failed in life and it's consoling to believe someone better off doesn't really deserve any success? Misery loves company I suppose.

Anyhoo, enough about that. Before I continue though I must send out an apology to Sal aka Chava for not being able to hang out while you were in town. My work schedule was clear but everything going on with school was a whole different story. At least we saw eachother at Joe's party! Speaking of which..........

January 13th was my Milwaukee Sister's 30th birthday! Believe it or not he threw himself a Quinceañera Part 2. I had a blast!!!!!! Can you tell? The theme was "trash" and everyone definitely trashed it up with their outfits. Seeing Joe in drag like that was hilarious though. I swear he looked like Olga Tañón on crack (before the nose surgery though) with that wig. This was my faovrite picture though. My inner diva is always ready for the prime photographic moment to outshine all of the common folk....even when I am super drunk!

As for my trashy outfit, I had to use a "metal mesh" shirt and old jeans I had purchased years ago from International Male. Anyone who knows that website knows how tragic some of their clothes are. I learned the hard way a long time ago! Instead of the mesh shirt though, I really wanted to wear one of these..........

Yes, I know. How utterly tragic and gay. I thought I had thrown these shirts away but I found them after the party hidden under a box of old VHS tapes. Why would I have such hideous items in my closet? Well, back when I was a 19 year old twink, a friend of mine bought these shirts for my first boyfriend and me. My boyfriend and I broke up shortly after but remained friends. I bugged him though for almost two years to let me have the other shirt. He finally gave in and I have kept both of them for sentimental value. I know, how sweet, lol. I was so happy to see I didn't throw them away after all.

I Love New York!

JQ is on tour with his dance company this month. We barely see each other as it is (you don't even want to know the last time we had sex...I am talking in terms of months, lol) so this kind of sucks. This weekend he is in New York which has me feeling so nostalgic for the Big Apple. Michel'le finally gave me our video footage from our trip so I have been working on that so I can create a DVD. I still love New York but now that means two different things........

Oh. My. God. Can we say fierce? Anyone who followed VH1's "Flavor Of Love" should know all about this. This is the spinoff reality series, "I Love New York". Tiffany couldn't get with Flava Flav so VH1 gave her her own show in which 20 guys are going to compete for her affection. Apparently the debut episode was the highest rated show on cable television that week. I am so glad my gym has this on the tv when I go on the treadmill. I can watch the lovely "New York" without feeling guilty! The show is beyond trashy and her gay assistant, Chamo, is such a big queen he makes Jay Manuel from America's Next Top Model look butch. Ooooh, but I hope the super sexy Rico sticks around for awhile. I couldn't find a good pic of him but I think you get the idea......he's definitely my favorite!

Oooh, and speaking of hot men. I think I was too quick to give up on my search for Beefaroni. There isn't a lack of beefaroni in Hollywood. I simply don't watch enough tv! JQ had me watch "Grey's Anatamoy" one night a long time ago and I totally forgot about Eric Dane!!!!! Holy shit!!!!!

Grrrrrr.......I wouldn't mind taking him for a ride. As for the show itself, I couldn't get into it. It's strange but despite the fact I work in healthcare I have never liked any of these medical tv shows.

And finally, I must thank my Milwaukee Sister for introducing me to!!!!!!

I am hooked. For those who never heard of it, it is a website in which you post your unwanted cd's, make a list of cd's you DO want and trade with other people. The only charge is $1 for shipping. I love it!!!!!!! I can satisfy my need for new music without having to use my credit cards! Woo hoo!

Speaking of music, I have now uploaded 15,057 songs to my new iPod! I still have about 20 more cd's to rip! Having 80GB to work with has allowed me to dig out alot of my older music from the 90's. I love it! I am making sure to back up all of my music on my external hard drive though so if I should ever get another iPod I won't have to re-rip everything.


Saturday, January 20, 2007


Do you ever randomly search for something on the internet and find something totally unrelated that is just hilarious or bizzare?

Who is this? LOL

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm Not Dead Yet

As Pink would say, I'm not dead just floating....err, well maybe I'm not floating....drowning is more like it. I cannot even begin to explain how swamped I am this week with school. What's worse is next week won't be any better. It will be just as bad. I have 4 exams I need to be worrying about in addition to all of my regular class work. You see, Midwestern doesn't believe in "time off". Sure, next week Monday there are no classes for Martin Luther King Day, but that just means we have to stay extra late on other days to make everything up. I was at school the other day from 7am until 5pm, with only a 50 minute lunch.

I have so many other things I really need to bitch about too, but no time to vent on my blog. I hope no one pisses me off this week because they will be paying dearly.


Thursday, January 04, 2007


So the other night I had a dream I was straight! I mean, I am mistaken for a heterosexual ALL of the time but I can't believe it is affect the types of dreams I am having. What's even funnier is that my girlfriend was Paulina Rubio!

If the doesn't confirm my sexual orientation I don't know what does, LOL! Ewww! Honestly, if I were to have a girlfriend it would not be her anorexic crack whore naca self. The funniest part of the dream was her trying to tell me in her broken english that she wanted to have my babies.

My gay straight dreams are not what my title today is referring to though. I just got back from the movie theater. I went with JQ to go see..........

I personally wanted to go see Black Christmas but I realize my taste in movies is a bit.....different, so I let JQ decide on the movie. I had no desire to see "DreamGirls" but I must say it was fierce. I don't follow American Idol much, so I had never heard Jennifer Hudson sing before. The only thing I knew about her was that she was stealing the spotlight from Beyondshit. Let me tell you that Jennifer throws down! When is this girl's album coming out??? I sooooo need to buy it! She will fit in with my other favorite "loud bitches" like Anastacia.

So my week vacation from both work and school has come to an end. Would you believe I spent three days without leaving my building. It was great! Today I finally had to venture out into the city to go see my doctor. I was long overdue for an HIV test. I try to get tested every six months but it usually is more like once a year. Shame on me!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Obligatory Happy New Years Post

Well here is my obligatory post to wish everyone a Happy 2007. I am just so fucking nice sometimes, don't you think?

2006 was definitely a good year for me. The first "drama free" year since 2003 perhaps? I just hope this isn't the calm before the storm! I must say I am at a very good point in my life. I have no complaints excet that I could use more money....but who doesn't wish that?

I haven't been online the past few days for several reasons. For one, I got suyper shit faced on New's Eve with My Sista M, Bitter Betty (who was actually on very good behavior!) and Jorgillo at Hydrate. it was least I think. My memories are a bit sketchy at best. nothing too exciting though. I drank, sang, made out with people at midnight and ate Pie Hole.........and then threw up the Pie Hole when I got home. Yuck.

I have also been preoccupied with my new toy! No, not THAT kind of toy you perverted whores. My Milwaukee Sister inspired me to make my last big purchase of 2006 before I get rid of my credit cards, so i bought a new 80GB iPod! My old iPod was full and was giving me problems. It was fixable but I thought an upgrade to a larger iPod made more sense. Apple gave me a 10% discount for donating my old iPod. I guess there is some little starving girl in Uganda that Angelina Jolie didn't want to adopt that can have the gift of music now with my old iPod! It feels so good to help out the less fortunate of the world.

Anyhoo, reorganizing all of my music (I have alot) on my new iPod takes alot of time. I had to cancel plans with friends twice already because I have to get this done. I'm on a mission!