Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's OVAH!

Well, not exactly....

I've been meaning to update my blog all week. Unfortunately I had final exams until Wednesday. Thursday my internet was not working and yesterday I spent my day running errands. I also have been cleaning my house out. Wow, I have, or I should say, had so much JUNK! I decided that I need to get rid of at least half of the stuff I have before I move to Miami this Fall. So I may have a four day weekend but I am not doing anything overly exciting. The good news is that classes are OVAH! And when I mean OVAH I mean that I have finished all of of my required courses. Starting next week I will resume the rest of my clinical training at various sites (hospitals, clinicals, pharmacies, etc) throughout Chicago until August. That will be challenging but at least I don't have to sit in a boring lecture hall anymore! Nevertheless I have enjoyed my time at Midwestern University. During my undergrad years in Milwaukee I worked full time so I basically showed up to class and did the bare minimum to pass. I didn't really make any friends and I had very few chances to even get to know the faculty. I am even a bit ashamed to say that I had to work the day of my graduation.

My time at Midwestern has been different. Most people I know probably wouldn't realize it but I am a big nerd. I haven't simply been showing up to class, taking notes and going back home. I have been extremely active on campus....probably too active! I am proud to say that as a class liaison I have been able to develop a rapport with a majority of the faculty and the Dean. As class president I think I honed my people and organizing skills. Putting together a charity/fundraiser event takes SOOOO much work! But most importantly I am proud of the work I did with the student chapter of ICHP. The networking I did will surely pay off but being a part of a professional organization really made me understand the difference between having a "job" and having a "career". The picture below was taken with the Dean, our faculty advisor, and the president of the NATIONAL organization. I like to think it represents a culmination of all the hard work I have put in the past three years outside of the classroom.

In less serious, more superficial news...........

I am LOVING my new Toyota Yaris! Shit, I have driven all over and still have a half a tank of gas. And as Fernanda pointed out, it's one of the Top 10 Gay Friendly cars! (I'm not sure who makes such a list or what constitutes "gay friendly" but I need something else to brag about)

I did have one minor problem with my Yaris. The tire pressure light wouldn't turn off so I had to bring the car back to the dealership so they could reset it. While I was waiting I wondered over to Barnes & Noble and bought the latest W magazine. OMIGOD. The Madonna pictorial is FIERCE. I love the fact that she has morphed into this 50 year old cougar. Her new boy toy could be her son......and she don't give a fuck! LOVES IT! (and I must say, I wouldn't mind a boy toy like any age!)

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Darkside

At times I think I can be a little self absorbed (ok, alot of times, LOL). BUT sometimes I like to step away and observe. I like to take the opportunity to see what's going on when nobody notices. The things you can learn about people when they don't think anyone is watching them is amazing. Actually, it can be down right shocking. I sometimes wonder how many people out there are living a double life. They show one face to family and friends and then........their darkside comes out in front of people other than family and friends.

The darkside. How many of us have one? How man of us want to keep it hidden? How many of us wish we could indulge in it more often?

I think I need to spend more time observing. The things I am learning about people around me is absolutely fascinating.....if not a little worrisome.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Made Up My Mind

Just like Freestyle singer Safire once said....I made up my mind! For the past few months I have been hesitant to say whether or not I plan on moving to Miami this Fall. I have kept saying "I'm pretty sure but...." or "I'm 99% sure but.....". Well, I have made my final decision and I have no more doubts. This October I am saying good bye to Chicago and heading for the Sunshine Sate. This unfortunately means that I must break things off with Mario. It simply doesn't make any sense to date someone when I know I will be leaving in 6 months.

My friends who know me well have wished me the best, regardless of my decision. My friends who apparently are so self absorbed that they obviously don't know me as well as they think have given me more than their two cents as to why I should or shouldn't move. You know, I get irked when people seem to think they know what's best for me. Especially when I either look at their messed up lives or even take time to reflect on the fact that I have done quite well for myself. If I am making such poor decisions all of the time why do I have my shit together?

Anyhoo, to celebrate having my shit together, my impending birthday and graduation this year I made another decision...........a 2009 Toyota Yaris!

I was about to spend $800 on maintenance for my old car. I planned on buying a new car after I graduated anyways so when I did my calculations I decided I would actually be throwing away money at this point to invest any further in a car I didn't intend to keep much longer. I have been infatuated with the Yaris ever since they were unveiled a few years ago. I love the tiny yet sleek design and it goes without saying that his car is VERY fuel efficient!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Is In The Air

Just about any gay male single at any point in the past 10 years has tried the internet as an alternative to the bars to meet potential significant others! My experiences online have been very hit or miss and I have probably on more than one occasion made fun of online dating/hook-ups on this blog. Well, the online thing isn't all that bad. In fact, it's probably no worse or better than the bar scene, but there are certain online cliches that never seem to go away! Someone emailed me this and I couldn't stop laughing. How very appropriate with Valentine's Day around the corner.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pumpkin Pie Is Fierce

My Low Carb lifestyle sometimes makes eating the foods I like a challenge. I have a sweet tooth and since sugar is a big "no-no" on a low carb diet (duh), I often find myself looking for alternatives. Fortunately there are many commercially available products that satisfy my cravings. Sometimes though, I need to improvise. Last fall I purchased whole wheat, sugar free pie crusts because I wanted to make a low carb cheesecake. Well, I ended up getting lazy and purchased a low carb cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory instead. So the crusts have been sitting in my freezer....until today!

Sal posted a "I'm a fan of pumpkin pie" on his Facebook page and that suddenly got me inspired to make my own low carb pumpkin pie. In theory, pumpkin pie is one of the most healthy desserts around. Pumpkin is loaded with Vitamin A and fiber! The problem though is all of the sugar in the filling and the flour crust most pumpkin pies are made with. So by using a whole wheat crust and Splenda I created a pumpkin pie that contains only 8 grams of sugar per serving! Shortly after taking this picture I tasted my low carb culinary masterpiece and I must say, it passed my Sweet Tooth's taste test! YUMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Profitable Pootang

So everyone is talking about Michael Phelps being pictured with a bong. Oh my fucking God. Who the fuck cares? Can we talk about what really matters? Like how I want to see what's under those tiny little Speedos? (Even I will admit though, it's a shame about the face.....)

This entire controversy reminds me of a conversation I had with my friend, Michelle, one day. We were discussing politics and we both agreed that we tend to support the actions and beliefs of others that we may not necessarily approve for ourselves. For example, I think prostitution should be legal. If a woman can say she has the right to do what she wants with her body when she wants an abortion, why can't she sell her pussy too? Really, it makes sense. Who's business is it if she wants to make some pootang profit? If she gives the pussy up for free and gets pregnant she can go and abort the fetus but if it is proven in a court of law that she gave that pussy up for $50 she is a criminal? It makes no sense to me. I say legalize prostitution. I wouldn't ever sell my mangina but I completely support others that want to. Legalizing prostitution by means of brothels would actually help clean up the streets and put the abusive pimps out of business. Let's not forget about all of that taxable revenue the government could collect!

This brings me back to Michael Phelps. So he smoked some pot? Who cares? It's only an issue because our government has told us, much like prostitution, that marijuana is BAD. Would there be a big fuss if Mr. Phelps was photographed guzzling a 40oz malt beverage? Probably not because alcohol is socially acceptable and legal, despite the fact that alcoholism is currently destroying the lives and health of millions of Americans. Unless you drive or operate machinery while high, occasional pot use is probably less harmful than drinking or smoking cigarrettes. I personally don't smoke pot and have no desire to do so, but if Americans can fuck up their lives and livers with alcohol and think that is ok, I say let Michael light up some mary jane and enjoy life.

Now, it is a crime that he hasn't done anything to fix that nasty grill of his! Geez!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Supporters of Hate

So a federal judge has ruled that the records of financial supporters of Proposition 8 (those people who were against marriage equality in California for gays and lesbians) are public domain. Apparently many of the people and businesses who contributed to the campaign didn't want this information made public for fear of backlash and boycotts. How ironic, since these are the tactics many "pro-family" groups use to pressure corporations to refrain from supporting equal rights for gays and lesbians. I guess it's ok to spew hate and long as no one finds out!

Well, guess what fuckers, your names are all over the internet now.

Check it out!


Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Time Warp

I swear gay men live in a Time Warp. Whether they are consistently late (I'm guilty of this ALOT!), think a two week relationship is "serious dating", act as if life is over after 40 or simply can't tell time because they are too busy sucking cock, it is quite frustrating!

Case in point: My lovely Mario has been in Argentina for the past month. He went with his entire family to visit his grandmother and aunt (no Mario is not from Argentina, he just has family that lives there). Anyhoo, he will hopefully be coming back just in time for Valentine's Day. I have missed him dearly but luckily my sexual frustration has been minimal due to my hectic schedule. It was probably a blessing in disguise that he left. While our relationship is still in its early stages, I don't think I would have had much time to spend with him. Well, the point of my story is as soon as Mario's plane left the airport my phone was bombarbed with text messages from old fuck buddies/dates/tranny-lovers/sex-slaves/etc. I was amazed by their perfect timing. It's almost as if they had some sort of bizarre gay ESP that alerted them that I would be in a vulnerable state without Mario.

Well, unfortunately for them I ignored and deleted all of the messages. I mean, it's been MONTHS since I had any sort of contact with these people. The funniest story, and probably the one that suffered from the most severe case of Time Warp Syndrome was a boy named Alex. I got this message just the other day.

"Hey this is Alex! I'm sorry I never called back but I didn't save your number in my new phone and I had to look for my old phone. Do you still want to hook up?"

My initial thought was "Who the fuck is Alex?". Even during my sluttiest pre-Mario moments I could keep everyone's names and faces straight. So I had no choice to respond. I was blunt and said I didn't know who this was. "Alex" responded and told me that he was the "Puerto Rican with the accent". Wow, at this point I really was stumped. I rarely meet any Puerto Rican guys. So the text messages went back and forth until he described the night we met..................LAST FUCKING JULY! OMIGOD!

I was tempted to be really rude and say something like "So it took you 7 months to call me back?" or "Are kidding me? You had a little dick and the sex was awful....and it was obvious you LIED about your age!" BUT I refrained. I politely told Mr. Little Dick Puerto Rican Alex that I am seeing someone.

Wow. Seriously, what goes through these gay men's minds? Do they have no concept of time??????????

ugh, whatever. thank god Mario is coming back this month! I miss my Boo!